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List of mountains on Mars


List of mountains on Mars

This is a list of all named mountains on Mars.

Most mountains have a name including one of the following elements:

  • Mons: a large, isolated, mountain.
  • Montes, plural of mons: a mountain range.
  • Tholus: a small dome-shaped mountain.
  • Tholi, plural of tholus: a group of (usually not contiguous) small mountains.
  • Dorsa, plural of dorsum: a long low range. Not included.
Mountain Name Coordinates Feature diameter
Peak elevation
Aeolis Mons (unofficially, "Mount Sharp")[1][2][3][4] 89 5.5
Albor Tholus 170 4.5
Anseris Mons 58 4.2
Apollinaris Mons 35 3.2
Arsia Mons 475 16.0
Ascraeus Mons 460 18.0
Ausonia Montes 158
Australe Montes 387
Centauri Montes 270
Ceraunius Tholus 130
Chalce Montes 95
Charitum Montes 850
Coronae Montes 236
E. Mareotis Tholus 5.0
Echus Montes 395
Elysium Mons 410 12.5
Erebus Montes 785
Euripus Mons 91
Galaxius Mons 22
Geryon Montes 359
Gonnus Mons 57
Hadriacus Mons 450
Hecates Tholus 183
Hellas Montes 153
Hellespontus Montes 730
Hibes Montes 137
Horarum Mons 20
Issedon Tholus 52
Jovis Tholus 58
Labeatis Mons 22.5
Libya Montes 1,170
"Mount Sharp" (officially, Aeolis Mons)[1][2][3][4] 89 5.5
N. Mareotis Tholus 3.0
Nereidum Montes 1,130
Oceanidum Mons
(formerly Charitum Tholus)
Octantis Mons 19
Olympus Mons
(largest known mountain in Solar System)
648 27.0
Pavonis Mons 375 8.7
Peraea Mons 21.5
Phlegra Montes 1,350
Pindus Mons 16.5
Scandia Tholi 480
Sisyphi Montes 200
Syria Mons 80
Tanaica Montes 177
Tartarus Montes 1,070
Tharsis Montes 1,840
Tharsis Tholus 158
Tyrrhenus Mons (Tyrrhena Mons) 143
Uranius Tholus 62
W. Mareotis Tholus 12.0
Xanthe Montes 500
Zephyria Tholus 30.5


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