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List of bus routes in Pittsburgh

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Title: List of bus routes in Pittsburgh  
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Subject: List of inclines in Pittsburgh, Port Authority of Allegheny County, Transit Expressway Revenue Line, Red Line (Pittsburgh), Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company
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List of bus routes in Pittsburgh

A refurbished and repainted 1996 NovaBus Classic, one of many PAT buses that feature various color schemes, designs and messages.

The Port Authority's bus system covers Allegheny County, and its service extends into neighboring Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties. These counties also have their own transit systems, including several routes that run into Downtown Pittsburgh, where riders can make connections with Port Authority service.

Route renumbering and realignments

  • From 1964 - April 2010- Port Authority has used Alphanumeric Numbering System ( 168 routes)
  • April 2010 – present- renaming and rerouting services ( 124 routes )[1][2][3][4][5]

Light rail and busways will be designated by the following colors:

  1. Red Line - former 42- series light rail routes
  2. Blue Line - former 47-series light rail routes
  3. Brown Line (eliminated in 2011) - former 52-series light rail routes
  4. Green Line aka West Busway - Bus routes use a "G"
  5. Purple Line aka M.King Jr.E. Busway - Bus routes use a "P"
  6. Orange Line aka I-279 North HOV lanes - Bus routes use a "O"
  7. Yellow Line aka South Busway - Bus routes use a "Y"

Due to a funding crisis, PAT will be making a 15% service cut in March 2011.[6][7] Due to budgetary constraints, the Port Authority will begin public hearings for a planned (up to 35%) reduction or removal of services, affecting 40 of the 100 routes operated. Already, an increase in bus, light rail and para-transit fares has scheduled for July 1, 2012.[8] If passed, the service reductions will take place September 2, 2012. The cuts was postponed until next year.

Bus operations

  • Route numbers operating seven days a week including holidays (4 am to 2 am daily) are listed in Blue. On most of the daily bus routes, they operate on a 60 minute interval after 7 pm Monday through Saturday and all day on Sunday and Holidays.
  • Route numbers operating Monday through Saturday with limited or no holiday hours (5 am to 10 pm weekdays; 7 am to 7 pm Saturdays) are listed in Red
  • Route numbers operating Monday through Friday only (5 am to 7 pm) are listed in Bold.
  • All other plain (non-bold) routes operate Monday through Friday during peak periods only (approx: 6 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm).

Bus routes

Local routes

Route number Route name Service area Notes Changes Additional Info
1 Freeport Road Downtown, East Allegheny (North Side), Millvale, Etna, Sharpsburg, Aspinwall, Waterworks Mall, Blawnox, Harmarville, Cheswick, Springdale, New Kensington, Creighton, Tarentum Formerly 1A New Kensington
2 Mt. Royal Downtown, North Side, Millvale, Etna, Shaler, Hampton, McCandless, Ross Formerly 1D Mt. Royal
4 Troy Hill Downtown, North Side, Allegheny Center, Troy Hill, Reserve Formerly 6A Troy Hill
6 Spring Hill Downtown, Strip District, Allegheny Center, Northview Heights, Spring Hill, Summer Hill Formerly 6B Spring Hill
7 Spring Garden Downtown, North Side, Allegheny Center, Spring Garden, Summer Hill Formerly 6C Spring Garden
8 Perrysville Downtown, Allegheny Center, Perry Hilltop, Observatory Hill, West View Formerly 11D Perrysville Avenue
11 Fineview Downtown and Fineview Formerly 11E Fineview
12 McKnight Downtown, North Side, Ross, McCandless, Wexford Route 13A takes over during AM and PM rush hour weekdays Formerly 12A North Hills Shopper
13 Bellvue West View, Bellevue, Brighton Heights, Calbride Place, North Side, Allegheny Center, Downtown
14 Ohio Valley North Shore, North Side, Manchester, Bellevue, Emsworth, Kilbuck, Sewickley, Edgeworth, Leetsdale, Ambridge Originally going to be 14L Ohio Valley Limited Formerly 16A Ohio River Boulevard
15 Charles Downtown, Northside, Charles Street Valley, Northview Heights, Summer Hill Formerly 16F City View
16 Brighton Downtown, North Side, Marshall-Shadeland, Brighton Heights, Bellevue, Avalon Loop Formerly 16B Brighton
17 Shadeland Downtown, East Allegheny, North Shore, Manchester, Marsall-Shadeland, Shadeland, Brighton Heights, Ross Formerly 17B Avalon-Shadeland and 18B Avalon-Shadeland Ave Express
18 Manchester North Shore, North Side, Allegheny West, Manchester Formerly 16D Manchester
19L Emsworth Limited Uptown-Soho, Downtown, Bellevue, Avalon Loop, Emsworth Formerly B Bellvue Flyer
20 Kennedy Esplen, McKees Rocks, Kenmawr, Kennedy Formerly 21B Kenmawr, 21C West Park, 21F Presston-Kenmawr
21 Coraopolis Downtown, McKees Rocks, Stowe, Neville Island, Coraopolis, Sewickley Formerly 21A Coraopolis
22 McCoy Downtown, McKees Rocks, Pleasant Ridge, Kennedy Formerly 21B Kenmawr, 21F Preston-Kenmawr
24 West Park Downtown, McKees Rocks, Kenmawr, Kennedy Formerly 21C West Park and 21D West Park-Kennedy
26 Chartiers Downtown, West End, Sheraden Chartiers City, Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center Formerly 26A Ingram-Sheraden and 26D Chartiers City
27 Fairywood Downtown, West End, Ingram, Windgap, Fairywood, Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center Formerly 26B Fairywood( Formerly route name Broadhead Manor)
29 Robinson Downtown, Crafton, Robinson, Hankey Farms, North Fayette Formerly 26E Robinson Imperial and 28E Robinson Express
31 Bridgeville Downtown, West End, Carnegie, Heidelberg, South Fayette Formerly 31D and 31E
36 Banksville Downtown, Bankville, Beechview, Dormont, Castle Shannon, Mt Lebanon, Inglewood, Bethle Park, Upper St. Clair (South Hills Village Station)
38 Green Tree Express Parkway Center, Green Tree, Scott, Heidelberg, Collier, Chartiers Valley Shopping Center Formerly 38C Green Tree
39 Brookline Station Square, East Brookline, Brookline Formerly 41D Brookline
40 Mt. Washington Downtown, Station Square, Mt. Washington, Duquesne Heights Formerly 41E Mount Washington
41 Bower Hill Downtown, Station Square, West Liberty Avenue, Brookline, Dormont, Mount Lebanon, Kane Center, Scott Township, Bridgeville Formerly 41B Bower Hill
43 Bailey Station Square, Duquesne Heights, Mt. Washington, Mon Incline Formerly 43E Mount Washington Express
44 Knoxville South Side, Mt. Oliver, Knoxville, Beltzhoover Formerly 46K Knoxville
48 Arlington Downtown, Station Square, South Side, Arlington, Mount Oliver, South Hills Junction Formerly 51A Arlington Heights
51 Carrick Downtown, Station Square, South Side, Mount Oliver, Carrick, Brentwood, Whitehall Formerly 51C Carrick
51L Carrick Limited Downtown, Station Square, Mt. Oliver, Carrick, Brentwood Formerly 53C Carrick Express
52L Homeville Limited Downtown, Homestead, West Mifflin (Homeville Road), Duquesne
53 Homestead Park Century Square, Lincoln Place, Homestead Formerly 53F Homestead-Lincoln Place
53L Homestead Park Limited Downtown, Homestead, Munhall, Lincoln Place, Century Square
54 North Side-Oakland-South Side North Side, Allegheny Center, Strip District, Herron Hill, Polish Hill, Bloomfield, Oakland, South Side, Mt. Oliver, Carrick One route with 2 branches: 54C Allegheny to Knoxville, 54D Allegheny to Bon Air Formerly 54C North Side-Oakland-South Side
56 Lincoln Place Downtown, Duquesne Univ Step, The Run, Hazelwood, Hays, Lincoln Place, McKeesport Formerly 56C McKeesport-Lincoln Place
57 Hazelwood Downtown, Duquesne Univ Step, The Run, Hazelwood, Glenwood, Homestead (The Waterfront) Formerly 56B Hazelwood
58 Greenfield Greenfield, Squirrel Hill, Downtown, Oakland via Second Ave. Formerly 56E Greenfield
59 Mon Valley Century III Mall, Duquesne, West Mifflin, Homestead +Munhall, Dravosburg, North Versailles Formerly 55E Whitaker-West Mifllin
60 Walnut-Crawford Village McKeesport, Versailles, Greenock Heights, Crawford Village Formerly 60A Walnut-Avondale, 60K Crawford Village
61A Wilkinsburg via Forbes Avenue Downtown, Soho (Uptown), Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Wilkinsburg Edgewood, Swissvale, North Braddock, East Pittsburgh routes is discontinued Formerly route name East Pittsburgh-Wilkinsburg
61B Braddock-Swissvale Downtown, Soho (Uptown), Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Wilkinsburg, Edgewood, Rankin, Braddock, North Braddock Swissvale (Swissvale Station) Rerouted via North Braddock to replace portions of 61A
61C McKeesport-Homestead Downtown, Soho, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Duquesne, Homestead and Munhall, McKeesport
61D Murray Downtown, Soho, Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Homestead (toward Waterfont Giant Eagle) Limited service during some PM time :Oakland to Greenfield(no waterfront)
63 Edgewood Swissvale, Edgewood, Wilkinsburg
64 Lawrenceville-Homestead Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, Homestead (toward Waterfont Giant Eagle) Formerly 64A East Liberty-Homestead
65 Squirrel Hill South Oakland, Schenley Park, Squirrel Hill, Frick Park Formerly 67H Squirrel Hill
67 Monroeville CCAC Boyce, Cooper and Beatty roads, Old William Penn Highway, Haymaker Road, William Penn Highway in Monroeville, Monroeville Mall and Park and Ride, Penn Center East, Churchill, Beacon Hill, Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Uptown and Downtown Pittsburgh. Only serves Monroeville Mall, Penn Center East, Churchill, Beacon Hill, Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Uptown and Downtown on Weekends and Holidays Formerly 67A Monroeville
68 Braddock Hills Wilkinsburg, Braddock Hills, East Pittsburgh, Turtle Creek, Monroeville Formerly 68D Braddock Hills Express
69 Trafford Trafford, Haymaker Village, Pitcairn, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, East Pittsburgh, Forest Hills, Wilkinsburg, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Uptown, Downtown Weekend service operates between Wilkinsburg and Trafford only. Formerly 67F Trafford
71 Edgewood Town Center Swissvale Station, Rankin, Swisshelm, Edgewood, Wilkinsburg station
71A Negley Downtown, Soho, Oakland, Shadyside, Friendship, East Liberty, Highland Park
71B Highland Park O'Hara, Waterworks, Aspinwall, Highland Park, East Liberty, Shadyside, Oakland, Downtown
71C Point Breeze Downtown, Soho, Oakland, Shadyside, East Liberty, Point Breeze, Wilkinsburg discontinued service in Shady Side along Centre Ave (replaced by 75)
71D Hamilton Downtown, Uptown-Soho, Oakland, East Liberty, Homewood, Brushton, Wilkinsburg discontinued service (Wilkinsburg) along South and Swissvale Ave, Jane Street Loop, Coal St, Franklin Ave & Wood St between Franklin & Wallace Ave,along Tioga and Rosedale St
74 Homewood-Squirrel Hill East Liberty, Larimer, Shuman Center, VA Hospital, Lincoln-Lemington, Homewood, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill Formerly 74A Homewood-Squirrel Hill
75 Ellsworth East Liberty, Dahlem Place, East Liberty Station, Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside, Oakland, South Side Works Formerly 59U South Side Works-Oakland-Waterfront
77 Penn Hills Downtown, Polish Hill, Friendship, East Liberty, Homewood, Universal, Penn Hills, Alcoma Apartments, CCAC Boyce Campus This route has two branches 77L via Leechburg and 77S via Saltsburg on weekdays. All service operates between Downtown and Alcoma Apartments on weekends. Formerly 77B Penn Hills
78 Oakmont East Liberty, Penn Hills, Verona, Oakmont, Rosedale, Harmarville Route P78 takes over during AM and PM rush hour weekdays Formerly 77A Oakmont
79 East Hills Wilkinburg, East Hill Formerly 79D Mount Carmel
81 Oak Hill Downtown, Hill District, Crawford Square, Oakland, South Side, Wharton Square Giant Eagle Formerly 81A Oak Hill
82 Lincoln Downtown, Mellon Arena, Hill District, Crawford Square, North Oakland, Lincoln-Lemington, East Liberty, Shadyside Formerly 81B Lincoln
83 Webster Hill District, Crawford Square, Herron Hill, Sugartop, Oakland, South Side, Wharton Square Giant Eagle Formerly 81C Webster
86 Liberty Wilkinsburg Station, Oakwood Street, Frankstown Avenue, East Liberty Boulevard, Bakery Square, Penn Avenue, Beatty Street, EastSide, Centre Avenue, Liberty Avenue and Downtown Pittsburgh. Formerly 86A East Hills
87 Friendship Downtown, Strip District, Bloomfield, Friendship, East Liberty, Lawrenceville, Morningside (weekdays only) Stanton Heights This route has two branches: to Morningside (weekdays only) and to Stanton Heights (7 days a week) Formerly 77F Morningside-Friendship and 77G Stanton Heights-Friendship
88 Penn Bakery Square, along Penn Avenue through East Liberty, Garfield and Lawrenceville, and Liberty Avenue in the Strip District and Downtown Pittsburgh Formerly 86B Frankstown
89 Garfield Commons East Liberty, Garfield Formerly 89A Garfield Heights
91 Butler Street Downtown, Strip District, Lawrenceville, Sharpsburg, Aspinwall Formerly 91A Butler Street
93 Lawrenceville-Oakland Oakland, Shadyside, Bloomfield, Lawrenceville

Flyer routes

Route number Route name Service area Notes Changes Additional Info
28X Airport Flyer Oakland, Downtown, Carnegie, Robinson Towne Center, Airport
G2 West Busway-All Stops Downtown, Duquesne Incline, Sheraden, Ingram, Crafton, Carnegie Formerly 100 West busway - Oakland
G3 Moon Flyer University Boulevard Park and Ride and Downtown via I-376 and the West Busway, Moon and Robert Morris University Formerly 28K Moon Express
G31 Bridgeville Flyer Downtown Pittsburgh and the new South Fayette Park and Ride via Millers Run Rd. and Route 50 to Carothers, and Main St. to Mansfield then onto the West Busway. Formerly 33D and 33E
O1 Ross Flyer Downtown, Ross formerly 13X Ross Park Ride
O5 Thompson Run Flyer Downtown, Ross, McCandless via Peebles RD at Duncan, Hampton, McCandless VIA Peebles at Sample RD Formerly 13G Thompson Run Express
O12 Mcknight Flyer Downtown via Seventh Ave, Ross, McCandless Formerly 13A North Hills Express
P1 East Busway All Stops Downtown, Polish Hill, Shadyside, East Liberty, Point Breeeze, Wilkinsburg, Homewood, Edgewood, Swissvale, Rankin Formerly EBA East Busway All Stops
P2 East Busway-Short Downtown, Polish Hill, Shadyside, East Liberty, Point Breeeze, Wilkinsburg, Homewood Formerly EBS East Busway-Short
P3 East Busway-Oakland Oakland, Shadyside, Point Breeze, Regent Square, Edgewood, Swissvale Formerly EBO East Busway-Oakland
P7 McKeesport Flyer Swissvale, West Mifflin, Duquesne, McKeesport Formerly 58C McKeesport Express
P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer Harrison Township, Natrona Heights, Brackenridge, Tarentum, Creighton, Springdale, Cheswick, Harwick, RIDC East, East Liberty, Downtown Formerly AV Allegheny Valley Flyer
P12 Holiday Park Flyer Monroeville, Plum, Holiday Park Formerly HP Holiday Park Flyer
P13 Mount Royal Flyer Downtown, East Allegheny, Troy Hill, Reserve, Ross Formerly R Mount Royal Flyer
P16 Penn Hills Flyer Hulton Arbors, Milltown, Unity-Trestle, Frankstown, Long & Beulah roads, Penn, Swissvale & Wallace avenues one route with 2 branches Leechburg & Universal; Universal branch via East Vue and Universal Rd while Leechburg branch via Leechburg Formerly P Penn Hills-Hunter Park Flyer, PG Penn Hills-Universal Flyer, 78E Penn Hills-East Vue Express
P17 Lincoln Park Flyer East Liberty, Lincoln Park, Homewood, East Hills, Wilkinsburg Formerly LP Lincoln Flyer
P67 Monroeville Flyer Monroeville Mall Park and Ride, William Penn Highway, I-376, Wilkinsburg and Downtown Pittsburgh via the East Busway. Inbound trips will serve Wilkinsburg via Ardmore Boulevard, South Ave. and the Hay St. Ramp to the East Busway. Formerly 68A Monroeville Express
P68 Braddock Hills Flyer Wilkinsburg, Braddock Hills, East Pittsburgh, Turtle Creek, Monroeville Takes over from route 68 during AM and PM rush hours weekdays Formerly 68D Braddock Hills Express
P69 Trafford Flyer Downtown Via liberty ave at market, Downtown via Penn Station, East Liberty, Wilkinsburg, Forest Hills, East Pittsburgh, Turtle Creek, Wilmerding, Pitcairn, Trafford Formerly 68F Trafford Express
P71 Swisshelm Park-Rankin Flyer Downtown, East Liberty, Regent Square, Swisshelm Park, Swissvale, Rankin, Swissvle Station Takes over from route 71 during AM and PM rush hours weekdays Formerly 68G Swissvale Park Express
P76 Lincoln Highway Flyer Downtown, Wilkinsburg, Forest Hills, North Versailles, East Mckeesport, White Oak, Versailles Formerly 68J Lincoln Highway Express
P78 Oakmont Flyer Verona, Oakmont, New Kensington, Arnold Takes over from route 78 during AM and PM rush hours weekdays Formerly 78A Oakmont Express
Y1 Large Flyer Large and Century III Park and Ride lots and Downtown Pittsburgh via Route 51 and the South Busway. Formerly E Elizabeth Flyer
Y45 Baldwin Manor Flyer Baldwin, Whitehall, Overbrook, Brentwood Formerly BM Baldwin Manor Flyer and 46B Baldwin Manor
Y46 Elizabeth Flyer Elizabeth, Clairton, Century Townhomes, Route 51, Century III and Downtown Pittsburgh via the South Busway. Formerly 46G Elizabeth
Y47 Curry Flyer Century Square, Lebanon Church Rd, Curry Hollow Rd, Leland Point, Browwnsville Rd, Provost Rd and Saw Mill Run Blvd, Downtown via the South Busway Formerly 46D Curry
Y49 Prospect Park Flyer CCAC South, Century Square, West Mifflin Walmart, Prospect Park, Route 51 Formerly 46F Baldwin Highlands

Eliminated services

Discontinued routes

Bus routes that are discontinued from the lineup and integrated into other one or more route(s) throughout PAT's history include:
Route number Route name Replaced by
1B Saxonburg Boulevard D Middle Road Flyer
1C Middle Road D Middle Road Flyer
1F/3 Millvale
3L Creighton-Lower Burrell Express P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer (no bus service in Lower Burrell)
3M Tarentum-Natrona Express P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer
5A/5 Natrona-Argonne Drive/Natrona
5C Natrona Heights-Brackenridge
6D Spring Looper 7 Spring Garden
11A McKnight 12A North Hills Shopper, 13C Perry Highway Express
11B Evergreen
11C/9 Perry Highway
11G Thompson Run
11K Cranberry
11F West View
13B Babcock Express 12A North Hills Shopper,13A North Hills Express,O5 Thompson Run Flyer
13C Perry Highway Express 9 Perry Highway,13X Ross Park and Ride
13D Perrysville Express 6B Spring Hill, 11D Perrysville, 16F City View
13F West View Express 8 Perrysville, 13X Ross Park and Ride, 500 Highland Park-Bellevue
13H Rochester Road Express 13J Franklin Park
13J Franklin Park Express
13K Marshall Express
13S Ross Park and Ride (special route)
13U/O4 North Hills Express/North Hills-Oakland Flyer
14C Bryant School Run Road Express 13J Franklin Park
15A North Hills Shuttle
16C Bellevue-West View 500 Highland Park - Bellevue 1997(c)
16U North Shore 501 N Shore-Town-Oakland
18C Bellevue-Union Ave Express 14 Ohio River Valley, 19L Emsworth Limited, 500 Highland Park-Bellevue
18E Manchester Express
24A Crafton-Presston
25/25A Moon/Robinson-Moon-Coraopolis
25C Hankey Farms
25D Robinson-Carnegie
26C Ingram via Steuben Street Became less utilized with the opening of West Busway 09/00. 26B & 100
26D Chartiers City 26 Chariters (Allendale/Sheraden/Elliot) & 27 Fairywood (Chartiers City and Windgap)
26E Robinson 29 Robinson
26F Moon Run-Forest Grove via West End 28F Forest Grove Express
26U Robinson-Oakland 26E Robinson
28A Wings Over Pittsburgh Special Service for Airshows
28B Berry Street Express 26B Fairywood (Eliminated around the time of 26C & 31A)
28E Robinson Express 29 Robinson
28F Forest Grove Express
28G Oakdale Express
28J Settlers Ridge Express Temporary PNR Route for Closure of Fort Pitt Tunnels in early 2000s
28K Moon Express G3 Moon Flyer
28S Moon-West Busway (special route)
29E Millers Run 31 Bridgeville, G31 Bridgeville Flyer
31A Carnegie-Crafton Route became redundant with opening of West Busway
32 Campbells Run
33X/G1 West Busway -All Stop/ West Busway-Robinsion
33F McDonald
35A South Park-Baldwin-Whitehall Y47 Curry Flyer, Y49 Prospect Flyer
36B Virginia Manor
36D/37 Westwood/ Ridgemont
37A Mt. Lebanon-McFarland
37D Dormont Station Temporary Bus Route while Beechview (now known as RED LINE) was under construction.
41A Pioneer Avenue 41D Brookline, 41G Dormont
41B Bower Hill 41 Bower Hill
41C Cedar Boulevard Merged with 36A Banksville-Mt Lebanon, now is 36 Banksville
41F McNeily 41A Pioneer/41D Brookline (03/27/11 - 39 Brookline)
41G Dormont-Rolling Hills Partially replaced by 35 Sunset Hills South of Dormont Station.
42F Broadway Temporary rail shuttle for Red Line (42 series)
42C Castle Shannon ONLY via Beechview Red Line
42L Library via Beechview 47L Library via Overbrook Light Rail route (Not the bookmoblie)
44D Jefferson
44E Inglewood
44F Terrace
44L Library Short
44S Castle Shannon-Beechview Temporary Rail Car Shuttle
44U/42 Mt. Lebanon-Oakland
46A Brentwood 51 Carrick, Y45 Balwin Manor Flyer
46H Pleasant Hill Y1 Large Flyer, Y46 Elizabeth Flyer
46S Castle Shannon-Overbrook Temporary route used while Overbrook (Blue Line) Trolley Line was down, 1993(c) to 2006(c). First began as 49S Shannon-Overbrook.
47D Drake Discontinued 09/04/99
50B Glassport-Clairton
51B/50 Spencer
51D Churchview 50 Spencer
51S South Side-Century III-Large (special route)
53F Homestead-Lincoln Place Express 53 Homestead Park and 53L Homestead Park LIMITED
53H Homeville-Duquesne 52 Homeville and 52L Homeville LIMITED
55B/52 Homeville
55D West Run-Brierly Lane
55E Whitaker-West Mifflin 59 Mon Valley
55M/55 Century III Mall / Jefferson
56U Greenfield 58 Greenfield
58C McKeesport P7 McKeesport Flyer
58P Port Vue-Liberty Express P7 McKeesport Flyer
58V Versailles Express P7 McKeesport Flyer
59U South Side Works-Oakland-Waterfront 75 Ellsworth (for South Side) or 61D (for Waterfront)
60B Jenny Lind 61 White Oak
60E/61 White Oak-Grandview/ White Oak
60M McKeesport- East Pittsburgh 62 Liberty-North Versailles
60P/62 Port Vue- Liberty/Liberty- North Versailles
60S Crawford Village-Jenny Lind 60 Walnut-Crawford Village
61F Homestead Park 53 Homestead Park
63A North Braddock Express
63B Ranklin Express P71 Swissvale Park-Ranklin Flyer
65E North Braddock-Swissvale
67C Laketon Road
67E Greensburg Pike
67J Lincoln Highway
68B Blackridge-Laketon
68S Monroeville-East Busway (special route)
69A Forbes 61A East Pittsburgh-Wilkinsburg
73B Highland Park Express 93A Aspinwall-Cheswick Express
74B Highland Park
75A/70 Monroeville Shopper
75B/72 Monroeville-North Versaille/Monroeville-Pitcarin
75D Penn Hills-Monroeville
77C Shadyside W Wilkins Avenue Flyer
77D Highland-Friendship 87 Friendship
77U Shadyside
78C Shadyside Express W Wilkins Avenue Flyer
78E Penn Hills-East Vue Express P16 Penn Hills flyer
79B Wilkinsburg-Penn Hills
83B Lincoln Avenue Express LP Lincoln Park Flyer
84A Herron Hill-Oakland 81 Oak Hill, 83 Webster
84B Oakland Loop
84C Hill Loop 81 Oak Hill, 83 Webster
88A East Hills Express
91S Sharps Hill
93A Aspinwall-Cheswick Express P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer
94A Stanton Heights 87 Friendship
94B Morningside 87 Friendship
94C Paulson Avenue 74 Homewood-Squirrel Hill
98D Strip District (special route)
98F Grant Street-First Avenue (special route)
500 Highland Park -Bellevue 13 Bellevue, 71B Highland Park
501 Manchester-Wilkinsburg 16D Manchester, 61A East Pittsburgh-Wilkinsburg
A Moon Flyer
AVN Allegheny Valley North Flyer P10 Allegheny Valley Flyer
BG Bellevue-Gass Road Flyer
BR Brentwood Flyer 51 Carrick, Y45 Baldwin Manor Flyer
CL Clairton Flyer 46G Elizabeth
CO Coraopolis Flyer 21 Coraopolis
CV Churchview Flyer 51D Churchview
D/P11 Middle Rd Flyer
DB Middle Road-Burchfield Flyer D Middle Road Flyer
F Homestead Park-Lincoln Place Flyer 53F Homestead-Lincoln Place
G Greenburg Pike Flyer
GC Garden City Flyer P67 Monroeville Flyer
GR Greensburg Pike-White Oak Flyer G Greensburg Pike Flyer
H Homeville Flyer
JL Jefferson-Large Flyer
ML Millvale-Lawerenceville Flyer 3 Millvale
OV Ohio Valley Flyer 14 Ohio Valley
SW Spencer-Willett Flyer 51B Spencer
T Trafford Flyer 67F Trafford and 68F Trafford Express
U East Vue Flyer 78E Penn Hills-East Vue
UV Ultra Violet loop
W Wilkins Avenue Flyer

Former special services

The Port Authority has operated the special buses to Steelers' Games or other events from 1967-2011 to Heinz Field .During the 2007 cuts, Variety of special routes was provided to travel from popular park and ride spots. Before March 2011, five special routes were offered with increased service since gamedays. Those routes with "S" were for servicing one time events sparely.
Route number Route name Service area
13S Ross Park & Ride Ross Park & Ride Lot
28S Moon-West Busway University Blvd, Bell, Idlewood, Crafton, Columbus's Knights, Sheraden Park & Ride Lots
51S South Side-Century III Larger and Century III P&R Lot, South Side and Station Square
68S Monroeville-E Busway Monroeville and Wilkinsburg P&R, Homewood, E. Liberty, Shadyside, Polish Hill
98D Strip District Strip District, Convention Center Parking Garage
98F Grant St-First Ave 1st Ave and Steel Plaza Stations, Wood and Gateway Center Stations, Downtown P Garage


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External links

  • Port Authority of Allegheny County website
  • Pittsburgh's transit history

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