List of Airports in Israel

This is a list of Israeli airports, sorted by location.


City served ICAO IATA Airport name
 International airports
Israel - Nationwide LLBG TLV Ben Gurion International Airport
Eilat LLOV VDA Ovda International Airport
Eilat LLET ETH Eilat Airport (J. Hozman Airport)
Haifa LLHA HFA Haifa Airport (U. Michaeli Airport)
Jerusalem LLJR JRS Atarot Airport1 (Jerusalem Airport) - currently disused
 Domestic airports
Beersheba (Be'er Sheva) LLBS BEV Be'er Sheva Airport (Teyman Airport or Sde Teiman Airport)
Herzliya (Herzlia) LLHZ HRZ Herzliya Airport
Kfar Sirkin Kfar Sirkin Airfield
Megiddo LLMG Megiddo Airport
Kiryat Shmona LLKS KSW Kiryat Shmona Airport
Rosh Pinna LLIB RPN Rosh Pina Airport (Ben Ya'akov Airport)
Tel Aviv LLSD SDV Sde Dov Airport (Dov Hoz Airport)
 Landing strips
Betzet Betzet Airfield
Ein Shemer (Eyn-Shemer) LLES Ein Shemer Airfield
Ein Yahav (Eyn-Yahav) LLEY EIY Ein Yahav Airfield
Fiq LLFK Fiq Airfield1
Masada LLMZ MTZ Bar Yehuda Airfield
Mitzpe Ramon LLMR MIP Mitzpe Ramon Airfield
Sdom (Sodom) SED Sdom Airfield (Hashnayim Airfield)
Yotvata YOT Yotvata Airfield
 Military air bases
Beersheba (Be'er Sheva) LLHB Hatzerim Airbase (Hatzerim)
Hatzor LLHS Hatzor Airbase
Megiddo LLRM Ramat David Airbase
Mitzpe Ramon LLRD Ramon Airbase
Nevatim LLNV VTM Nevatim Airbase
Palmachim Palmachim Airbase
Tel Nof (Tel Nov) LLEK Tel Nof Airbase
Eilat LLOV VDA Ovda Airbase

1 Located in the Israeli-occupied territories.

By passenger numbers

Rank Airport Passenger numbers Year
1 Ben Gurion Airport 13,134,070 2012
2 Eilat Airport 1,400,067 2011
3 Sde Dov Airport 658,741 2011
4 Ovda Airport 136,791 2011
5 Haifa Airport 68,968 2011
6 Ben Ya'akov Airport 15,782 2011

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