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List of Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft picks

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Title: List of Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft picks  
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Subject: John Reaves, Jim McDonald (American football), Richard Harris (American football), Philadelphia, Neill Armstrong
Collection: Lists of First-Round Draft Picks by National Football League Team, Philadelphia Eagles Players
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List of Philadelphia Eagles first-round draft picks

The Philadelphia Eagles, a professional American football team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, joined the National Football League (NFL) in 1933 as a replacement team for the Frankford Yellow Jackets, after the Yellow Jackets went bankrupt and ceased operations.[1] After the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, the Eagles were moved to the current NFC East division. Every April, each NFL franchise adds new players to its roster through a collegiate draft at the "NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", more commonly known as the NFL Draft.[2] Teams are ranked in inverse order based on their previous season's records, with the worst record picking first, the second-worst picking second, and so on. Two exceptions to this order are made for teams that played in the previous Super Bowl: the Super Bowl champion picks last (32nd), and the Super Bowl loser picks next to last (31st). Teams often trade their picks to other teams for different picks, players, cash, or combinations thereof; thus, it is not uncommon for a team's actual draft pick to differ from its assigned pick, or for a team to have extra or no draft picks in any round.[3]

The Eagles' first selection as an NFL team was Jay Berwanger, a running back from University of Chicago.[4] The Eagles have selected number one overall three times, including Berwanger in 1936, Sam Francis in 1937, and Chuck Bednarik in 1949,[4] second overall five times, and third overall three times.[4] Three eventual Hall of Famers have been selected by the Eagles: Steve Van Buren, Bednarik, and Bob Brown.[5] The team's most recent first-round choice was Marcus Smith, a defensive end from Louisville.[6]


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RB Running back FB Fullback
HB Halfback QB Quarterback
DE Defensive end C Center
LB Linebacker T Offensive tackle
TE Tight end DB Defensive back
WR Wide receiver DT Defensive tackle
S Safety CB Cornerback
Enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
* Selected number one overall

Player selections

Eagles 1999 1st round draft pick Donovan McNabb
Year Pick Player Position College Notes
1936 1 Jay Berwanger* RB Chicago
1937 1 Sam Francis* FB Nebraska
1938 2 James McDonald HB Ohio State
1939 4 Davey O'Brien QB Texas Christian
1940 2 George McAfee HB Duke
1941 No pick [a]
1942 3 Pete Kmetovic HB Stanford
1943 2 Joe Muha FB VMI
1944 5 Steve Van Buren HB Louisiana State
1945 9 John Yonaker DE Notre Dame
1946 7 Leo Riggs HB Southern California
1947 8 Neill Armstrong DE Oklahoma A & M
1948 8 Clyde Scott HB Arkansas & Navy
1949 1 Chuck Bednarik†* C Pennsylvania [b]
9 Frank Tripucka QB Notre Dame
1950 14 Harry "Bud" Grant DE Minnesota
1951 7 Ebert Van Buren FB Louisiana State
8 Chet Mutryn FB Xavier [c]
1952 5 Johnny Bright FB Drake
1953 No pick [d]
1954 9 Neil Worden FB Notre Dame
1955 9 Dick Bielski FB Maryland
1956 4 Bob Pellegrini LB Maryland
1957 7 Clarence Peaks FB Michigan State
1958 6 Walter Kowalczyk FB Michigan State
1959 No pick [e]
1960 9 Ron Burton RB Northwestern
1961 14 Art Baker FB Syracuse
1962 No pick [f]
1963 4 Ed Budde T Michigan State
1964 2 Bob Brown T Nebraska
1965 No pick [g]
1966 4 Randy Beisler T Indiana
1967 19 Harry Jones RB Arkansas
1968 14 Tim Rossovich DE Southern California
1969 3 Leroy Keyes RB Purdue
1970 6 Steve Zabel LB Oklahoma
1971 5 Richard Harris DE Grambling
1972 14 John Reaves QB Florida
1973 3 Jerry Sisemore T Texas
6 Charle Young TE Southern California
1974 No pick [h]
1975 No pick [h]
1976 No pick [i]
1977 No pick [j]
1978 No pick [j]
1979 21 Jerry Robinson LB UCLA
1980 23 Roynell Young DB Alcorn State
1981 27 Leonard Mitchell DE Houston
1982 20 Mike Quick WR North Carolina State
1983 8 Michael Haddix RB Mississippi State
1984 4 Kenny Jackson WR Penn State
1985 9 Kevin Allen T Indiana
1986 10 Keith Byars RB Ohio State
1987 9 Jerome Brown DT Miami
1988 13 Keith Jackson TE Oklahoma
1989 No pick [k]
1990 22 Ben Smith S Georgia
1991 8 Antone Davis T Tennessee [l]
1992 No pick [l]
1993 19 Lester Holmes G Jackson State [m]
24 Leonard Renfro DT Colorado
1994 14 Bernard Williams T Georgia
1995 7 Mike Mamula DE Boston College [n]
1996 25 Jermane Mayberry T Texas A&M-Kingsville
1997 25 Jon Harris DE Virginia [o]
1998 11 Tra Thomas T Florida State
1999 2 Donovan McNabb QB Syracuse
2000 6 Corey Simon DT Florida State
2001 25 Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA
2002 26 Lito Sheppard CB Florida
2003 15 Jerome McDougle DE Miami [p]
2004 16 Shawn Andrews T Arkansas [q]
2005 31 Mike Patterson DT Southern California
2006 14 Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida State
2007 No pick [r]
2008 No pick [s]
2009 19 Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri [t]
2010 13 Brandon Graham DE Michigan [u]
2011 21 Danny Watkins OG Baylor [u]
2012 12 Fletcher Cox DT Mississippi State
2013 4 Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
2014 26 Marcus Smith DE Louisville
2015 20 Nelson Agholor WR USC


  • a The 1941 pick was traded to the Chicago Bears.[7]
  • b This was a lottery bonus pick.[8]
  • c The Eagles obtained this choice from Detroit.[4]
  • d Eagles traded their 1953 first-round pick to Los Angeles Rams.[9]
  • e Eagles traded their 1959 first-round pick to Los Angeles Rams for Norm Van Brocklin.[4]
  • f Eagles traded their 1962 first-round pick to St. Louis Cardinals for King Hill.[4]
  • g Eagles traded their 1965 first-round pick along with Lee Roy Caffey to Green Bay Packers for Jim Ringo and Earl Gros.[4]
  • h Eagles traded their 1974 first-round pick and 1975 first and third-round picks to Los Angeles Rams for Roman Gabriel.[4]
  • i The Eagles traded the 1976 first-round pick to Cincinnati Bengals for Mike Boryla.[4]
  • j Eagles traded their 1977 first-round and 1978 1st and 2nd round draft picks to Cincinnati for Bill Bergey.[4]
  • k The Eagles traded the 1989 draft pick to Indianapolis Colts for Ron Solt.[4]
  • l Eagles traded their 1991 and 1992 first-round draft picks to Green Bay, for Green Bay's 1991 first-round pick.[4]
  • m The Eagles had obtained a 1993 first round pick (13th overall) from NFL as compensation for the departure of Reggie White. Eagles then traded this to Houston for their first pick plus their third-round selection.[4]
  • n The 1995 pick was obtained from Tampa Bay in exchange for Eagles' 1995 first-round pick (12th overall) in the first round and picks 43 and 63 in the 2nd round; Eagles also received Tampa's third-round pick (72nd pick overall) in 1995.[4]
  • o In 1997 Eagles traded their first-round pick (22nd overall) to Dallas in exchange for the Cowboys’ 1997 first-round pick (25th overall), 1997 fifth-round pick (155th overall) and the Cowboys' best 1998 third-round pick.[4]
  • p The 2003 first-round choice (15th pick overall) was obtained from San Diego in exchange for Eagles' 2003 first-round pick (30th pick overall), and 2003 second-round pick (62nd pick overall). That second-round pick was acquired from Green Bay for CB Al Harris and a fourth-round pick in 2003.[4]
  • q The 2004 first-round draft choice (16th pick overall) was obtained from San Francisco for Eagles' 2004 first-round pick (28th pick overall) and the 2004 second-round pick (58th pick overall).[4]
  • r Eagles traded their 2007 first-round pick (26th overall, used to select Anthony Spencer) to Dallas for the Cowboys' first second-round selection (36th overall, acquired from Cleveland in a trade, used to select Kevin Kolb), their third-round selection (87th overall, used to select Stewart Bradley), and their fifth-round selection (159th overall, used to select C.J. Gaddis).[10]
  • s Eagles traded their 2008 first-round selection (19th overall) to Carolina for Carolina's 2008 second- and fourth-round selections (43rd and 109th), and Carolina's 2009 first-round pick.[11]
  • t Eagles traded their 2009 first-round selection (21st overall) and sixth-round selection to Cleveland for Cleveland's 2009 first-round selection (19th overall), used to select Jeremy Maclin.[12]
  • u Eagles traded their 2010 first-round selection (24th overall) and two third-round selections (70th and 87th overall) to Denver for Denver's 2010 first-round selection (13th overall), used to select Brandon Graham.


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