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List of Anglo-Saxon deities


List of Anglo-Saxon deities

Anglo-Saxon deities refers to the gods and goddesses worshipped in the religion of Anglo-Saxon paganism, by the Anglo-Saxons, a group of Germanic tribes (such as the Angles, Saxons and Jutes) who settled in modern day England in the 5th century.

Here are a list of deities, in alphabetical order:

Anglo-Saxon Old German Norse equivalent Characteristics & Associations See also
Baldaeg Balder Baldr God of light.
Ēostre Ôstarâ (putative) Possibly Iðunn Goddess of springtime, the dawn and rebirth. Bede's De Temporum Ratione, Hausos, Easter
Eorðe none Jörð Goddess of the Earth.
Freo Freyja Goddess of fertility. Ruler of the elves with her brother Ing. May Queen
Frige Frîja Frigg Goddess of love. Consort of Wōden. Friday
Gēat Gausus Gautr Unknown. Cognate to modern English word "god." God (word)
Helith none none Unknown Dorset folklore
Hretha Holda Gefion Unknown Bede's De Temporum Ratione, Germanic calendar
Ingui Frea (Lord Ingui) Yngvi Freyr God of prosperity, passion, and wealth. Ruler of the elves with his sister Freo. May King
Seaxnēat Saxnôte none Founder of the Saxon tribe.
Þunor Donar Thor God of storms and thunder. Thursday, Perkwunos
Tīw Zîu Týr God of justice, and the sky. Tuesday, Dyeus
Wōden Wodan Óðinn Chief of the gods, god of war, poetry and mantic ecstasy. Consort of Frige. Wednesday
Nine Herbs Charm
Wuldor Ullr God of Winter and Archery [1]


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