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List of compositions by Pierre Boulez

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Title: List of compositions by Pierre Boulez  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Pierre Boulez, Rituel in memoriam Bruno Maderna, Répons, Piano sonatas (Boulez), Incises
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List of compositions by Pierre Boulez

A list of works by the French composer Pierre Boulez.

  • Douze notations for piano (1945); expanded and reworked for orchestra (1978– )
  • Trois psalmodies for piano (1945); withdrawn
  • Variations for piano, left hand (1945); withdrawn
  • Quatuor pour quatre Ondes Martenot for Ondes Martenot (1945–46); withdrawn
  • Piano Sonata No. 1 (1946)
  • Sonatine for flute and piano (1946)
  • Le visage nuptial for soprano, mezzo-soprano, chorus and orchestra (1946; revised 1951; revised 1988–89)
  • Symphonie concertante for piano and orchestra (1947); lost
  • Piano Sonata No. 2 (1948)
  • Sonata for Two Pianos for piano duo (1948); revision of the quartet for Ondes Martenot; withdrawn
  • Livre pour quatuor (1948); two movements were reworked for string orchestra as Livre pour cordes (1968; revised 1989; revised 2011/12)
  • Le soleil des eaux for soprano, chorus and orchestra (1948; revised 1950; revised 1958; revised 1965)
  • Polyphonie X for ensemble (1950–51); withdrawn
  • Deux études, musique concrète (1951–52)
  • Structures I for two pianos (1951–52)
  • Oubli signal lapidé for 12 solo voices (1952); withdrawn
  • Le marteau sans maître for alto and six instruments (1953–55; revised 1957)
  • La symphonie mécanique musique concrète for a film by Jean Mitry (1955)
  • L'Orestie incidental music for Aeschylus' trilogy the Oresteia, for voice and instrumental ensemble (1945)
  • Poésie pour pouvoir for tape and 3 orchestras (1955/58); withdrawn
  • Piano Sonata No. 3 (1955-57/63); unfinished
  • Strophes for flute (1957); unfinished
  • Le crépuscule de Yang Koueï-Fei musique concrète for the radiophonic play by Louise Fauré (1957)
  • Pli selon pli for soprano and orchestra (1957–58, as Improvisations sur Mallarmé 1–2; completed 1959–62; revised 1983; revised 1989)
  • Structures II for two pianos (1961)
  • Figures-doubles-prismes for orchestra (1957–58, as Doubles; revised 1964; revised 1968)
  • Éclat for ensemble (1965)
  • Éclat/multiples (1970); Éclat followed by a longer piece for a larger ensemble; unfinished
  • Domaines for clarinet (1968)
  • Domaines for clarinet and six instrumental groups (1968)
  • Improvisé—pour le Dr. Kalmus for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, and cello (1969; revised 2005)
  • Über das, über ein verschwindelaren for mixed a cappella chorus (1969)
  • Cummings ist der Dichter for chorus and ensemble (1970; revised 1986)
  • "…explosante-fixe…" for flute, clarinet, and trumpet (1971–72)
  • "…explosante-fixe…" new version for flute, clarinet, trumpet, harp, vibraphone, violin, viola, cello, and electronics (1973–74)
  • Rituel – in memoriam Bruno Maderna for orchestra in eight groups (1974)
  • Ainsi parla Zarathoustra incidental music for voice and ensemble (1974)
  • Messagesquisse for solo cello and six cellos (1976)
  • Notations for orchestra (1978/1984/1997– )
  • Répons for two pianos, harp, vibraphone, xylophone, cimbalom, ensemble and live electronics (1980; revised and expanded 1982; revised and expanded 1984)
  • Dérive 1 for six instruments (1984)
  • Dialogue de l'ombre double for clarinet and electronics (1985)
  • Mémoriale ("…explosante-fixe…" originel) for flute and ensemble (1985); an arrangement of the central section from "...explosante-fixe..."
  • "…explosante-fixe…" version for vibraphone and electronics (1986)
  • Initiale for brass ensemble (1987)
  • Dérive 2 for eleven instruments (1988; revised 2002; expanded and completed 2006)
  • Anthèmes for violin (1991; revised and expanded 1994)
  • Fanfare for the 80th Birthday of Georg Solti for brass and percussion (1992)
  • "…explosante-fixe…" for solo MIDI flute, two "shadow" flutes, chamber orchestra, and electronics (1991–93); three of nine projected movements
  • Incises for piano (1994; revised and expanded 2001)
  • Dialogue de l'ombre double (transcribed for bassoon and electronics, 1985/1995)
  • Anthèmes 2 for violin and live electronics (1997)
  • Sur incises for three pianos, three harps and three percussionists (1996–1998)
  • Une page d’éphéméride for piano (2005)
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