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List of Star Trek characters (N–S)

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Title: List of Star Trek characters (N–S)  
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Subject: List of Star Trek characters
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List of Star Trek characters (N–S)

This article lists characters of Star Trek in their various canonical incarnations. This includes fictional major characters and fictional minor characters created for Star Trek, fictional characters not originally created for Star Trek, and real-life persons appearing in a fictional manner, such as holodeck recreations.

Characters from all series, listed alphabetically



Character Actor Episodes
Nagilum Earl Boen Where Silence Has Lease (TNG)
Powerful extra-dimensional creature, fascinated by the concept of death, which it studied by starting to kill off the crew of the Enterprise-D.

The character of Nagilum was originally named "Nagillum", after actor Richard Mulligan, whom TNG Co-Executive Producer Maurice Hurley originally wanted cast in the role. "Nagillum" is "Mulligan" spelled backward.[1]

Nakahn Stephen Davies Darkling (VOY)
Mikhal Traveler, owner of a lodge
Nakamura Clyde Kusatsu The Measure of a Man (TNG) recurring thereafter
A Starfleet admiral
Nanclus Darryl Henriques TUC
Romulan ambassador to the Federation in 2293. He doesn't know what to believe after Kirk and McCoy are arrested for killing Klingon Chancellor Gorkon. However, when Starfleet Colonel West proposes "Operation Retrieve" to extract Kirk and McCoy, Nanclus believes "there may never be a better time." Later, Lieutenant Valeris implicates him in the conspiracy to assassinate Gorkon.
Alynna Nechayev Natalija Nogulich Chain of Command, Part I (TNG) recurring thereafter
The Maquis, Part II (DS9) recurring thereafter
Starfleet admiral whose jurisdictional authority included the Federation/Cardassian DMZ. She had a fondness for Bularian canapés.
Neela Robin Christopher Duet (DS9), In the Hands of the Prophets (DS9)
Bajoran engineer aboard Deep Space Nine who secretly worked for then-Vedek Winn.
Neelix Ethan Phillips VOY
Talaxian who joined the crew of the USS Voyager after being enticed with a promise of abundant water.
Nero Eric Bana ST
Romulan miner originating from the late 24th century, captain of the mining vessel Narada. Following the destruction of Romulus, Nero sought vengeance against those whom he held responsible, accidentally being transported to the 23rd century and creating an alternate reality. Nero is presumed killed when the Narada is consumed by a gravitational singularity. Bana "wasn't a huge Trekkie when he was a kid",[2] but had not seen the previous films.[3] Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci named Nero after the Roman emperor Nero, as a nod to the Roman inspirations of the Romulans.[4]
Nevala Valerie Wildman Message in a Bottle (VOY)
Romulan officer who assisted Commander Rekar in hijacking the USS Prometheus NX-59650, an experimental prototype Federation starship. She suggested "dissecting" the Doctor via a complete algorithm extraction before being felled by neurozine gas released by the Prometheus' EMH Mark II.
Isaac Newton John Neville
Peter Dennis
Descent, Part 1 (TNG), Death Wish (Voy)
Famous Earth physicist, recreated in the holodeck for a game of poker with Data. Also summoned by "Q" to the USS Voyager to testify at Quinn's assylum hearing.
Nidell Salli Richardson-Whitfield Second Sight (DS9)
Halanan female, wife of terraformer Gideon Seyetik. By "psychoprojective telepathy", she created an alter ego, Fenna, who fell in love with Benjamin Sisko.
Nilva Henry Gibson Profit and Lace (DS9)
Slug-O-Cola tycoon and commissioner of the Ferengi Commerce Authority
Dr. Noah Avery Brooks Our Man Bashir (DS9)
A mad scientist in Bashir's secret agent program. Due to a transporter malfunction, Dr. Noah's physical parameters were temporarily modelled on Sisko
Helen Noel Marianna Hill Dagger of the Mind (TOS)
An officer in the medical department of Kirk's Enterprise with specialities in psychiatry and penology who accompanies her captain to inspect the Tantalus V rehabilitation colony.
Nog Aron Eisenberg Emissary (DS9) recurring thereafter
Son of Rom, nephew of Quark
Noggra Robert DoQui Sons of Mogh (DS9)
Old family friend of Worf who took Kurn into his family
Nogura None TMP,
Starfleet admiral with whom Kirk meets briefly at headquarters prior to assuming command of the Enterprise to deal with the V'ger crisis.

In fan literature of the Star Trek Expanded Universe, Fleet Admiral Nogura is said to be a very old friend of the Kirk family who served with James Kirk's father.

Nogura's given name is "Heihachiro" in the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, authored by Gene Roddenberry, and the novels Enterprise, detailing the first days of Kirk's command, and The Lost Years, showing the end of the five-year mission. Also in the movie novelization, Nogura is identified as the "Commanding Admiral" of Starfleet.

Norman Richard Tatro I, Mudd (TOS)
A "male" android who infiltrates the Enterprise as a crewmember then hijacks the ship, taking it to a planet ruled by Harcourt Fenton Mudd.
Noss Lori Petty Gravity (VOY)
Woman who survived in Class D planet for several years. Fell in love with Tuvok.
N'Vek Scott MacDonald Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Romulan subcommander of the IRW Khazara and a member of Ambassador Spock's underground/dissident movement on Romulus. He coordinated the smuggling of Vice Proconsul M'ret and his two top aides to the Federation.[5]


Character Actor Episodes
Keiko Ishikawa O'Brien Rosalind Chao Data's Day (TNG) recurring thereafter,
A Man Alone (DS9) recurring thereafter
Botanist; wife of Miles O'Brien; school teacher on Deep Space Nine
Kirayoshi O'Brien Clara Bravo The Begotten (DS9) recurring thereafter
Son of Miles and Keiko O'Brien, and was carried to term by Kira Nerys after Keiko was critically injured during her pregnancy (a plotline developed to explain actress Nana Visitor's real-life pregnancy)
Miles Edward O'Brien Colm Meaney Encounter at Farpoint (TNG) recurring thereafter,
Transporter chief on the Enterprise-D, Chief of Operations at DS9
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae
Michelle Krusiec
Disaster (TNG) recurring thereafter,
A Man Alone (DS9) recurring thereafter
Daughter of Miles and Keiko O'Brien. (Teenaged Molly played by Michelle Krusiec in "Time's Orphan" (DS9).)
Katie O'Claire Kate Mulgrew Far Haven (Voy) recurring thereafter
Alias used by Kathryn Janeway while in Fair Haven
Odala Concetta Tomei Distant Origin (VOY)
Saurian minister who refuses to believe Professor Gegen's distant origin theory of their race
Odan Franc Luz The Host (TNG)
a precedent for Trills disregarded on DS9
Odo René Auberjonois DS9
Deep Space Nine's Changeling Security Officer
Odona Sharon Acker The Mark of Gideon (TOS)
Daughter of Ambassador Hodin of the planet Gideon, carrier of the disease Vegan choriomeningitis
Ralph Offenhouse Peter Mark Richman The Neutral Zone (TNG)
20th-century human cryogenically frozen and discovered by the Enterprise-D
Alyssa Ogawa Patti Yasutake Future Imperfect (TNG) recurring thereafter,
Nurse aboard the Enterprise-D and -E, doctor in an alternate timeline.
Thadiun Okona William O. Campbell The Outrageous Okona (TNG)
Captain of a small freighter
Omet'iklan Clarence Williams III To the Death (DS9)
Jem'haddar First who threatened to kill Sisko after completing a mission to kill renegade Jem'haddar soldiers
Onaya Meg Foster The Muse (DS9)
Vampiric being who feeds on creative energy. She claims to have helped artists all over the quadrant, including Earth's William Butler Yeats
Kai Opaka Camille Saviola Emissary (DS9) recurring thereafter
Kai (spiritual leader) of Bajor through the latter years of the Cardassian occupation
Orta Jeffrey Hayenga Ensign Ro (TNG)
Bajoran terrorist framed by the Cardassians for an attack against a Federation colony.


Character Actor Episodes
Douglas Pabst René Auberjonois Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
Editor of a 1950s-era science fiction magazine in a vision experienced by Benjamin Sisko
Pardek Malachi Throne Unification (TNG)
Romulan senator who, by 2367, had served the Krocton Segment on Romulus for nine decades. He first met Captain Spock at the Khitomer Conference in 2293. In 2367, when Ambassador Spock contacts him about the possibility of Vulcan-Romulan reunification, he appears agreeable to the idea and invites Spock to Romulus. However, Pardek has fallen out of favor in the Romulan political arena, and seeking a way back into Proconsul Neral's good graces, betrays Spock and the entire Romulan Underground movement to Commander Sela.
Parem Brian Cousins The Next Phase (TNG)
Romulan officer who, like Geordi La Forge and Ro Laren, was rendered invisible and "out of phase" by chroniton particles from an experimental Romulan interphase generator gone amok. When Parem overhears La Forge and Ro planning to reverse the effects, he follows them onto the Enterprise-D and captures Ro at disruptor-point. La Forge surprises him with a body slam that sends him through the bulkhead and careening into outer space ... forever.
Miral Paris Lisa LoCicero Prophecy, Endgame (VOY)
Daughter of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, named after B'Elanna's mother Miral
Owen Paris Warren Munson
Richard Herd
Persistence of Vision (Voy) recurring thereafter
Father of Tom Paris. Captain of the USS Al-Batani on which Kathryn Janeway served. Promoted to Starfleet Vice Admiral, He served as an instructor at Starfleet Academy, and later oversaw Project Pathfinder to make contact with Voyager in the Delta Quadrant.
Thomas Eugene Paris Robert Duncan McNeill VOY
Helmsman of USS Voyager
Patahk Steve Rankin The Enemy (TNG)
Romulan officer and one of two survivors of the crash of the Pi, a small Romulan ship, on the surface of Galorndon Core. He's rescued by an Enterprise-D away team and transported to Sickbay. Dr. Beverly Crusher diagnoses him with cell damage to vital areas, necessitating a transfusion of compatible ribosomes for him to recover. Worf is the only crew member who can make such a donation, but he refuses. In turn, Patahk says he would rather die than "pollute his body with Klingon filth." He succumbs soon afterward.
John Frederick Paxton Peter Weller Demons (ENT),
Terra Prime (ENT)
Leader of the Terra Prime movement
Melora Pazlar Daphne Ashbrook Melora (DS9)
Melora Pazlar is a female Elaysian, a species from a planet where gravity is weaker than on most other planets. As of stardate 47229.1, she was an Ensign in Starfleet, and a cartographer.

Pazlar came to the station prior to a mapping mission to the Gamma Quadrant. Because the gravity on DS9 was too strong for her, she had to rely on either a wheelchair, or an exoskeletal network of flexible metal beams worn over her body to help her move around the station. Doctor Julian Bashir devised a treatment to help her walk like the other humanoids on the station. Pazlar started the treatment, but when she realized that she wouldn't be able to enjoy low-gravity environments any more, she decided to discontinue the process.

The character was originally developed to be the regular science officer on the series. However, logistics made it difficult to use the effects required on a regular basis, and the character was used as a guest appearance instead.

Penk Jeffrey Combs Tsunkatse (VOY)
Leader of the fictional fight-to-the-death game Tsunkatse, where he captained a ship that broadcast a holographic fight to various worlds in the Delta Quadrant.
Perrin Joanna Miles Sarek (TNG),
Unification (TNG)
Widow of Sarek
Elise Picard Kim Braden GEN
Jean-Luc's wife in the Nexus
Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart
David Tristan Birkin
Marcus Nash
TNG, Emissary (DS9), GEN, FCT, INS, NEM
Captain of the USS Enterprise-D, previously of the USS Stargazer and subsequently of the Enterprise-E
Marie Picard Samantha Eggar Family (TNG)
Wife of Robert Picard, mother of René Picard, sister-in-law of Jean-Luc Picard
Maurice Picard Clive Church Tapestry (TNG)
Winemaker, father of Jean-Luc Picard
René Picard David Tristan Birkin
Christopher James Miller
Family (TNG),
Jean-Luc's nephew
Robert Picard Jeremy Kemp Family (TNG)
Jean-Luc's brother
Yvette Picard Herta Ware Where No One Has Gone Before (TNG)
Mother of Jean-Luc Picard
Walter Pierce Mark Rolston Eye of the Beholder (TNG)
Starfleet engineer on the Enterprise-D. Part Betazoid, he left empathic traces in the ship's structure on his death in 2363.
Christopher Pike Jeffrey Hunter
Sean Kenney
Bruce Greenwood
The Cage (TOS),
The Menagerie (TOS),
Star Trek: Early Voyages,
Captain of the Enterprise NCC-1701 before James T. Kirk.

Little is known about Pike's personal life. According to dialog in "The Cage", Pike is from the city of Mojave in North America on Earth in Southern California, and at one point owned a horse named "Tango."

Pike is the first captain of the Enterprise to be recognized in Star Trek canon appearing first in the pilot episode "The Cage", played by Jeffrey Hunter. The character does not reappear until "The Menagerie" where the character (disfigured and in a life support unit) is played by another actor.

The character is referenced in the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror", where it is revealed that James Kirk assassinated him to take his command.

The Marvel Comics series Star Trek: Early Voyages chronicled the adventures of the Enterprise under the command of Pike. The earliest issues lead up to the events seen in "The Cage", which was retold from Yeoman Colt's point of view.

Mark Piper Paul Fix Where No Man Has Gone Before (TOS)
Chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2265, before Leonard McCoy.
Vedek Porta Robert Symonds Accession (DS9)
Bajoran Vedek who killed a member of his group after he refused to follow his D'Jarra
Porthos Broken Bow (Ent) recurring thereafter
Captain Archer's dog
Erik Pressman Terry O'Quinn The Pegasus (TNG)
Starfleet rear admiral in 2370 who was attached to Starfleet Intelligence. He joined the Enterprise-D as mission commander to search for the USS Pegasus NCC-53847, an experimental prototype starship he commanded that was lost 12 years prior. He was William Riker's first commanding officer.
Prinadora None Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (DS9)
Ferengi female. She was the former wife of Rom, and the mother of their son Nog. Due to Rom's love for her, he signed an extension to their marriage contract (without reading the fine print); Prinadora's father was subsequently able to swindle Rom out of all his money, whereupon Prinadora left Rom for a richer man.
Captain Proton Robert Duncan McNeill Night (Voy) recurring thereafter
Lead character in the holodeck program The Adventures of Captain Proton, played by Tom Paris, Harry Kim and other crew members.
Katherine Pulaski Diana Muldaur The Child (TNG) recurring thereafter
Starfleet commander and chief medical officer of the Enterprise-D in 2365.


Character Actor Episodes
Q John de Lancie Encounter at Farpoint (TNG) recurring thereafter;
Q-Less (DS9);
Death Wish (Voy) recurring thereafter
All beings who are actively part of the Q Continuum are referred to as "Q" and do not have individual names (see also Amanda Rogers); but the Q played by John de Lancie is the one who appeared repeatedly.
Q Corbin Bernsen Déjà Q (TNG)
Q (Corbin Bernsen) visits from the Q Continuum after Q (John de Lancie) is expelled and made human as a punishment, and decides it is time to end the punishment.
Q Suzie Plakson The Q and the Grey (Voy)
Q (Suzie Plakson) is an old friend of Q (John de Lancie), who fights him in a civil war within the Q continuum. The war is ended when the two of them agree to have a child together.
Q Harve Presnell The Q and the Grey (Voy)
Q (Harve Presnell) is a colonel in the civil war against Q (John de Lancie).
Q Keegan de Lancie Q2 (Voy)
Keegan de Lancie (John de Lancie's actual son) plays his Q son who was conceived in The Q and the Grey.
Q or Quinn Gerrit Graham Death Wish (Voy)
Gerrit Graham plays a Q who wishes to leave the continuum and become a human so that he can commit suicide. As a human he takes the name Quinn.
Qatai W. Morgan Sheppard Bliss (VOY)
Man who hunted a large, spacefaring bioplasmic lifeform for at least 40 years
Dr. Dalen Quaice Bill Erwin Remember Me (TNG)
Old colleague of Dr. Beverly Crusher
Quark Armin Shimerman DS9
A Ferengi, Quark owned a bar on the Promenade of Deep Space Nine
Gregory Quinn Ward Costello Coming of Age (TNG), Conspiracy (TNG)
A Starfleet admiral and friend of Jean-Luc Picard who tested him for possibly being subverted by some unknown before asking him to become Commandant of Starfleet Academy. Quinn was, himself, later infested by an alien parasite conspiring against the Federation.


Character Actor Episodes
Rakal Marina Sirtis Face of the Enemy (TNG)
Romulan major and Tal Shiar operative. She was killed by dissidents in the Romulan Underground, who then abducted Deanna Troi from a neuropsychology seminar on Borka VI to impersonate Rakal and complete a mission of critical importance.[6]
Devinoni Ral Matt McCoy The Price (TNG)
Human/Betazoid negotiator vying for control of the Barzan Wormhole, and temporary love interest of Deanna Troi.
Ramirez Scott Leva To the Death (DS9)
Security officer from Defiant. Killed on the Gateway planet by Jem'Hadar in the first fight.
Ramos Dennis Madalone Heart of Glory (TNG)
Human Starfleet security noncommissioned officer on the Enterprise-D in 2364 who was shot by a makeshift Klingon phaser when Korris and Konmel effected their escape from the Security 3 brig.
Ranar None The Pegasus (TNG)
Female admiral and chief of Starfleet Security in 2370. (Note: William Riker pronounced her name "Rayner", but The Star Trek Encyclopedia and the DVD's closed-captioning spelled it "Ranar.")
Berlinghoff Rasmussen Matt Frewer A Matter of Time (TNG)
Con artist who travelled forward in time with the intention of stealing technology from the future and then patenting it in his own time
Clare Raymonds Gracie Harrison The Neutral Zone (TNG)
20th Century human cryogenically frozen and discovered by the Enterprise-D
Cyrus Redblock Lawrence Tierney The Big Goodbye (TNG)
Fictional 1940s crime boss, from Picard's "Dixon Hill" holodeck adventures
Rekar Judson Scott Message in a Bottle (VOY)
Romulan commander who hijacked the USS Prometheus NX-59650 with 26 other Romulans. He intended to turn over the experimental prototype Federation starship to the Tal Shiar, but was felled by neurozine gas released by the Prometheus EMH Mark II.[7]
Dexter Remmick Robert Schenkkan Coming of Age (TNG),
Conspiracy (TNG)
Starfleet lieutenant commander and member of the Inspector General's Office. On orders from Admiral Gregory Quinn, he investigated the crew of the Enterprise-D for signs of anything "wrong", but found nothing. Soon afterward, he was infested by the alien queen parasite, which was "taking over" Starfleet officers in an attempt to take control of Starfleet. Picard and Riker were forced to kill him and the queen.
Retaya Carlos LaCamara Improbable Cause (DS9)
A Flaxian merchant who visited Starbase Deep Space Nine in 2371. He dealt in fine wares, mostly fabrics and fragrances. He was a suspect in the murder of Dekora Assan on Japori II, but was cleared of those charges; it was a case of mistaken identity. He was hired by the Tal Shiar, at Enabran Tain's behest, to kill Elim Garak. Retaya intended to use a gaseous mixture of fragrances to trigger a fatal heart attack, but never got the chance because Garak blew up his own shop. Retaya was killed by the Tal Shiar for failing his mission.
Paul Rice Marco Rodriguez The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG)
Starfleet captain of the light cruiser USS Drake, which disappeared in the Lorenze Cluster. The Enterprise-D found its remains at the planet Minos and determined that it had been destroyed by the Echo Papa 607 automated defense system. Rice and William Riker were Academy friends, which was why the Echo Papa 607 used a hologram of Rice in an attempt to get tactical information about the Enterprise.
Kyle Riker Mitchell Ryan The Icarus Factor (TNG)
Civilian strategist, father of William Riker
Thomas Riker Jonathan Frakes Second Chances (TNG), Defiant (DS9)
Transporter clone of William Riker
William Thomas Riker Jonathan Frakes TNG, Death Wish (Voy), These Are the Voyages... (Ent), GEN, FCT, INS, NEM
First officer of the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E under Captain Picard; Captain of the USS Titan.
Kevin Thomas Riley Bruce Hyde The Naked Time (TOS),
The Conscience of the King (TOS)
Navigator of the Starship Enterprise for the first season of the show. His character was one of the first crew members affected by the PSI-2000 illness. Riley's parents were killed by governor Kodos on planet Tarsus IV but Riley survived, remembering Kodos' voice. He later tried to murder Kodos, in disguise as an actor, but was dissuaded by Captain Kirk.
Rislan James Noah Displaced (VOY)
Nyrian scientist pretending to help Torres with the unexplained transports switching the Voyager crew with Nyrians
Roy Ritterhouse J. G. Hertzler Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
Artist for a 1950s-era science fiction magazine in a vision experienced by Benjamin Sisko
Riva Howie Seago Loud as a Whisper (TNG)
Federation negotiator who communicates telepathically with a group of individuals who speak on his behalf
Rixx Michael Berryman Conspiracy (TNG)
Bolian captain of the USS Thomas Paine. He joined fellow captains Walker Keel and Tryla Scott on Dytallix B to warn Picard about the alien conspiracy at/invasion of Starfleet. He and Picard had met once before at the Altairian Conference.
Ro Laren Michelle Forbes Ensign Ro (TNG) recurring thereafter
Bajoran Starfleet officer who deserted to join the Maquis
Richard Robau Faran Tahir ST
Captain of the USS Kelvin who relinquishes command to James T. Kirk's father, George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth). Killed by Nero (Eric Bana). The Middle Eastern Robau was conceived as having been born in Cuba;[8] the character is named after Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci's uncle.[8]
Rain Robinson Sarah Silverman Future's End (VOY)
Young woman working for SETI
Rodek Tony Todd Sons of Mogh (DS9)
Son of Noggra. Identity given to Kurn after Worf felt unwilling to fulfill Kurn's request for ritual murder
Amanda Rogers Olivia d'Abo True Q (TNG)
Member of the Q Continuum, raised as a human
Rom Max Grodénchik Emissary (DS9) recurring thereafter
Ferengi, brother of Quark. Becomes Grand Nagus shortly after Zek's retirement.
Romulan Darwyn Carson Improbable Cause (DS9)
A female Tal Shiar agent in 2371 who admitted that a Flaxian, Retaya, was killed for crimes against the Romulan Star Empire, and said that the Tal Shiar had been looking for him for nearly a year. She knew that a Cardassian named "Mr. Garak" lived on Starbase Deep Space Nine, but "guessed" that he was a "cobbler" by profession. When Commander Benjamin Sisko corrected her that Garak was a tailor, she said she'd correct her records … if Garak was still alive. When Sisko said he was, the agent was noticeably silent for a beat.[9]
Romulan Commander James Doohan The Survivor (TAS)
He commanded two D7-class battle cruisers in 2269. When he caught the Enterprise in the Romulan Neutral Zone, he noted that Captain James T. Kirk had a propensity for trespassing there and demanded the Enterprise's surrender. Kirk refused, claiming that the commander had lured the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone (a treaty violation) through the use of a Vendorian (also a treaty violation). After a brief battle, the commander withdrew his ships. (In his novelization of "The Survivor" in Star Trek Log Two, Alan Dean Foster named this character "Larus.")[10]
Romulan Commander Mark Lenard Balance of Terror (TOS)
He commanded the Praetor's flagship Bird-of-Prey in destructive attacks against Federation outposts 2, 3, 4 and 8 along the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2266. His mission was to test Starfleet defenses after more than a century of no contact, as well as the effectiveness of the Romulans' new cloaking system and plasma weapon. His was the first Romulan face ever "officially" seen by Starfleet officers. He proved to be a match for Captain James T. Kirk, even though he privately detested provoking the Federation and risking another war for the Romulan Star Empire. When Kirk finally defeated him, he refused any rescue attempt because it was not the "Romulan way." Instead, he self-destructed his own ship.
Romulan Commander Joanne Linville The Enterprise Incident (TOS)
She commanded three Romulan warships that captured the Enterprise after it "strayed" into Romulan space in 2269. She was also responsible for the loss of the "new and improved" cloaking device after Kirk and Spock "played" her. She ended up aboard the Enterprise as a prisoner/guest. Although not named in the script or the finished episode, she "whispered" her name to Spock during his time aboard her flagship.
Romulan Commander J. Patrick McCormack NEM
He stands before the Imperial Senate and quietly acquiesces, "Yes, sir", when Praetor Hiren refuses to pursue an alliance with Shinzon of Remus. (Noncanon: The movie novelization names his character "Bezor".)
Romulan Commander David Ralphe NEM
In the Imperial Senate, he ardently proposes an alliance between the Romulan military and Shinzon of Remus. He says that with their combined strength, not even the Federation would dare oppose the Star Empire.(Noncanon: The movie novelization names his character "Talik".)
Romulan Commander Maurice Roëves The Chase (TNG)
He commanded a Romulan Warbird that, while cloaked, followed the Enterprise-D and two Cardassian warships to a planet in the Vilmoran system. On the surface, he witnessed the holographic message from a humanoid who claimed that her race seeded the primordial oceans of many worlds with ancient DNA, thereby suggesting that humans, Klingons, Vulcans/Romulans and Cardassians are all related. Before leaving the planet, the Commander contacted Picard and admitted that, perhaps, their people were not so dissimilar after all.[11]
Romulan Commander Lou Scheimer The Practical Joker (TAS)
In 2269, he commanded three D7-class battle cruisers, which hid behind a Type-4 asteroid and ambushed the Enterprise as she approached. The commander claimed that the Enterprise had trespassed into Romulan territory and that he was forced to defend it. He also said that the invasion of Romulan territory was punishable by death. Later, when the Enterprise released a larger decoy balloon of itself, the commander pursued it at attack speed. After destroying it easily and learning that he'd been tricked, he was so furious that he followed the real Enterprise into Federation territory, hoping to destroy it. In so doing, he entered a strange energy field in space, and when his ships' instrumentation was rendered useless, he decided to vacate the field before his ships broke up. He ordered a course set for home. However, brief passage through the field caused his food synthesizers to malfunction. He and his crew were "knee deep in desserts" when last heard from.[12]
Romulan Commander Peter Vogt Tin Man (TNG)
He commanded the second Romulan Warbird that was sent to make first contact with Tin Man. However, after learning of the first Warbird's destruction by Tin Man, he warned Picard not to interfere with his new mission to destroy the "star creature".
Romulan Crewman Norm Prescott The Practical Joker (TAS)
He served on the Romulan flagship in 2269. When the Enterprise released a larger decoy balloon of itself, the crewman attempted radio contact, but received no reply. Later, when the flagship was pursuing the real Enterprise through a strange energy field in space, he noted that his instruments were useless and that he'd lost contact with the Federation starship. (In his novelization of "The Practical Joker" in Star Trek Log Six, Alan Dean Foster named this character "Varpa".)
Ronin Duncan Regehr Sub Rosa (TNG)
Aniphasic alien, killed by Doctor Crusher
William J. Ross Barry Jenner A Time to Stand (DS9) recurring thereafter
Vice Admiral William Ross was the Field Commander of Starfleet forces during the Dominion War.
Connaught Rossa Barbara Townsend Suddenly Human (TNG)
Starfleet vice admiral and biological grandmother of Jeremiah Rossa.
Jeremiah Rossa Chad Allen Suddenly Human (TNG)
See Jono, human born Jeremiah Rossa, adopted by Talarian Captain Endar in accordance with Talarian customs
Herbert Rossoff Armin Shimerman Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
A writer for a 1950's era science fiction magazine in a vision experienced by Benjamin Sisko.
Michael Rostov Joseph Will Vox Sola (Ent) recurring thereafter
Engineering crewman on Jonathan Archer's Enterprise (NX-01)
Jackson Roykirk Marc Daniels The Changeling (TOS)
21st Century robotics engineer who built the space probe known as Nomad which was launched from Earth to explore the galaxy
Alexander Rozhenko Jon Paul Steuer
Brian Bonsall
James Sloyan
Marc Worden
Reunion (TNG) recurring thereafter, Sons and Daughters (DS9) recurring thereafter
Son of Worf. Raised at various points by his mother, father, and paternal grandparents. Joins the Klingon military during the Dominion War.
Helena Rozhenko Georgia Brown Family (TNG) recurring thereafter
Adoptive mother of Worf, lived with her husband Sergey (see below) for a while on the planet Gault before settling back on Earth. Later in life, Helena, along with Sergey, accepted custody of Worf's son Alexander Rozhenko.
Nikolai Rozhenko Paul Sorvino Homeward (TNG)
Worf's brother by his adoptive parents. The character's name in the non-canon Peter David Starfleet Academy novel Worf's First Adventure was Simon.
Sergey Rozhenko Theodore Bikel Family (TNG)
Adoptive father of Worf, Sergey was a chief petty officer aboard the USS Intrepid who found and adopted Worf after his ship was sent to aid the Klingons after the Khitomer massacre in 2346. Husband of Helena Rozhenko (see above)
Benny Russell Avery Brooks Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
African-American science-fiction writer in the 1950s. The magazine he worked for refused to publish one of his stories featuring "a Negro captain." Appeared to Sisko in a vision.
Ruwon Jack Shearer Visionary (DS9)
Romulan officer (possibly a Tal Shiar operative) who, in 2371, was part of a delegation to Starbase Deep Space Nine to study Starfleet Intelligence reports on the Dominion. However, this appears to have been a ruse. The Romulans regard the Dominion as the greatest threat to the Alpha Quadrant in the past century, so their real mission is to collapse the Bajoran Wormhole to prevent any Dominion incursion from the Gamma Quadrant. First, however, they plan to destroy Deep Space Nine.
Burt Ryan Marc Alaimo Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
1950's era city police officer in a vision experienced by Benjamin Sisko


Character Actor Episodes
Saavik Kirstie Alley
Robin Curtis
Half-Vulcan, half-Romulan Starfleet officer (lieutenant junior grade), she was Spock's protege right out of the Academy. After the formation of the Genesis Planet, she was reassigned to the USS Grissom, a science vessel sent to study the new world. She was marooned there with David Marcus and a young, "regenerated" Spock. She and Spock survived the ordeal and traveled to Vulcan aboard a Klingon Bird-of-Prey captured by Admiral Kirk and crew. Months later, when Kirk and the others returned to Earth to stand trial, she remained on Vulcan with Amanda Grayson.
Sakkath Rocco Sisto Sarek (TNG)
Assistant to Sarek during the Legaran negotiations
Sarek Mark Lenard
Jonathan Simpson
Ben Cross
Journey to Babel (TOS), Sarek (TNG), Redemption (TNG), TMP, SFS, TVH, TFF, TUC, ST
Famed Vulcan ambassador, father of Spock and Sybok
Sarjenka Nikki Cox Pen Pals (TNG)
Young female native of a seismically active planet who was helped by Data
Satan's Robot Tarik Ergin Night (Voy) recurring thereafter
A robot character in The Adventures of Captain Proton holodeck program
Norah Satie Jean Simmons The Drumhead (TNG)
Legendary Starfleet admiral who headed a paranoia-fueled investigation aboard Enterprise-D. Prior to "Encounter at Farpoint", she, as vice admiral, issued orders that requested and required Picard to assume command of the Enterprise-D.
Tryla Scott Ursaline Bryant Conspiracy (TNG)
Youngest captain in Starfleet history, helped warn Picard of an alien takeover of Starfleet
Sek Ronald Robinson Repression (Voy)
Firstborn son of Tuvok and T'Pel
Sela Denise Crosby The Mind's Eye (TNG),
Redemption, Part II (TNG),
Unification, Part II (TNG)
Romulan commander and hybrid daughter of an alternate timeline version of Tasha Yar and a Romulan general, non-canonically named "Meldet" in the Unification TV episode novelization. In late 2367, Sela supervised the "conditioning" of Geordi La Forge aboard her Warbird. Meddling in the Klingon Civil War by providing weapons to the House of Duras, her alternate timeline origins are revealed, linked to the "Yesterday's Enterprise" episode. Sela also coordinated a plan to invade the planet Vulcan using a holographic falsification of Ambassador Spock.
Dr. Selar Suzie Plakson The Schizoid Man (TNG)
Vulcan female, Starfleet medical officer and lieutenant on the Enterprise-D. The character has a major role in the Star Trek: New Frontier spin-off novels.
Selok Sierra Pecheur Data's Day (TNG)
Romulan subcommander who masqueraded as Vulcan ambassador T'Pel for such a long time that she had earned a reputation as one of the Federation's most honored diplomats. Her final mission as "T'Pel" was as a peace envoy to the Romulans, but "T'Pel" was apparently "killed" in a transporter accident while beaming aboard the IRW Devoras. When Picard pursues the matter of T'Pel's "death", Selok reveals herself as alive and well on the Devoras.
Septimus Ian Wolfe Bread and Circuses (TOS)
Roman citizen and Sun (Son) worshipper on planet 892-IV
Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan VOY
Her full designation was "Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01." Former Borg drone, liberated by the USS Voyager. Later, she joined the crew of Voyager. Her human name is Annika Hansen.
Gideon Seyetik Richard Kiley Second Sight (DS9)
Shakaar Edon Duncan Regehr Shakaar (DS9) recurring thereafter
Former leader of Bajoran resistance during Cardassian occupation, later First Minister of Bajor
Shelby Elizabeth Dennehy The Best of Both Worlds (TNG)
Starfleet lieutenant commander assigned to the Enterprise-D to provide assistance against the Borg. Field-promoted to commander and first officer when Picard was assimilated. Major character in Star Trek: New Frontier series, given the first name "Elizabeth" and promoted from commander to captain to rear admiral.
Shinzon Tom Hardy NEM
An imperfect clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard created by the Romulans with the intent of replacing Picard. This plan was abandoned and Shinzon was exiled to Remus. He led Reman soldiers during the Dominion War. At the beginning of Nemesis, Shinzon leads a coup d'état of the Romulan Senate and installs himself as praetor. Picard and the USS Enterprise-E travel to Romulus to meet Shinzon and investigate his peace overture; Shinzon reveals his identity and origins to Picard. However, the peace overture is part of a plan to lure Picard to Romulus; the cloning process that created Shinzon is killing him, and he requires an infusion of Picard's DNA to stay alive. Simultaneously, Shinzon plans to use a thalaron radiation weapon aboard his ship, the Scimitar, to destroy all life on Earth. The Scimitar attacks and severely damages the Enterprise. Picard transports aboard the Reman ship and fights Shinzon. After a short fight, Picard kills Shinzon by impaling him with a pole. Lieutenant Commander Data rescues Picard from the Scimitar and destroys the vessel's thalaron device, annihilating the ship and himself in the process.
Shras Reggie Nalder Journey to Babel (TOS)
Andorian ambassador to the 2267 "Babel" conference regarding the admission of Coridan into the Federation. Shras speaks with a thick accent and describes his people as a "violent race." He says he knows nothing of Thelev except that he's a minor member of the Andorian staff who has served "adequately". To help Spock in his investigations into the murder of Tellarite ambassador Gav and Thelev's attack on Captain Kirk, Shras suggests that the half-Vulcan "forget logic" and devote himself to "motivations of passion or gain".
Jaglom Shrek James Cromwell Birthright (TNG)
Yridian with information to sell about Klingons captured by Romulans at Khitomer
Shresht None
Name used in novelisations for the Insectoid representative on the Xindi Council
Khan Noonien Singh Ricardo Montalbán
Benedict Cumberbatch
Space Seed (TOS),
Genetically enhanced superman from the mid-1990s who attempted to seize control of the Enterprise; 15 years later, after having been marooned on Ceti Alpha V, he took revenge on Admiral Kirk by hijacking the USS Reliant NCC-1864 and attacking the Enterprise.
Sirol Michael Mack The Pegasus (TNG)
Romulan commander of the IRW Terix. In 2370, a piece of debris found in the Devolin system was positively identified as being from the USS Pegasus NCC-53847. The Terix was assigned to locate the rest of the ship and retrieve it. Sirol's cover story to Picard was that the Terix was conducting a survey of gaseous anomalies in the Devolin system. Later, when the Enterprise-D became trapped inside Asteroid Gamma 601, Sirol told Picard that the Terix had been conducting some geological experiments on the surface and may have sealed the Enterprise-D inside accidentally.[13]
Benjamin Lafayette Sisko Avery Brooks DS9
Commanding officer of Starbase Deep Space 9 (DS9) and Emissary to the Bajoran Prophets. Promoted from commander to captain after almost four years into his assignment on DS9. Father of Jake Sisko. Widower of Jennifer Sisko.
Jake Sisko Cirroc Lofton
Thomas Hobson
Tony Todd
Son of Benjamin and Jennifer Sisko
Jennifer Sisko Felecia M. Bell Emissary (DS9) recurring thereafter
Wife of Benjamin Sisko, killed at Wolf 359, but survived in mirror universe.
Joseph Sisko Brock Peters Homefront (DS9) recurring thereafter
New Orleans restaurateur and father of Benjamin Sisko
Korenna Sisko Galyn Görg The Visitor (DS9)
Bajoran wife of Jake Sisko in an alternate future
Sito Jaxa Shannon Fill The First Duty (TNG),
Lower Decks (TNG)
Bajoran female who, while a cadet at Starfleet Academy, was implicated with Wesley Crusher for having caused the death of a fellow cadet. As an ensign aboard the Enterprise-D, she served as a security officer. She undertook a dangerous mission to return a Cardassian double agent, Joret Dal, to his home territory, but was killed in action. Sito also appears in various books including the DS9 novel in the Mirror Universe series
Jessica Sloan Jacqueline Schultz Extreme Measures (DS9)
Wife of Section 31 operative Luther Sloan
Luther Sloan William Sadler Inquisition (DS9) recurring thereafter
Section 31 operative who attempted to recruit Bashir numerous times
Lily Sloane Alfre Woodard FCT
Twenty-first century human female who was treated for radiation poisoning on the Enterprise, and later befriended Captain Picard. She assisted Zefram Cochrane in building the Phoenix, the first warp-capable ship on Earth.
Sonak Jon Rashad Kamal TMP
Starfleet commander and Vulcan. He is assigned to the Enterprise as science officer during the V'Ger crisis, but is killed during a transporter accident while beaming up.
Arik Soong Brent Spiner Boarderland (Ent) recurring thereafter
Criminal creator of genetically engineered humans, ancestor of Noonien Soong
Noonien Soong Brent Spiner Brothers (TNG) recurring thereafter
Human cyberneticist who created Data, played by Brent Spiner, who also plays the role of Data. Soong has created four complete androids in the known Star Trek universe, Data, Lore, and B-4 (all three of the same design), and a replica of his dead wife Juliana, which is technically superior to his previous models. Early in Dr. Soong's career he was widely hailed as Earth's foremost robotic scientist, but he became a recluse after apparently failing to create a positronic brain and was thought to have been killed with other colonists on Omicron Theta. The scientist actually settled on Terlina III and summoned Data there to fit him with his final invention, an emotion chip. He inadvertently also summoned Data's brother, Lore, who attacked him after obtaining the chip. Soong survived, but was nearing death and elected to remain on Terlina rather than go aboard the Enterprise for medical care.

The name "Noonien" came from Gene Roddenberry, who had an old Chinese friend named Noonien Wang that he had lost touch with. Roddenberry hoped that perhaps Wang would see the episode and contact him.[14]

Tolian Soran Malcolm McDowell GEN
El-Aurian scientist who was desperate to return to the Nexus.
Sovak Max Grodénchik Captain's Holiday (TNG)
Ferengi who sought to profit from an archaeological search for the Tox Uthat. In uniform, he wore the rank insignia of a "daimon".
Soval Gary Graham Broken Bow (Ent) recurring thereafter
Vulcan ambassador to Earth in the 22nd century.
Spock Leonard Nimoy
Zachary Quinto
Unification 1&2 (TNG)
Son of Vulcan ambassador Sarek and human Amanda Grayson. Science Officer on the USS Enterprise under Captain Pike, additionally First Officer both there and on the USS Enterprise-A under Captain Kirk; Captain at Starfleet Academy; Federation Ambassador.
Spot Data's Day (TNG) recurring thereafter, GEN, NEM
Data's female pet cat
Ssestar John Durbin Lonely Among Us (TNG)
Selay delegate to the summit with the Anticans on Parliament. Before the Enterprise-D arrives, however, Lieutenant Tasha Yar believes that the Anticans may have eaten him.
Henry Starling Ed Begley, Jr. Future's End (VOY)
20th century pothead turned entrepreneur after discovering a 29th-century spacecraft that crash-landed near his campsite.
Stel Larc Spies The Forge (ENT)
Vulcan chief investigator of the Vulcan Security Directorate in 2154. He carried a bomb into the United Earth Embassy on Vulcan and blamed the ensuing destruction on T'Pau and the Syrrannites. After Doctor Phlox's medical investigation cleared T'Pau of any wrongdoing, Stel and Administrator V'Las tried to implicate the Andorians, but that didn't fly either. Stel was forced to take full responsibility for his terrorist act, and V'Las removed him from his position.
Stocker Charles Drake The Deadly Years (TOS)
Starfleet commodore and bureaucrat (Kirk calls him "a chair-bound paper-pusher") who hitches a ride on the Enterprise to his new post at Starbase 10. He wears a red uniform tunic. When the landing party to Gamma Hydra IV is stricken with advanced aging, Stocker compels Spock to convene an extraordinary competency hearing for Kirk. When the captain is relieved and Spock and Scotty are too ill to assume command, Stocker takes control and orders the Enterprise to take a shortcut through the Romulan Neutral Zone to reach Starbase 10 faster. Multiple Romulan Birds-of-Prey converge on the Enterprise and attack relentlessly. Stocker is utterly paralyzed with indecision until a rejuvenated Captain Kirk steps in and tricks the Romulans into giving the Enterprise a wide berth.
Stol Q-Less (DS9)
A cousin of Quark's and Rom's seen bidding 500 bars of gold-pressed latinum for a bejeweled dagger from the Gamma Quadrant during Vash's auction.
Stone Percy Rodriguez Court Martial (TOS)
Starfleet commodore and commanding officer of Starbase 11. He wears a red uniform tunic instead of the normal yellow for command officers. When Kirk is implicated in the death of Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney, Stone strongly recommends that he plead out and take a ground assignment. Kirk refuses, so Stone convenes a court-martial and acts as president of the court.
Stonn Lawrence Montaigne Amok Time (TOS)
Vulcan, T'Pring's lover and husband (after Spock).
Dr. Paul Stubbs Ken Jenkins Evolution (TNG)
Human astrophysicist who tried to wipe out a race of nanites to further his own research.
Lon Suder Brad Dourif Meld (Voy) recurring thereafter
Betazoid Maquis psychopath who helped retake Voyager after it was commandeered by the Kazon. On Voyager, he was a brevet ensign.
Michael Sullivan Fintan McKeown Fair Haven (Voy) recurring thereafter
Holographic character in Tom Paris's Fair Haven, owner of a pub in a quaint Irish village. He became romantically involved with Captain Janeway, who made several modifications to his program.
Demora Sulu Jacqueline Kim GEN
Hikaru Sulu's daughter, served aboard the Enterprise-B as ensign and pilot (helm officer).
Surak Barry Atwater
Bruce Gray
The Savage Curtain (TOS),
Awakening (ENT)
Legendary Vulcan who led his people to a peace through a philosophy of logic over emotion
Suran Jude Ciccolella NEM
Romulan commander who assures Praetor Shinzon of the fleet's allegiance. However, when Shinzon delays his attack on the Federation, and inexplicably invites the Enterprise-E to Romulus, Suran is greatly exasperated. Shinzon, distrustful of him, suggests that he learn patience … and proper respect.
Sutok Steve Kehela Fair Trade (VOY)
Drug addict who buys his drugs at the Nekrit Supply Depot
Sybok Laurence Luckinbill TFF
Sarek's son by a Vulcan princess and Spock's half-brother who hijacks the Enterprise-A in attempt to reach God at the center of the galaxy.
Syrran Michael Nouri The Forge (ENT)
Vulcan male who was in possession of Surak's katra in 2154. As such, he and his followers, the Syrrannites, sought the Kir'Shara, an ancient artifact that contained Surak's original writings and was the only surviving record of his true teachings. If found, then it would threaten the legitimacy of the Vulcan High Command and have an enormous impact on the Vulcan people. When Syrran met Jonathan Archer and T'Pol in Vulcan's Forge, he introduced himself as Arev, which means "desert wind." Syrran was killed soon afterward by an electrical discharge during a sand-fire storm, but before he died, he transferred Surak's katra to Archer.


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