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Lieutenant Governor of Arizona

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Title: Lieutenant Governor of Arizona  
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Subject: List of Arizona ballot propositions, Outline of Arizona
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Lieutenant Governor of Arizona

The followng is a complete, and current list of lieutenant governors of the 50 U.S. States, and its Territories. Currently, 25 states elect a lieutenant governor on a ticket with the governor, while 18 states elect a lieutenant governor separately. In West Virginia, the President of the Senate, as elected by the senators, serves as lieutenant governor. In Tennessee, the senators elect a Speaker of the Senate, who in turn serves as Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee. Five states do not have a lieutenant governor. There are currently 29 Republicans, and 14 Democrats serving as lieutenant governor or serving as the first in the line of succession.

List of lieutentant governors by state

In the table below, Term ends indicates the year the current lieutenant governor will leave office, or the year of the next election, whichever is first; a dagger (†) after the year indicates that the current lieutenant governor is ineligible to seek re-election in that year due to term limits. An asterisk (*) after the year indicates that the current lieutenant governor will be retiring at the end of his/her current term.

State Picture Lieutenant governor Party Took office Seat up Chosen by[1]
Alabama Ivey, KayKay Ivey Republican 2015 Separate election
Alaska Treadwell, MeadMead Treadwell Republican 2014 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
Arkansas Darr, MarkMark Darr Republican 2015 Separate election
California Newsom, GavinGavin Newsom Democratic 2015 Separate election
Colorado Garcia, JosephJoseph Garcia Democratic 2015 Same ticket
Connecticut Wyman, NancyNancy Wyman Democratic 2015 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
Delaware Denn, MatthewMatthew Denn Democratic 2017 Separate election
Florida Vacant[2] 2015 Same ticket
Georgia Cagle, CaseyCasey Cagle Republican 2015 Separate election
Hawaii Tsutsui, ShanShan Tsutsui Democratic 2014 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
Idaho Little, BradBrad Little Republican 2015 Separate election[4]
Illinois Simon, SheilaSheila Simon Democratic 2015 Same ticket
Indiana Ellspermann, SueSue Ellspermann Republican 2017 Same ticket
Iowa Reynolds, KimKim Reynolds Republican 2015 Same ticket
Kansas Colyer, JeffJeff Colyer Republican 2015 Same ticket
Kentucky Abramson, JerryJerry Abramson Democratic 2015 Same ticket
Louisiana Dardenne, JayJay Dardenne Republican 2016 Separate election
Maryland Brown, AnthonyAnthony Brown Democratic 2015 Same ticket
Massachusetts Vacant[5] 2015 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
Michigan Calley, BrianBrian Calley Republican 2015 Same ticket
Minnesota Prettner Solon, YvonneYvonne Prettner Solon Democratic 2015 Same ticket
Mississippi Reeves, TateTate Reeves Republican 2016 Separate election
Missouri Kinder, PeterPeter Kinder Republican 2017 Separate election
Montana Walsh, JohnJohn Walsh Democratic 2017 Same ticket
Nebraska Heidemann, LavonLavon Heidemann Republican 2015 Same ticket[6]
Nevada Krolicki, BrianBrian Krolicki Republican 2015† Separate election
New Jersey Guadagno, KimKim Guadagno Republican 2014 Same ticket
New Mexico Sanchez, JohnJohn Sanchez Republican 2015 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
New York Duffy, RobertRobert Duffy Democratic 2015 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
North Carolina Forest, DanDan Forest Republican 2017 Separate election
North Dakota Wrigley, DrewDrew Wrigley Republican 2016 Same ticket
Ohio Taylor, MaryMary Taylor Republican 2015 Same ticket
Oklahoma Lamb, ToddTodd Lamb Republican 2015 Separate election
Pennsylvania Cawley, JimJim Cawley Republican 2015 Same ticket in the general elections;
Separate elections in the primaries
Rhode Island Roberts, ElizabethElizabeth Roberts Democratic 2015 Separate election
South Carolina McConnell, GlennGlenn McConnell Republican [7] 2015 Separate election
South Dakota Michels, MattMatt Michels Republican 2015 Same ticket
Tennessee Ramsey, RonRon Ramsey Republican 2015 State Senate[8]
Texas Dewhurst, DavidDavid Dewhurst Republican 2015 Separate election
Utah Cox, SpencerSpencer Cox Republican 2017 Chosen by Governor, approved by State Senate
Vermont Scott, PhilPhil Scott Republican 2015 Separate election
Virginia Bolling, BillBill Bolling Republican 2014 Separate election
Washington Owen, BradBrad Owen Democratic 2017 Separate election
West Virginia Jeff Kessler Democratic 2015 State Senate[9]
Wisconsin Kleefisch, RebeccaRebecca Kleefisch Republican 2015 Same ticket

List of lieutenant governors by territory

Territory Picture Lieutenant governor Party Took office Seat up Chosen by[1]
American Samoa Mauga, LemanuLemanu Mauga Independent 2017 Same ticket
Guam Tenorio, RayRay Tenorio Republican 2015 Same ticket
Northern Mariana Islands Hofschneider, JudeJude Hofschneider Republican 2015 Same ticket[10]
United States Virgin Islands Francis, GregoryGregory Francis Democratic 2015 Same ticket

States which do not have lieutenant governors

Six states do not have a position of lieutenant governor. In these cases, the Secretary of State or President of the Senate are next in line for the governorship, except in the case of Florida, where the office of Lieutenant Governor is vacant, in which case the Attorney General is first in line to succeed the Governor.

State Picture Officeholder Party Took position Office
Arizona Bennett, KenKen Bennett Republican Secretary of State
Florida Bondi, PamPam Bondi Republican Attorney General
Maine Alfond, JustinJustin Alfond Democratic President of the Senate
New Hampshire Bragdon, PeterPeter Bragdon Republican President of the Senate
Oregon Brown, KateKate Brown Democratic Secretary of State
Wyoming Maxfield, MaxMax Maxfield Republican Secretary of State

Territories which do not have lieutenant governors

One territory, Puerto Rico, places the Secretary of State next in line for the governorship. In the District of Columbia, the Chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia is first in line of succession in the event of a vacancy in the office of Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Territory Picture Officeholder Party Took position Office
District of Columbia Mendelson, PhilPhil Mendelson[11] Democratic Chairman of the Council
Puerto Rico Bernier, DavidDavid Bernier |Popular Democratic Secretary of State

States and territories with differing party membership at the executive level

In most states or territories, the governor and lieutenant governor are members of the same political party. As with the Vice President of the United States, many states' lieutenant governors are elected on the same ticket as the governor, many others are elected on their own. The following states are those in which the designated successor to the governorship is of a different political party.

State/Territory Governor Designated
Arkansas Democratic Republican
Maine Republican Democratic
Missouri Democratic Republican
New Hampshire Democratic Republican
Northern Mariana Islands Covenant Republican
Vermont Democratic Republican

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