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Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

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Title: Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Ray Dennis Steckler, Bob Burns III, Coleman Francis, Rat Pfink a Boo Boo, List of comedy-horror films
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Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters

Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters
Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler
Peter Balakoff
Ed McWatters
Don Russell (assistant director)
Sidney G. Koss (associate director)
Produced by Ray Dennis Steckler
George J. Morgan (executive producer)
Alan Neal (assistant producer)/(associate producer)
Keith A. Wester (executive producer)
John Williams (associate producer)
Written by Ray Dennis Steckler
Jim Harmon
Ron Haydock
E.M. Kevke
Starring Ray Dennis Steckler
Mike Kannon
Carolyn Brandt
Don Snyder
Coleman Francis
Ron Haydock
Keith A. Wester
Music by André Brummer
Henri Price
Jack Du Frain (music editor)
Don Snyder
Cinematography Jack Cooperman
Gil Hubbs
Keith A. Wester
Edited by Ray Laurent
Keith A. Wester
John Williams
Distributed by Morgan-Steckler Productions
Steckler-Wester Film Productions
Release dates
  • September 28, 1968 (1968-09-28)
Running time
78 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters is a trilogy of short films released in 1965. The films are considered a tribute to the long-running Bowery Boys films from the mid-1940s to late 1950s.

Each film in the trilogy features the antics of the bumbling Lemon Grove Kids. They are titled The Lemon Grove Kids, The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady from Outer Space, and The Lemon Grove Kids Go Hollywood!. Cult filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler created the characters, wrote 'Hollywood', and directed the first film in the trilogy. He also stars in each segment, billed as Cash Flagg. The three shorts were edited into a feature, "The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters". In theatrical showings, the movie was interrupted by the mummy from the film going into the audience.


The Lemon Grove Kids

  • Cash Flagg as Gopher
  • Mike Kannon as Slug
  • Bart Carsell as Duke Mazaratti
  • Coleman Francis as "Big Ed" Narzak
  • Larry Pearson as Larry
  • Mary Morgan as MA
  • Rox Anne as Roxy
  • Herb Robins as Killer Krump
  • Kirk Kirksey as Kirk
  • Jim Plunkett as Stretch
  • Ed McWatters as The Saboteur
  • Bob Burns III as Kogar
  • Carolyn Brandt as First Girl in Amateur Movie
  • Ron Haydock as Rat Pfink/Guitar Player
  • Larry M. Byrd as Carnival Vendor
  • Tony Flynn as Pee Wee
  • George J. Morgan as Officer Clancy
  • Cindy Shea as Second Girl in Amateur Movie
  • Keith A. Wester as Man Shaving
  • Berri Lee as Berri/Blind Man
  • Jim Harmon as Chubby Lemon Grove Kid
  • Dick Williams as Lemon Grove Kid
  • Alan Neal as Member of Killer Krump's Gang
  • Don Bouvier as Member of Killer Krump's Gang
  • Anthony Cardoza as One of Big Ed's Men
  • Don Schneider as Romeo, First Checkpoint
  • Mary Demos as Dancing Girl
  • Edward G. Wagner as Old Man

The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady From Outer Space

  • Ray Dennis Steckler as Gopher
  • Mike Kannon as Slug
  • Keith A. Wester as Marvin-Marvin
  • J. Jay Hartford as Skinny
  • Kedric Wolfe as Jocko
  • Joe Bardo as Brick
  • Felicia Guy as Flower
  • Beverly Carter as Dum-Dum
  • E. M. Kevke as Grasshopper
  • Carolyn Brandt as Vampire Lady
  • Coleman Francis as Mr. Miller
  • Herb Robins as Chooper #1
  • Doug Weise as Chooper #2
  • Estelle Cooperman as Witch #1
  • Patricia Wells as Witch #2
  • D. J. Scord as Witch #3
  • Tony Flynn as Pee Wee
  • Linda C. Steckler as Linda
  • Jeff Scott as Jeff
  • Lisa Yesko as Lisa
  • Kevin Miles as Kevin
  • Keith Miles as Brian
  • Peter Christoph as Pete
  • Derek Quinn as Derek
  • Moni Christoph as Moni
  • Laura H. Steckler as Tickles

The Lemon Grove Kids Go Hollywood!

  • Ray Dennis Steckler as Gopher
  • Don Snyder as Don
  • Tony Flynn as Pee Wee
  • Linda Steckler as Linda
  • Laura H. Steckler as Tickles
  • Carolyn Brandt as Cee Cee Beaumont
  • Herb Robbins as Killer Krump
  • Eric Morris as Nick the Gyp
  • Keith A. Wester as Swami Marvin
  • Boris Balocoff as Mr. Carstairs
  • Beverly Carter as Secretary
  • Jack DuFrain as Film Editor
  • George J. Morgan as Reporter #1
  • Mary Morgan as Reporter #2

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