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List of Star Trek planets (G–L)

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Title: List of Star Trek planets (G–L)  
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List of Star Trek planets (G–L)


Gagarin IV - Location of the Federations' Darwin Genetic Research Station.[1] Possibly named after Yuri Gagarin, the first Human in space in 1961.

Gaia - Gamma Quadrant Class-M planet surrounded with a strange quantum energy barrier. In the 22nd Century, the planet was colonized by the crew of the USS Defiant who were sent back into an alternate timeline when the Defiant crashed on the planet and could not send a distress call.[2]

Galador II - A Galador freighter is described as traveling between Farius Prime and Galador II in DS9 episode "The Maquis."

Galdonterre - Planet where the alien known as "The Albino" hid after enacting his revenge against the Klingon's Kang, Kor, and Koloth.[3]

Galen IV - Planet contested between the Federation and the Talarians. It is the birthplace of Jeremiah Rossa/Jono.[4]

Gallos II - Planet with a ruling family named Tanagra.[5]

Galor IV - Location of the Daystrom Institute.[6]

Galorda Prime - Planet where in 2370, a Klingon transport crashed.[7]

Galorndon Core - A magnetically unstable planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone. In 2366 Lt. Cmdr. La Forge is trapped on the planet with a Romulan survivor of a crashed shuttle named Centurion Bochra. The electromagnetic storms blinded Geordi's VISOR and paralyzed the Romulan's nervous system, and the two had to work together to survive.[8][9] The planet was a rendezvous point for the delivery of a stolen deflector array;[10] The Romulan commander Chulak was defeated here.[11]

Galvin V - Planet indicated by Data as having inhabitants who only consider a marriage successful if the couple has a child within the first year.[12]

Gamelan V - Planet threatened by a space barge that leaked radioactive waste into the atmosphere.[13]

Gamma 400 - System where Starbase 12 is located. It lies near the Mutara Nebula.[14]

Gamma II - An uninhabited planetoid where an un-manned Federation research station is located. It was visited by the USS Enterprise[15]

Gamma VII-A - A system around a fourth magnitude sun with billions of inhabitants, killed by a giant space amoeba.[16]

Gamma Canaris IV - Planet Commander Kieran MacDuff (a disguised Satarran) claimed he was from.[17]

Gamma Canaris N - Planet where the developer of Warp technology, Zefram Cochrane, survived alone for many years.[18]

Gamma Hromi II - Planet in the Hromi Cluster where a group of Acamarian Gatherers planned an ambush of Federation personnel.[19]

Gamma Hydra II - Captain Kirk, under the effects of rapid aging, mistakes Gamma Hydra IV for Gamma Hydra II.[20]

Gamma Hydra IV - A planet with a Federation research station where the science team is found suffering from rapid aging.[20]

Gamma Tauri IV - Location of an unmanned Federation monitoring post. In 2364, the Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from the station.[21]

Gamma Trianguli VI - A tropical planet whose primitive inhabitants worship an ancient computer called Vaal.[22]

Gamma Vertis IV - Planet whose inhabitants are mute.[23]

Ganalda IV - Location of a battle during the Second Federation-Klingon War where the Klingons were forced to retreat.[24]

Garadius IV - Destination of the USS Enterprise-D on a diplomatic mission but was diverted to help a disabled Romulan science ship experimenting with an interphase generator.[25]

Garenor homeworld - A Delta Quadrant planet, the entire Garenor species was "erased" by the Krenim with their temporal weapon.[26]

Garon II - Planet where Lt. Ro Laren disobeyed orders resulting in the deaths of eight fellow officers.[27]

Gaspar VII - Federation colony, home of Capt. Edwell.[28]

Gault - A farming colony where Lt. Worf was raised under the care of human guardians.[29][30]

Gedi Prime - Federation recreation planet, said to make Risa look like a "tourist trap".[31] The Doctor challenged the hologram Reg to a game of golf on the "back nine" at Gedi Prime.[32] (The name Gedi Prime echoes both the fictional "Giedi Prime" (home of House Harkonnen in the Dune series) and the real Prima Giedi or Algiedi Prima star system.

Gema IV - Kazon slave world.[33]

Gemaris V - Homeworld of the Gemarian species.[34]

Gemulon V - Destination of the Federation colony ship SS Santa Maria which instead crashed on an uncharted planet in the Orellius system. Cmdr. Sisko and Chief O'Brien, finding the lost colony ten years later, discovered that the ship had been deliberately marooned there by Alixus, a woman who believed mankind should do without technology.[35]

Genesis Planet - A planet created by Dr. David Marcus' Genesis device that was detonated by the renegade prince Khan Noonien Singh. Genesis aged rapidly and exploded not long after its formation as the result of protomatter used in its creation.[36][37]

Ghorusda - Homeworld of the warp-capable Ghorusdan species who attacked the USS Adelphi during a botched first contact mission.[38]

Gideon - Planet visited by the USS Enterprise whose inhabitants have repeatedly refused to establish diplomatic relations with the UFP. (Non-canonical and semi-canonical sources identify it as planet number VII in the Delta Dorado star system.) Gideon supposedly has a naturally near-sterile environment whose inhabitants have remarkable self-regenerative abilities and thus are incredibly long-lived, and the planet, when the Enterprise encountered it, was severely overpopulated as a direct result.[39]

Golana - Bajoran colony and vacation planet, once inhabited by an advanced now-extinct civilization. In 2374, a time portal was discovered in a cave on the planet where Molly O'Brien was accidentally sent 300 years into the past when the planet was uninhabited.[40]

Gonal IV - Planet known for its moth swarms.[41]

Gorlan homeworld - Capt. Kirk's equivalent in a parallel universe suppressed an uprising on the Gorlan homeworld in TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror". It is unclear whether the Gorlan homeworld also exists in Capt. Kirk's universe.

Gorn Homeworld - The home world of the reptilian humanoid species the Gorns, a species that has appeared in the Enterprise episode "In a Mirror, Darkly (Part II)" and in the Original Series episode Arena. The Gorn home world is probably the location of the center of the Gorn Hegemony. (Sources not officially recognized as canon identify the Gorns's home world as Tau Lacertae IX.)

Gothos - A rogue planet encountered in the middle of empty space. The puckish Trelane, an immature representative of his alien race of sapient discorporates, controlled the planet, moved it about the galaxy, and molded it into a personal playground with the help of sophisticated machinery, which he called "mediums of instrumentality."[42]

Gramilia - Known for Gramilian sand fleas.[43]

Gravesworld - Planet named for Dr. Ira Graves, a genius physicist who was dying of Varnay's disease. He cheated death by uploading his consciousness into the android Lt. Cmdr. Data. This act disgusted Kareen Brianon, Grave's young assistant with whom he was in love. Graves eventually left Data's mind, transferring all his knowledge to a computer bank, but his soul seemed to had finally "passed on."[44]

Grazer - Homeworld of the Grazerite species.[45]


H'atoria - Klingon colony.[46]

Ha'Dara - Y class planet in the Delta Quadrant, chosen as a new home by renegade holograms. The name means "home of light" in Bajoran.[47]

Hakton VII - Federation colony in the Cardassian DMZ.[48]

Haakon - Delta Quadrant planet featured in the Voyager episode "Pathways".

Halana - Homeworld of the Halanan species.[49]

Halee - Halee is a system in Klingon space known to have a world with a savage and deadly environment. It was once customary for Klingon criminals who are sentenced to death, to be taken to the world, given a weapon, and stranded there to face the dangers so they can "die as warriors".[29]

Halii - Homeworld of the Haliians.[50]

Halkan homeworld, presumably properly named Halka - A planet surrounded by spatial conditions that can cause ion storms and inhabited by the Halkan people. The USS Enterprise visits the world to persuade the inhabitants to allow the Federation to mine dilithium there. The inhabitants, however, appear to have little interest in a Federation alliance.[51]

Hanoli - The Hanoli system was destroyed by an expanding subspace anomaly in the 23rd century.[52]

Hanon IV - Inhabited Delta Quadrant planet in an early stage of development similar to Earth's Pliocene Age.[53][54]

Hanoran II - Destination of the Enterprise-E for an archeological mission before it was diverted it to the Ba'ku system.[55]

Hansen's Planet - Planet inhabited by primitive giants similar to those found on Taurus II.[56]

Harrakis V - Planet visited by the Enterprise-D.[57]

Harrod IV - Featured in the TNG episode "The Perfect Mate".

Haven - A paradise planet featured in the TNG episode "Haven". It is also known as Beta Cassius. The Enterprise-D stops for shore leave. The planet is rumored to have mystical healing powers.

Hayashi - Star system where the Enterprise-D is ordered to prepare detailed exospheric charts of the system as the first step toward planet colonization.[38]

Hekaras II - Planet along the Hekaras Corridor whose inhabitants were threatened by a subspace rupture caused by the passing of ships in warp. The Federation passed a non-emergency Warp 5 "speed limit" for all ships.[58]

Hell - Inhospitable Delta Quadrant world discovered by the USS Voyager in 2372. A reptilian race used the planet as a breeding ground.[59]

Hemikek IV - Delta Quadrant planet used as a Kazon/Maquis rendezvous.[60]

Heva VII - Delta Quadrant planet, site of a refueling station.[61]

Hoek IV - Gamma Quadrant world in the Lantar Nebula.[62]

Holberg 917-G - A planet visited by the USS Enterprise where the crew meet the immortal being known as Flint. Flint had acquired ownership of the planet using the alias Mr. Brack.[63] Non-canonical sources place it in the same star system as Omega IV, described in "The Omega Glory."

Holna IV - Alpha Quadrant planet captured by the Dominion.[64]

Hottar II - featured in the TNG episode "The Offspring".

Hupyria - Hupyrian beetle snuff, popular with Grand Nagus Zek and other Ferengi, is mentioned in DS9 episode "Rules of Acquisition." It probably comes from the planet Hupyria. Zek's servant Maihar'du is a Hupyrian.

Hurada III[65]

Hurkos III - A non-aligned world where the negotiator Devinoni Ral spent most of his youth.[66]


Iadora Colony - Federation colony inhabited during the late 24th century. It is also the location of a starship construction facility.[67]

Icarus Prime[68][69]

Iconia - A fabled planet that lies in the Romulan Neutral Zone. The planet was the home world of the ancient Iconian species, who constructed stargates that allowed them to travel to other worlds as easily as opening a door. The UFP feared that the Romulan Star Empire might have been reverse engineering Iconian technology for use against the Federation. The Enterprise became infected by an Iconian computer virus after downloading contaminated computer logs from on of its sister ships in the USS Galaxy's class, the USS Yamato, which was destroyed after being scanned by an Iconian probe.[70]

Icor IX - Site of Federation astrophysics center. One of the places Capt. Picard thought of visiting to attend a symposium on rogue star clusters.[34]

Idran - Uninhabited Gamma Quadrant system at the end of the Bajoran Wormhole, 70,000 light years from Bajor. It was explored by the Quadros 1 probe in the 22nd Century.[71]

Ilari - Delta Quadrant planet and home to the Ilari species. It has at least five moons.[72]

Ilecom system - a system that was affected by Dr. Paul Manheim's time experiments.[73]

Ilidaria - Delta Quadrant planet and homeworld of the Ilidarians. Located four light years from a Type-4 quantum singularity.[74][75]

Illyria - Homeworld of the Illyrian species.[76]

Inavar Prime - Delta Quadrant planet where three "released" Borg, (Lansor, Marika, and P'Chan), underwent a process to remove their Borg implants. The procedure however left them severely scared.[77]

Indri VIII - Uninhabited planet with a biosphere that was destroyed by the Klingon cruiser IKS Maht-H'a.[78]

Inferna Prime - Planet where in 2372 Quark was sent to testify in a Federation grand jury against the Orion Syndicate. The Syndicate tried to have Quark assassinated before he could testify.[79]

Ingraham B - A Federation colony.[80]

Invernia II - Planet where Julian Bashir was raised. It was after witnessing the death of a young girl here that Bashir chose to become a doctor.[81]

Iota Geminorum IV - Homeworld of the tribble.[82] Tribbles are cute little furry creatures who breed every 12 hours if fed.[83] Tribbles were considered mortal enemies by the Klingons, who tracked them down throughout the galaxy and obliterated the tribble homeworld. By the end of the 23rd century, they were eradicated, until Sisko, Dax, Bashir and O'Brien brought some to the 24th century, when they briefly infested DS9.[84]

Iraatan V - According to his Starfleet file, Zibalian trader Kivas Fajo was educated on this planet.[85]

Irtok - Planet controlled by the Ferengi.[86]

Isis III - Destination of the Enterprise-D after the events of TNG episode "Too Short a Season".

Itamish III - Planet where Jake Sisko's mother, Jennifer, taught him how to water ski.[87]

Ivor Prime - Colony destroyed by a Borg cube on its way to attack Earth.[88]

Iyaar - Homeworld of the Iyaaran people, with whom the Enterprise-D has a cultural exchange.[89]

Izar - A Federation colony officially catalogued as Epsilon Boötis III.[90] The legendary starship captain named Garth was an Izarian. The planet's capital is New Seattle.


Janus VI - a Class D planet featured in the TOS episode "The Devil in the Dark", where a pergium mining colony resides. The USS Enterprise is called there to investigate the unexplained deaths of miners only to reveal the world is inhabited by the Horta, a silicon-based organism defending its territory.

Japori II[91] - Second planet in the Beta Caeli star system.

Jaros II - Site of a Federation prison, referred to as a "stockade" by Ensign Ro who had spent time there after being court martialed for disobeying orders during a mission on Garon II.[27]

Jerido - A moon of Bajor, featured in the DS9 episode "Progress".

Jouret IV - Site of the Federation colony New Providence which was destroyed by the Borg in 2366.[92]

Juhraya - Federation colony handed over to the Cardassians in 2370.[93]

Jupiter - or Sol V. The largest gas giant in the Sol System. The EMH was developed at Jupiter Station which orbits the planet.[94]


Kabrel I - Planet in Federation space sought by the Dominion for its native tri-nucleic fungi which could replenish supplies of ketracel-white.[64]

Kabrel II[64]

Kaelon II - Homeworld of the Kaelon species. The planet was orbiting a dying star, home world of Dr. Timicin and his people.[95]

Kaldra IV - The Enterprise-D carries a delegation of Ullians to Kaldra IV.[65]

Kalla III - Planet in Pakled territory, rich in magnasite deposits.[96]

Kanda IV - Planet whose emperor of the 7th dynasty was named Darmok.[5]

Kantare - Homeworld of the Kantare species.[97]

Kar-telos - System in the Gamma Quadrant with thick asteroid belts.[98]

Karemma - Dominion allied homeworld of the Karemma species, located in the Gamma Quadrant. In DS9 episode "Starship Down", Quark learns of the existence of the Karemma. In DS9 episode "The Search" Sisko hopes the Karemma will lead him to the Founders.

Kataan - World destroyed in the 14th century when its star went supernova. Under the influence of a Kataan probe, in just 25 minutes, Capt. Picard lives a lifetime of events on this world.[99]

Katarrea VII - Homeworld of the V'naree species.[100]

Kavaria - Home planet of the Kavarian tiger-bat, which Jake Sisko was researching.[101]

Kavis Alpha IV - Planet where the Enterprise-D dropped off a colony of nanites that were infecting the computer core. The nanites developed a collective intelligence and consciousness and went to war with the crew after scientist Paul Stubbs killed some of them. Peace was eventually made and Captain Picard declared them a new species and gave them a home on the planet.[102]

Kazlati homeworld - One of the Maquis crewmen, a Bolian, was wearing a medallion he made in a Kazlati design while he visited their homeworld.[103]

Kelemane's Planet - Delta Quadrant planet notable for its unusual toroidal shape caused by a natural tachyon energy field. In 2376, the USS Voyager was caught in the planet's gravity which disrupted the tachyon field and caused seismic activity on the surface that threatened the lives of native inhabitants.[104]

Kelis' homeworld - Homeworld of the primitive Kelis species located in the Delta Quadrant.[105]

Kelton IV - Planet that suffered a drought and sought help with the Federation for weather control technology.[106]

Kelva - Planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, and homeworld of the Kelvanite species who explored the Milky Way Galaxy in hopes of colonization.[107]

Kelvas V - (a.k.a. Kelvas Prime), Dominion controlled planet featured in the DS9 episodes "Tacking Into the Wind", and "The Dogs of War".

Kenda II - Homeworld of Dr. Dalen Quaice, who the Enterprise-D picked up from Starbase 133.[108]

Kentanna - Mythological planet sought by the Skrreea woman Haneek and her people after their homeworld was conquered by the Dominion. In 2370, Haneek came to DS9 believing Bajor was Kentanna and sought resettlement there, but the Bajoran provisional government refused to grant them asylum and the Skrreea resettled on Draylon II.[109]

Kesat homeworld - Neelix and Tuvok visited this Delta Quadrant planet, homeworld of both the Kesatians and the shadowy Ba'Neths, on a negotiation mission.[110]

Kesprytt III - Planet with two nation-states, the Kes and the Prytt, whose common border is divided by a force field, as they are highly suspicious of each other. While the Kes have applied for Federation membership, the Prytt remain a highly insular and closed society. The mutual race hate between the Kes and the Prytt led the crew of the USS Enterprise-D to recommend that Kesprytt III be denied Federation membership at that time.[111]

Kessik IV - Federation colony and birthplace of B'Elanna Torres. She and her mother were the only Klingons on the planet.[112]

Keto-Enol - Homeworld of the Enolians.[113] NOTE: The planet's name may come from the Keto-enol tautomerism.

Khitomer (QI'tomer in Klingon) - Planet on the Klingon side of their border with the Romulan Star Empire. Location of Camp Khitomer, site of the First Khitomer Accords, a series of treaties resulting from peace talks between the two empires and the United Federation of Planets in 2293.[114] Also the location of the Khitomer Outpost, site of the Khitomer Massacre in c. 2346, when 4,000 Klingon colonists were killed by Romulans as the result of Ja'rod's defection to the Romulans.[115] Other Klingons were captured by the Romulans and imprisoned on penal colony Carraya IV.[116]

Khosla II - Home of the Ferengi entrepreneur Plegg, who was credited for holosuite technology.[117]

Kiberia - Kiberian fire diamonds are mentioned in DS9 episode "Rules of Acquisition."

Klaestron IV - Home of the Klaestronian species. It is located in the Alpha Quadrant near Bajor. The UFP visited the planet in 2339 to mediate the Klaestronian Civil War.[118][119]

Klavdia III - Planet nearly identical to Daled V.[120]

Klendeth - Spock was asked a question about a technological device from Kelndeth during his memory test on Vulcan.[121]

Koinonian homeworld - Once home of two sentient species, the non-corporeal and corporeal Koinonians. The corporeal species ended up destroyed themselves and only the non-corporeal entities remain.[122]

Kolandra - Cardassian controlled planet featured in the DS9 episode "Afterimage."

Kolarus III - A planet near the Romulan Neutral Zone that was featured in the movie Star Trek Nemesis. The planet is inhabited by a hostile post-industrial era species. The crew of the Enterprise-E find the remains of an android clone of Data named B-4.

Koltair IV[73]

Kora II - Planet in Cardassian space.[123]

Koralis III - Site of an abandoned mining colony. Odo chases the changeling fugitive Laas there.[124]

Korat - System where families aboard Deep Space Nine were relocated in 2370 when a revolution on Bajor seemed likely.[125]

Korma - Planet with a Cardassian outpost where in 2372, the Cardassians and Bajorans have a conference to share intelligence about the Klingons. The Klingons later attack the outpost.[126]


Korris I - Quark gave Dr. Bashir a bottle of champagne from Korris I.[128]

Kostolain - Home planet of Campo, whom Lwaxana Troi planned to marry.[129]

Kotara Barath - Kantare colony, a light year from the Kantare homeworld.[97]

Kotati - Delta Quadrant planet.[60]

Kraus IV - Garek told the Klingon Duras sisters they could obtain fine silk from Kraus IV.[130]

Kronos - Pronunciation of Qo'noS, homeworld of the Klingons. See Qo'noS.

Kreetassa - Homeworld of the Kreetassan species. Capt. Archer's dog Porthos caught a deadly pathogen here.[131]

Kressari homeworld - The Kressari are a race of traders in herbaceous goods who are accused of weapons smuggling. The name of their planet is not mentioned.[132]

Krios - (a.k.a. Krios Prime) A Klingon controlled homeworld of the Kriosian species.[133][134][135] NOTE: It is uncertain if Krios and Krios Prime are the same planets since the planet changes color (from blue to green) between the two TNG episodes and the Klingons are not mentioned in either TNG's "The Perfect Mate" or Enterprise's "Precious Cargo".

Ktaria VII - Planet controlled by the Ktarian species. After visiting the planet, Chakotay accidentally removed a sacred stone from a Ktarian burial site as a memento and was accused of desecration.[100]

Ktaris - Homeworld of the Ktarian species.[136] Etana Jol, a Ktarian, tried to take over the Enterprise-D for her people by introducing a mind-controlling game to the crew.[137]

Kurill Prime - Supposed homeworld of the Dominion allied Vorta species in the Gamma Quadrant, but its existence couldn't be verified since Eris, a Vorta operative, and the source of the information, was unreliable.[87]

Kurl - The home world of the Kurlan civilization, which died out thousands of years ago.[78]

Kyana Prime - Delta Quadrant planet occupied by the Krenim, "erased from existence" by a timeline disruption.[26]

Kylata II - Unexplored planet being surveyed by the USS Defiant in 2371 but, the mission was cut short when the crew detected gravimetric distortions in the Trialus system.[138]

Kyria - Delta Quadrant planet where the USS Voyager became caught up in a conflict. 700 years later, a backup copy of Voyager's holographic doctor is reactivated to prove the innocence of the crew, who are still labeled as war criminals.[139]


L374 - System of uninhabited planets featured in the TOS episode "The Doomsday Machine" that is discovered by the USS Constellation to have been destroyed by a planet-eating machine.

L-S VI - Planet near the Gamma Quadrant opening of the Bajoran Wormhole. Artifacts and ruins were found on L-S VI that were similar to those seen on the Founder's Homeworld.[117][140]

Landris II[141]

Lappa IV - Ferengi inhabited planet where the flower Zan periculi grows.[142]

Largo V[143]

Laurentian System - In the 2009 Star Trek movie, as the Romulans are attacking Vulcan, Capt. Pike orders Spock that if all else fails, he should rendezvous with the rest of the fleet in the Laurentian System.

Lazon II - Cardassian planet with a labor camp where Thomas Riker was imprisoned.[144]

Ledonia III - Jadzia Dax owned a plant from Ledonia III.[145]

Ledos - Homeworld of the Ledosian and Ventu species.[146]

Legara IV - Homeworld of the Legaran species, who exist in thick pools of liquid maintained at 150° Celsius.[147]

Lemma II - Federation colony.[148]

Lerishi IV - Planet with a ceremonial drink called Tanagra.[5]

Levinius V - a Federation colony.[80]

Ligillium - Picard offered to take Ardra to the Ruins of Ligillium, site of the lost Zaterl Emerald, if she won her arbitration.[149]

Ligobis X - Planet where Dr. Bashir went to see a gallery of paintings by Prof. Gideon Seyetik.[49]

Ligon II - A tropical planet, home of the Ligonians who visited by the USS Enterprise-D to secure procurement of a viral antidote need on Styris IV.[150]

Ligos VII - Location of a Federation science station.[151]

Lima-Sierra III - Capt. Picard mentioned that the Enterprise had visited this planet, which has an odd orbit.[152]"

Lissepia - Homeworld to the Lissepian species.[153] Cmdr. Sisko suggests the Lissepians could be involved in weapons smuggling.[154]"

Loque'eque homeworld - Delphic Expanse home of the Loque'eque species who lost the ability to reproduce and fell on the verge of extinction. They tried to preserve their kind by engineered a genetic retrovirus that changed infected members of other humanoid races into their own.[155]

Loracus Prime - Planet in the Gagarin Radiation Belt with pink/purple cloud layers, known to have 5000 subspecies of termites.[156]

Loren III - Planet with a fragment of Dr. Galen's genetic code puzzle to find the origin of humanoid species.[78]

Lorillian homeworld - Planet, whose actual name is not mentioned, whose natives, called Lorillians, breathe methyl oxide, presumably a component of its atmosphere.[157] However, it is known that the Lorillian homeworld is a planet of Gamma Leporis, which is only 29 light-years from Earth.

Loval - Location of a Cardassian outpost and subspace relay station.[126]

Luria - Homeworld of the Lurian race. Morn is a Lurian.[158]

Lya III - Location of a Federation Starbase.[159]

Lya IV - Planet where the Enterprise-D traced the smuggler Kivas Fajo's ship in orbit after figuring out Data had been kidnapped by him.[85]

Lyshan - System with a Federation colony located near the Federation-Cardassian border.[160]

Lysia - Homeworld of the Lysian Alliance who were at a decades long war with the Satarrans species. In 2368, the USS Enterprise-D crew had their memories erased and sent false orders by a Satarran spy who posed as second in command to attack the Lysian Alliance headquarters.[17]


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