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Liping County

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Title: Liping County  
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Subject: Pa-Hng language, Kam language, Liping Airport, Kam–Sui languages, Administrative Divisions of Qiandongnan
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Liping County

Liping County
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Chinese 黎平县
 • Pinyin Lìping Xiàn
Liping County is located in China
Liping County
Liping County
Location of the county
Country China
Province Guizhou
Prefecture Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture
Township-level divisions 2 subdistricts
10 towns
11 townships
2 Ethnic townships
County seat Defeng Subdistrict (德凤街道)
 • Total 4,439 km2 (1,714 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Total 538,294
 • Density 120/km2 (310/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 557300
Area code(s) 0855

Liping County (Chinese: wikt:黎平县; pinyin: Lípíng Xiàn) is a county-level administrative district in southwestern China, part of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture within the Guizhou province.


The county was affected by the Miao rebellion of 1736-36.The county is home to many Dong people.

  • 1322 (years to two years) set up a long lawsuit in Liping. The Liping government started to set up in 1413 to 1913, with a history of 500 years.
  • In 1283, eighty thousand people in the ancient state of the military and civilian (ancient state, this Leigh Bing Rory). To rule for two years (in 1322), the abolition of Zongguan Fu, Li Ping Village renamed Liping Zhai, in Ping lawsuit change Liping lawsuit, jurisdiction over 12 executive our, Huguang province state think appease our thought state, this cengong), Li Pingshi name.
  • On 1385, the abolition of Liping long lawsuit, built five Wei command division, military duct, administer 15 2 villages, 14 executive secretary. Ming Yongle eleven years (1413), the abolition of thinking, to appease our, suppose the Liping mansion in Liping village officer corps, attached to the Guizhou receives announcement administration to enable our, Tan Xi jurisdiction, eight boat, the ancient state, Cao drop Hou Fei, hung, drawn and ferro permanent from, Xishan Yang Dong (waste) seven executive our, implemented within civil military divide and conquer; Wu Kai Wei jurisdiction, Tun, Huguang.
  • In 1441, Ming orthodox six years, the abolition of Froude from chief permanent, permanent set from the county, under the Liping government. 1582 (ten years of Ming Dynasty), Liping government to civilian house, cure five Wei, Chen Yuan to control road zhifu. In 1600 the Liping government under the Huguang Province, 1603 under the Guizhou.
  • In 1730, a state Department of ancient Tongzhi, a house of Liping.
  • In 1950, Liping County in Dushan area, Tuyun area in 1952, 1956 was placed under the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous prefecture.
  • 2013, Liping County, Guizhou Province, the people's government is set to the provincial governing county pilot.


Liping County is divided into 2 subdistricts and 11 towns and 10 townships and 2 Ethnic townships. Defeng subdistrict is the county seat which houses Liping County Government and Liping County Council.

  • Subdistricts:Defeng、Gaotun
  • Towns:Zhongchao、Hongzhou、Shuikou、Zhaoxing、Shangzhong、Mengyan、Jiuchao、Aoshi、Yandong、Shuangjiang、Long'e
  • Townships:Diping、Yongcong、Deshun、Dehua、Pingzhai、Dajia、Maogong、Bazhai、Luoli、Koujiang
  • Ethnic Townships:Shunhua、Leidong
NO English Chinese Area(km2) Population(2013) Seat communities Villages
1 Defeng Subdistricts 德凤街道 310 97238 Gongyuan communitie 17 6
2 Gaotun Subdistricts 高屯街道 282 31505 Gaotun communitie 4 9
3 Zhongchao Town 中潮镇 296 34582 Zhongchao Village 10
4 Hongzhou Town 洪州镇 301 29184 Hongzhou Village 11
5 Shuikou Town 水口镇 260 36869 Shuikou Village 18
6 Long'e Town 龙额镇 124 23802 Long'e Village 16
7 Zhaoxing Town 肇兴镇 133 22352 Zhaoxing Village 11
8 Yandong Town 岩洞镇 147 15221 Yandong Villages 6
9 Shuangjiang Town 双江镇 262 20057 Shuangjiang Village 9
10 Jiuchao Town 九潮镇 295 28805 Jiuchao Village 13
11 Mengyan Town 孟彦镇 184 19589 Mengyan Village 8
12 Aoshi Town 敖市镇 96 18298 Aoshi Village 7
13 Shangzhong Town 尚重镇 227 31572 Shangzhong Village 12
14 Dehua Townships 德化乡 104 10676 Dehua Village 6
15 Pingzhai Townships 平寨乡 91 11645 Pingzhai Village 6
16 Djia Townships 大稼乡 112 15234 Dajia Village 12
17 Luoli Townships 罗里乡 166 17224 Luoli Village 8
18 Bazhai Townships 坝寨乡 208 14568 Bazhai Village 7
19 Maogong Townships 茅贡乡 172 16845 Maogong Village 9
20 Koujiang Townships 口江乡 116 9572 Koujiang Villages 6
21 Deshun Townships 德顺乡 212 16340 Deshun Villages 7
22 Yongcong Townships 永从乡 157 18346 Yongcong Village 7
23 Diping Townships 地坪乡 118 22142 Diping Village 10
24 Leidong Yao and Shui Ethnic Townships 雷洞瑶族水族乡 82 12358 Leidong Villages 12
25 Shunhua Yao Ethnic Townships 顺化瑶族乡 59 5082 Shundong Villages 4


Technical school

  • Liping medium vocational technical school

Senior school

Liping County, a total of 5 high school, respectively, as follows

  • Liping NO.1 Middle School
  • Liping NO.3 Middle School
  • Liping NO.4 Middle School
  • Liping NO.7 Middle School
  • Liping Hualong Middle School

Middle school

Liping County, a total of 25 Middle schools, respectively, as follows

  • Liping NO.2 Middle School
  • Liping NO.5 Middle School
  • Liping NO.6 Middle School
  • Liping Bazhai Middle School
  • Liping Maogong Middle School
  • Liping Jiuchao Middle School
  • Liping Dajia Middle School
  • Liping Mengyan Middle School
  • Liping Shangzhong Middle School
  • Liping Yudong Middle School
  • Liping Luoli Middle School
  • Liping Pingzhai Middle School
  • Liping Dehua Middle School
  • Liping Zhongchao Middle School
  • Liping Aoshi Middle School
  • Liping Hongzhou Middle School
  • Liping Deshun Middle School
  • Liping Yongcong Middle School
  • Liping Yandong Middle School
  • Liping Koujiang Middle School
  • Liping Shuangjiang Middle School
  • Liping Zhaoxing Middle School
  • Liping Shuikou Middle School
  • Liping Diping Middle School
  • Liping Long'e Middle School

Primary school

Liping County, a total of more than 300 primary schools, including urban primary school has 9, respectively, as follows,

  • Liping NO.1 Primary School
  • Liping NO.2 Primary School
  • Liping NO.3 Primary School
  • Liping NO.4 Primary School
  • Liping NO.5 Primary School
  • Liping Nanquan Primary School
  • Liping Xuejiaping Primary School
  • Liping Minsheng Primary School
  • Liping Luotuan Primary School



  • S308、S202、S222、S221




Liping County is served by Liping Airport located at Gaotun Subdistrict and Defeng Subdistrict.

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