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List of Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters

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Title: List of Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters  
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List of Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters

Over its eleven-year run, Mystery Science Theater 3000 saw the arrival and departure of various characters. In addition, it also featured many recurring guest characters. Below is a listing of both the main characters and the recurring characters from the series.

Main characters

Cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000
Character KTMA "Season 0"
Comedy Channel / Comedy Central seasons (1989–1995) The Movie
SCI FI seasons (1996–99) Flash series
Giant Gila Monster
(2008) [1]
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Joel Robinson
"Joel Hodgson" during season 0,
"Joel" (no last name) during Season 1
Joel Hodgson Joel Hodgson1 Joel Hodgson
Mike Nelson Michael J. Nelson
Crow T. Robot Trace Beaulieu Bill Corbett Paul Chaplin Trace Beaulieu
Tom Servo Josh Weinstein Kevin Murphy James Moore Frank Conniff
Gypsy Josh Weinstein Jim Mallon Patrick Brantseg Jim Mallon
Cambot Kevin Murphy2
Dr. Clayton Forrester Trace Beaulieu Trace Beaulieu
Dr. Laurence "Larry" Erhardt Josh Weinstein
TV's Frank
simply "Frank" pre-season 4
Frank Conniff Frank Conniff1 Frank Conniff
Pearl Forrester Mary Jo Pehl1 Mary Jo Pehl Mary Jo Pehl
Professor Bobo Kevin Murphy
Observer ("Brain Guy") Bill Corbett
Magic Voice Jann Johnson various,
usually Jann Johnson or Alexandra Carr
Mary Jo Pehl Beth "Beez" McKeever

1. Guest/cameo appearance only.
2. Normally a non-speaking role.

Recurring guest characters

  • Jack Perkins (Michael J. Nelson) - in real life the host of the A&E Network's Biography program, Perkins first appeared in MST3K simply to annoy the Mads by describing the movie with glowing praise. When MST3K appeared in syndication as The Mystery Science Hour, Nelson's fake "Jack Perkins" hosted the show.
  • Torgo (Michael J. Nelson) - a monster/henchman (supposed to be a satyr) in Manos: The Hands of Fate, Torgo was among the most frequently returning "guest characters" of MST3K. He got his knees fixed and returned as "Torgo the White" (an obvious parody of Gandalf the White) to accompany TV's Frank to "Second Banana Heaven" and was never seen again (episode 624, "Samson vs. the Vampire Women").
  • Jan-in-the-Pan (Mary Jo Pehl) - a woman's severed head from the movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die.
  • Pitch (Paul Chaplin) - a devil from the Mexican movie Santa Claus, Pitch was one of the few characters from the Comedy Central seasons to return in the Sci Fi Channel seasons.
  • The Nanites (voiced variously by Kevin Murphy, Paul Chaplin, Mary Jo Pehl, and Bridget Jones) - self-replicating, bio-engineered organisms that work on the ship, they are microscopic creatures that reside in the S.O.L.'s computer systems. (They are similar to the creatures in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Evolution", which featured "nanites" taking over the Enterprise.) The Nanites made their first appearance in season 8. Based on the concept of nanotechnology, their comical deus ex machina activities included such diverse tasks as instant repair and construction, hairstyling, performing a Nanite variation of a flea circus, conducting a microscopic war, and even destroying the Observers' planet after a dangerously vague request from Mike to "take care of [a] little problem". They also ran a microbrewery. The Nanites were largely forgotten about during the show's last season, and we are not given an explanation of their fate following the series finale.
  • "Krankor" (Bill Corbett), who appeared in a host segment during the "Prince of Space" episode, and returned three episodes later in a host segment for "Invasion of the Neptune Men", featuring a movie with a similar plot. He was a vain, would-be conqueror with an unfortunately chicken-like appearance and a drawn-out, braying laugh (described by BBI as "like a Buick not turning over").


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