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List of box office records set by Avatar

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Title: List of box office records set by Avatar  
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Subject: Avatar (2009 film), I See You (Theme from Avatar), Na'vi language, Themes in Avatar, James Cameron
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List of box office records set by Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar was released in December 2009, and went on to break multiple North American and worldwide box office records, including becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide.

US and Canada records

  • Highest grossing 3rd weekend[1]
  • Highest grossing 4th weekend[2]
  • Highest grossing 5th weekend[3]
  • Highest grossing 6th weekend
  • Highest grossing 7th weekend[4][5]
  • Biggest January weekend.[6]
  • Highest grossing movie in US and Canada
  • Fastest to reach $600 million.[7]
  • Main contributor to the biggest aggregated weekend of all time.[8]
  • Highest opening weekend for an environmentalist film[9]
  • Largest gross on New Year day[10][11]
  • Highest-grossing CGI star movie[12]
  • Highest-grossing paraplegic film[13]
  • Highest-grossing environmentalist movie[14]
  • Highest-grossing SCI-FI film[15]
  • Highest grossing movie released in 2009[16]
  • Highest PG-13 grossing movie of all time[17]
  • Highest-grossing Martin Luther King weekend[18]
  • Most Oscar Nominations of 2010 (9, tied with The Hurt Locker)

Worldwide records

  • Avatar became the highest-grossing movie in history on January 25 after only 41 days of play[19][20][21]
  • The film was No. 1 in all of the 106 markets it opened the week of December 20[22]
  • Except for India, it was No. 1 in every market worldwide in its second week of release.[23][24]
  • It was the highest-grossing movie worldwide for 7 weeks in a row[25]
  • It became the second-highest-grossing movie worldwide only 20 days after its initial release[26]
  • Highest grossing movie of 2009
  • Fastest pirated movie in history[27][28]
  • First 3-D movie to reach $1 billion worldwide
  • Reached $1 billion sales outside US and Canada in 28 days[29]
  • First movie in history to reach $2 billion worldwide[30]

Records in other countries

All-time records

  • After 41 days of release it held the record in 24 markets:[21]

Other records

  • Highest sixth week sales (over 100M) overseas[43]
  • Over $100M in France, China, Germany, UK, Russia[4]
  • Highest opening week Italy[18][44]
  • Russia opening theaters[45]
  • Highest fourth weekend sales [36]
  • Highest Dominican Republic opening weekend[22]
  • Gained six weekends in a row at least 100M per weekend abroad[46]


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