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List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Caithness

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Title: List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Caithness  
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List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Caithness

The following is a list of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the Caithness Area of Search. For other areas, see List of SSSIs by Area of Search.

  • Achanarras Quarry
  • Banniskirk Quarry
  • Beinn Freiceadain and Ben Dorrery
  • Berriedale Cliffs
  • Berriedale Water
  • Blar Nam Faoileag
  • Broubster Leans
  • Burn of Latheronwheel De-notified (confirmed) on 3 February 2012
  • Castle of Old Wick to Craig Hammel
  • Coire na Beinne Mires
  • Craig Hammel to Sgaps Geo
  • Dirlot Gorge
  • Dunbeath Peatlands
  • Dunbeath to Sgaps Geo
  • Dunbeath Water
  • Duncansby Head
  • Dunnet Head
  • Dunnet Links
  • East Halladale
  • Hill of Leodebest De-notified (confirmed) on 3 February 2012
  • Hill of Warehouse
  • Holborn Head
  • John o' Groats
  • Knockfin Heights
  • Knockinnon Heath
  • Lambsdale Leans
  • Langwell Water
  • Leavad
  • Loch Calder
  • Loch Caluim Flows
  • Loch Heilen
  • Loch Lieurary
  • Loch of Durran
  • Loch of Mey
  • Loch of Wester
  • Loch of Winless
  • Loch Scarmclate
  • Loch Watten
  • Long Berry Coast
  • Lower Wick River
  • Morven and Scaraben
  • Moss of Killimster
  • Newlands of Geise Mire
  • Oliclett
  • Ousdale Burn
  • Pennylands
  • Pentland Firth Islands
  • Phillips Mains Mire
  • Red Point Coast
  • Reisgill Burn
  • River Thurso
  • Rumsdale Peatlands
  • Sandside Bay
  • Shielton Peatlands
  • Sletill Peatlands
  • Spittal Quarry
  • Strathmore Peatlands
  • Stroma
  • Stroupster Peatlands
  • Thrumster Mill Loch
  • Ushat Head
  • Westerdale Quarry
  • Westfield Bridge
  • Weydale Quarry
  • Wick River Marshes
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