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List of flag names

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Title: List of flag names  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Flag of Finland, Flag of Berkshire, Flag of Bolivia, Flag of Hamburg, Flag of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
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List of flag names

This is an incomplete list of flag nicknames, organized in alphabetical order by flag name. Almost no flag has any really official name, even if some of these unofficial names may be so widely accepted that they are virtually universally used anyway.



  •  Bandeira Auriverde ("Gold and Green Flag"), Brazil
  •  Bandeira das Quinas ("Flag of the quinas", the five blue shields of the Portuguese arms), Portugal
  •  Baner Dewi Sant ("Flag of Saint David"), Wales (unofficial flag)
  •  Baner Peran ("St. Piran's flag"), Cornwall
  • ("The Saffron Banner"), Flag of the Hindus and former flag of the Maratha Empire
  • ("White-Red"), Poland
  • ("White-Red-White"), historical flag of Belarus
  • , Austria
  • ("Flag of the Star and the Crescent"), Libya
  • Bonnie Blue Flag, official flag of the now-defunct Republic of West Florida, also used in some places as an unofficial banner of the Confederate States of America.
  • ("Bosnian lily"), former flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • ("Saltire"), Scotland
  • , Barbados
  • ("Federal Flag"), Germany, official designation
  • /Balgarski Trikolyor ("Bulgarian Three Colors"), Bulgaria


  • , Australia
  • ("St. Andrew's Cross"), Scotland
  • ("Red Flag and Yellow Star"), Vietnam
  • ("Occitan cross"), Occitania


  • ("Danish cloth"), Denmark
  • ("My Nation/Land"), Kuwait


  • ("Our flag"), Greenland
  • ("The Lonely Star"), Chile,
  • ("The Lonely Star"), Cuba
  • ("Blue-Starred Flag"), Catalan separatism
  • , Australia
  • , Australia



  • ("Light blue and white"), Greece
  • , Guyana
  • ("White and black"), Brittany


  • ("Sun disc"), Japan (national flag and naval flag)
  • , a flag proposal which was used but never became official, Iceland



  • ("Stripes of Glory"), Malaysia
  • , Jefferson (proposed U.S. state)


  • ("True People"), Hawaii (alternative flag)
  • Kaponga (silver fern), New Zealand (unofficial, widely used)
  • ("Dagger and two swords"), Oman
  • ("Five-cross flag"), Georgia
  • ("Blue Banner"), East Turkestan



  • or l'Unifolié, Canada
  • ("The Banner"), Faroe Islands


  • ,Nepal
  • Nishan Sahib ("Holy flag"/"Exalted banner"), Sikh flag
  • ("Sun-mark flag"), Japan


  • , United States


  • Prinsenvlag ("Prince's flag"), Netherlands (historical)
  • ("Red-White-Green"), Hungary
  • ("Tiger flag"), Tamil Eelam


  • ("National flag"), Pakistan
  • (Qīng Tiān, Bái Rì, Mǎn Dì Hóng) ("Blue Sky, White Sun, Red Field"), Republic of China (Taiwan)


  • (all unofficial), South Africa
  • Rainbow flag, there are several independent rainbow flags in use today, the most widely known worldwide is the pride flag representing gay pride, while the peace flag is especially popular in Italy and the cooperative flag symbolizes the international co-operative movement.
  • , the civil ensign of the United Kingdom
  • (krasnyy flag SSSR) ("Red Flag USSR"), Soviet Union
  • (Rosiiski Trikolor) ("Russian Three Colours"), Russia
  • ("Red-weld"), Spain
  • ("Red-white-red"), Austria
  • ("Red Lion"), civil ensign of Luxembourg


  • , Scotland
  • ("The Red White"), Indonesia
  • ("Sun of Kutleš'), Republic of Macedonia (historical flag)
  • ("Black-red-gold"), Germany
  • , Alghero and Catalonia
  • ('The lion and the sun"), Iran (historical flag)
  • ("The two-headed eagle"), Albania
  • ("Blue-black-white"), Estonia
  • ("Blue Cross Flag"), Finland
  • , Tibet
  • , Confederate States of America (other meanings)
  • , Australia
  • , New Zealand
  • , Confederate States of America
  • , United States
  • , United States


  • , South Korea
  • ("Three Stars and a Sun"), Philippines
  • ("blue above red below"),Philippines
  • Al Tawheed/Shahada, Saudi Arabia
  • ,("The Tricolour"), India
  • , state flag of Iceland
  • ("Tricolour"), Thailand
  • ("Three Legs of Mann"), Isle of Man
  • Tricolor or similar, a term for several national flags which are tribands or tricolours:
    • ("The Tricolor"), Bolivia
    • ("The National Tricolor"), Colombia
    • , Ecuador
    • ("National Tricolour"), Venezuela
    • , Second Spanish Republic (historical)
    • ("Tricolour Flag"), France
    • , Italy
    • , Romania
    • (Trikolor), Russia
  • ("Irish tricolour"), Ireland
  • , Sicily
  • , Lithuania



  • Wiphala, a flag representing the native peoples of the Andes and the co-official flag of Bolivia
  • (Wǔ Xīng Hóng Qí) ("Five-Starred Red Flag"), People's Republic of China


  • ("The Red Dragon"), Wales
  • (Yerakooyn) ("Tricolour"), Armenia


  • (Zhovto-blakytnyy (prapor)) ("Yellow-blue (flag)"), Ukraine

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