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List of caves in China

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Title: List of caves in China  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Luobi Cave, Zhongdong, Ziyun County, Reed Flute Cave, Yilong Cave, Zhijin Cave
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of caves in China

Natural cave
Man-made cave

This is an incomplete List of caves in China. It includes natural caves and rock cut grottoes.

Natural caves

Name Depth (m) Length (m) Geology Remarks
Benxi Water Caves Liaoning Province
Binghu Cave 7002120000000000000120 metres (390 ft) karst Zhejiang Province
Furong Cave 70032846000000000002,846 metres (9,337 ft) karst Chongqing Municipality
Fu Yuan Dong 1,000 m (3,300 ft) near Daluo village, Guangxi province[1][2]
Huanglong Cave 700115000000000000015 metres (49 ft) karst Hunan Province
Jiangzhou Cave System 7002150000000000000150 metres (490 ft) 700438500000000000038,500 metres (126,300 ft) Guangxi Province
Kizil Caves Xinjiang Province
Luobi Cave karst Hainan Province
Macaque Cave karst Hainan Province
Reed Flute Cave Guangxi Province
Seven-Star Cave karst Guangxi Province
Shuanglong Cave 700133000000000000033 metres (108 ft) karst Zhejiang Province
Shuang River Cave Group 7002466000000000000466 metres (1,529 ft) 7005100012000000000100,012 metres (328,123 ft) gypsum and dolomite Guizhou Province
Tenglong Cave 700452800000000000052,800 metres (173,200 ft) karst Hubei Province
Taiji Cave 700454000000000000054,000 metres (177,000 ft) karst Anhui Province
Tianyuan Cave Beijing Municipality
Xianren Cave 700114000000000000014 metres (46 ft) Jiangxi Province
Xueyu Cave 70031644000000000001,644 metres (5,394 ft) karst Chongqing Municipality
Yilong Cave 70034200000000000004,200 metres (13,800 ft) karst Jiangxi Province
Zhijin Cave 700413500000000000013,500 metres (44,300 ft) karst Guizhou Province
Zhoukoudian karst Beijing Municipality. Site of the discovery of Peking Man, (Wade–Giles: Choukoutien).

Buddhist grottoes

Name Depth Length Geology Remarks
Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves
Bingling Temple
Binyang Middle
Binyang North
Binyang South
Dazu Rock Carvings
Hidden Stream Temple Cave
Kizil Caves
Kumtura Thousand Buddha Caves
Lingyin Temple
Longmen Grottoes
Maijishan Grottoes Located in Gansu Province.
Mogao Caves Located in Gansu Province.
Western Thousand Buddha Caves Located in Gansu Province.
Yulin Caves Located in Gansu Province.
Yungang Grottoes


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