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List of cities in Honduras


List of cities in Honduras

     Departmental Capital
     National Capital and Departmental Capital

A map of Honduras.
Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

This article shows a List of cities in Honduras with population data based on the 2010 estimates.[1]


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Rank City/Town Population Department
1 Tegucigalpa 1,126,534 Francisco Morazán
2 San Pedro Sula 638,259 Cortés
3 Choloma 222,828 Cortés
4 La Ceiba 174,006 Atlántida
5 El Progreso 131,125 Yoro
6 Choluteca 93,598 Choluteca
7 Comayagua 75,281 Comayagua
8 Puerto Cortés 60,751 Cortés
9 La Lima 59,030 Cortés
10 Danlí 56,968 El Paraíso
11 Siquatepeque 55,490 Comayagua
12 Catacamas 44,198 Olancho
13 Juticalpa 44,183 Olancho
14 Tocoa 43,217 Colón
15 Villanueva 41,956 Cortés
16 Tela 35,178 Atlántida
17 Olanchito 35,110 Yoro
18 Santa Rosa de Copán 34,390 Copán
19 San Lorenzo 27,842 Valle
20 Cofradía 18,011 Cortés
21 El Paraíso 17,412 El Paraíso
22 La Paz 15,889 La Paz
23 Yoro 14,069 Yoro
24 La Entrada 13,949 Copán
25 Potrerillos 13,900 Cortés
26 Santa Bárbara 13,896 Santa Bárbara
27 Talanga 13,533 Francisco Morazán
28 Nacaome 12,972 Valle
29 Santa Rita 12,111 Yoro
30 Intibucá 11,995 Intibucá
31 Guaimaca 11,101 Francisco Morazán
32 Morazán 10,205 Yoro
33 Trujillo 8,541 Colón
34 Nueva Ocotepeque 8,297 Ocotepeque
35 Gracias 6,716 Lempira
36 Coxen Hole (Roatán) 6,498 Bay Islands
37 La Esperanza 4,978 Intibucá
38 Puerto Lempira 3,955 Gracias a Dios
39 2,340 El Paraíso

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