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Lego Spider-Man

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Title: Lego Spider-Man  
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Lego Spider-Man

Lego Spider-Man
Parent theme Lego Studios
Lego 4+
Sub‑themes Spider-Man 2
Subject Spider-Man
Licensed from Columbia Pictures
Availability 2002–2004
Total sets 11
Characters Spider-Man
Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Doc Ock
Green Goblin

Lego Spider-Man is a product range of the Lego construction toy, based on the first two Spider-Man movies. The theme was first introduced in 2002 as a sub-brand of the Lego Studios theme, to tie in with the release of the first Spider-Man film. Three new sets were released in 2003, this time without the Lego Studios branding. In 2004, 7 new sets were introduced, to tie-in with the Spider-Man 2 movie. After this, the line was discontinued, and the rights to the third film in the series Spider-Man 3 were sold instead to rival company MEGA Brands, resulting in a Spider-Man 3 range of the Mega Bloks toy. However, in 2012 LEGO released a set based on the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series in their Marvel Superheroes line.

List of Lego Spider-Man sets to date


Spider-Man (2002 film) Number Minifigures Released
Green Goblin 1374 Green Goblin, Mary Jane Watson 2002
Wrestling Scene 1375 Spider-Man (Wrestling Suit), Bone Saw 2002
Spider-Man Action Studio 1376 Spider-Man, Robber, Director, Camera Man 2002
Spider-Man's first chase 4850 Spider-Man (Wrestling Suit), Carjacker, Police Men 2003
The Origins 4851 Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Norman Osborn, Green Goblin 2003
The Final Showdown 4852 Spider-Man, Mary Jane, the Green Goblin, Taxi Driver 2003
Spider-Man 2 Number Minifigures Released
Spider-Man's Street Chase 4853 Spider-Man, Robbers 2004
Doc Ock's Bank Robbery 4854 Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Aunt May, Police Man (2) 2004
Spider-Man's Train Rescue 4855 Spider-Man, Doc Ock, J. Jonah Jameson, Train Driver 2004
Doc Ock's Hideout 4856 Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Doc Ock, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn 2004
Doc Ock's Fusion Lab 4857 Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Harry Osborn, Hospital Driver 2004

The two sets that were part of the Lego 4+ range were Doc Ock's Crime Spree (4858) and Doc Ock's Cafe Attack (4860). The former included a helicopter, two motorbikes and a ramp, whilst the latter featured a cafe facade and a yellow car. Both sets included figures that were larger than the traditional minifig scale, with more points of articulation.

Also combined sets with the Lego Studio sets and a few Lego Spider-Man 2 sets.


After 2004, no new Lego Spider-Man sets were released, despite the release of the third film in the franchise, Spider-Man 3. Instead, rival toy company MEGA Brands, who produce the Lego-compatible product Mega Bloks, entered into a multi-year licensing deal with Marvel Enterprises, giving them the rights to produce 'playsets, vehicles and other building-themed products' based upon Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Captain America, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Blade and Namor.[1] It is unknown whether Lego intended to discontinue the Spider-Man license or were out-bid.


Spider-Man returned in the Marvel sub-theme Lego Super Heroes. The Lego sets are based the Ultimate Spider-Man series. The first Lego set in the series called "Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush" was released in Summer 2012. Two new sets were released in January 2013: Spider Cycle Chase and Daily Bugle Showdown.then in 2014 three sets came out:76014 Spider-Trike vs Electro,76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist and 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue.Later on in su mmer 2015 they released two sets:76036 Carnage's SHIELD Sky Attack and 76027 Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up


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