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List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge

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Title: List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: John Booth (bishop), University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Council, Stanley Baldwin, Jan Smuts
Collection: Chancellors of the University of Cambridge, Lists of People Associated with the University of Cambridge
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List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge

The Chancellors of the University of Cambridge, from circa 1246 to the present day were:[1]

Tenure Chancellor Notes
c. 1246 Hugh de Hotton
1256 Reginald Gerninghall
1257 Stephen Hepworth
1259 William de Ludham
1260 Richard de Gedney
1261 Richard Dryfield
1267 John de Asgarby
1270–1275 John Hooke
1276 Roger de Fulbourn
1283 Andrew de Gisleham
1286 Thomas Sheringham
1287 Stephen Hepworth
1289–1290 Ralph de Leicester
1290–1292 Geoffery de Pakenham
1293–1295 Henry de Boyton
1295–1296 John de Bradenham
1296–1299 Thomas de Sheringham
1299 Stephen Hepworth
1300–1303 Stephen Haslingfield
1303–1307 Stephen de Segrace
1307 Stephen Haslingfield
1315 Richard de Ashton
1321–1326 Roger Northburgh has been incorrectly described as Chancellor[2] since 1691.[3]
1326–1329 Richard de Badew
1329–1331 Thomas de Foxton
c. 1330 Robert de Winwick
1331–1334 John de Langley
1334–1335 Robert de Mildenhall
1335–1337 Henry de Herwarden
1337–1339 Richard Harling (or Ling)
1340 Robert de Claydon
1341 Thomas de Northwood
1344 Thomas de Northwood
1346–1348 John de Crakhall
1348 Thomas de Grantchester
1348 William de Lymbergh
1349–1351 Richard de Wetherset (or Hetherset, Wetheringsett)
1351 Richard Harling
1352 Anthony of Grantchester
1352–1359 William Tynkell
1359–1360 Thomas Sutton
1360–1361 Richard de Wetherset
1361–1362 Michael de Haynton
1361–1366 Michael de Causton
1366–1369 William de Gotham
1369 Thomas de Stewkley
1371 John de Donwich
1373–1374 Adam de Lakenheath
1374 John de Donwich
1376 William de Gotham
1378–1379 Richard Scrope
1380 Eudo (or Guy) Zouche
1380–1381 John Cavendish
1382 Guy Zouche
1382–1383 John de Bromyard
1383 John of Neketon
1384 John de Burgh (or Borough)
1385 Thomas Hetherset (or de Hethersett)
1386 John de Burgh (or Borough)
1388 William Colvile
1390–1391 Richard Dereham
1391 William Colvile
1392 John de Neketon
1394 William Colvile
1396 Guy Zouche
1400–1402 Richard Billingford
1404–1408 Richard Dereham
1409–1413 Richard Billingford
1414 Stephen le Scrope
1415–1422 John de Rickingale
1422–1423 Thomas of Cobham
1424–1426 Robert Fitzhugh
1426 William Wymbell
1427 Marmaduke Lumley
1429–1430 John Holeroke
1431–1432 William Lascells
1432 Richard Billingford
1433–1435 Richard Cawdray
1436–1445 John Langton
1445–1446 Nicholas Kenton
1447 John Langton
1448 Robert Ascogh
1450–1451 Nicholas Close
1451–1456 William Percy
1456–1458 Lawrence Booth
1458 William Wilflete (or Wolflet)
1459–1460 Robert Woodlark
1461 Richard Scroope
1462–1463 Robert Woodlark
1463–1464 John Booth
1464 William Wilflete
1465–1468 John Harrison (or Herrison)
1466 William Wilflete
1468–1469 Edward Story
1469–1471 Thomas Rotherham (or Scot)
1471–1472 Edward Story
1473–1479 Thomas Rotherham
1479–1483 John Boynton
1483–1485 Thomas Rotherham
1490 Thomas Cosyn
1494–1496 John Blythe
1496–1499 George Fitzhugh
1499–1500 Thomas Rotherham
1500 Richard Fox
1502 George Fitzhugh
1503 Thomas Ruthall (or Rowthall)
1504–1535 John Fisher
1535–1540 Thomas Cromwell
1540–1547 Stephen Gardiner
1547–1552 Edward Seymour
1552–1553 The Duke of Northumberland
1553–1555 Stephen Gardiner
1556–1558 Reginald Pole
1559–1598 The Lord Burghley
1598–1601 The Earl of Essex
1601–1612 The Earl of Salisbury
1612–1614 The Earl of Northampton
1614–1626 The Earl of Suffolk
1626–1628 The Duke of Buckingham see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 1626
1628–1649 The Earl of Holland
1649–1651 The Earl of Manchester
1651–1660 Oliver St John
1660–1671 The Duke of Manchester
1671–1674 The Duke of Buckingham
1674–1682 The Duke of Monmouth
1682–1688 The Duke of Albemarle
1689–1748 The Duke of Somerset
1748–1768 The Duke of Newcastle see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 1748
1768–1811 The Duke of Grafton
1811–1834 HRH The Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 1811
1834–1840 The Marquess Camden
1840–1847 The Duke of Northumberland
1847–1861 HRH The Prince Consort see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 1847
1861–1891 The Duke of Devonshire
1892–1908 The Duke of Devonshire
1908–1919 The Lord Rayleigh
1919–1930 The Earl of Balfour
1930–1947 The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley
1948–1950 Jan Smuts
1950–1967 The Lord Tedder see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 1950
1967–1976 The Lord Adrian
1976–2011 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
2011– Lord Sainsbury of Turville see Election for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, 2011[4]

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