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List of oldest buildings and structures in Macau

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Title: List of oldest buildings and structures in Macau  
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Subject: Macau, History of Macau, Na Tcha Temple of the Centre of Macau, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Guia Fortress
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List of oldest buildings and structures in Macau

List of oldest buildings and structures in Macau

15th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
A-Ma Temple 1488; 1828 St. Lawrence Parish

16th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
Fortaleza do Monte 16th century Portuguese army St. Anthony Parish
St. Dominic's Church 1550s Cathedral Parish
Camões Grotto mid-16th century Portuguese poet Luis de Camões Inside Camões Park
St. Lazarus’ Church 1557–1560 Rua de João de Almeida
Holy House of Mercy 1569 Largo do Senado
Old Macau City Walls Sections 1569 Beside Na Tcha Temple, near St. Paul’s Ruins
Cathedral of Saint Paul 1582 Portuguese Jesuits St. Anthony Parish
St. Augustine's Church 1591 Spanish Augustinians Santo Agostinho Square

17th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
Monte Fort House 1617–1626 Portuguese Jesuits St. Lazarus Parish
Guia Fortress 1622–1638 St. Lazarus Parish
Fortress of Our Lady of Bom Parto 1622 Penha Hill
Fortress of São Tiago da Barra 1622–1629 Avenida da República
Holy House of Mercy 1637
Casa Gardens 1670s

18th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
Wall of St. Francis Fortress, Macau 1720s Avenida da Praia Grande
Lin Fong Temple 1723 Avenida de Almirante Lacerda
St. James Chapel Macau 1740 Macau
St. Joseph's Seminary Church, Macau 1746–1758 Rua do Seminario
Casa Garden in Macau Historical Ancient House and Garden 1770 Macau
Leal Senado 1784 Cathedral Parish
Sam Kai Vui Kun (Kuan Tai Temple) 1792 Rua Sul do Mercado de São Domingos

19th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
St. Augustine Church, Macau 1814 Macau
Tou Tei Temple 1836–1895 Pagode do Patane Square
Penha Church, Macau 1837 Macau
St. Lawrence’s Church, Macau 1846 ; original 1560 Rua de São Lourenço
Taipa Fortress 1846 northwestern Taipa
Macau Government House 1846 Tomas de Aquino, Baron do Cercal 6 Estrada de Santa Sancha
Macau Government Headquarters 1849 Avenida de Praia Grande
Cathedral Church of Macau and Bishop's Palace 1849–1850, built 1622 with tapia (soil and straw) and restored 1780 Tomas d’Aquino Cathedral Square
Dona Maria II Fortress 1852 Dona Maria II Hill
Lou Pan Si Fu Temple 1859, 1883 Rua da Cal, Horta e Mitra area
Dom Pedro V Theatre 1860 Macau
Bazaar Temple, Macau 1860 Largo do Bazar
Mong Ha Fortress 1864; original 1849 Mong Ha Hill
Tin Hau Temple, Macau 1865 Rua dos Pescadores
Guia Lighthouse 1865
Kun Iam Tchai Temple and Seng Wong Temple 1867 Avenida do Coronel Mesquita
Kun Iam Small Temple 1871 Foothill of Kun Iam Rock, Taipa (near the University of Macao)
Portas do Cerco 1871 border area of Macau with Zhuhai in Our Lady of Fatima Parish
Macau Military Club-Macau Security Forces Museum 1872 Avenida da Praia Grande
Moorish Barracks 1874 Cassuto Calcada da Barra
St. Michael Macau Chapel and Cemetery 1875 Macau
Lin Kai Temple 1875–1905 Travessa da Corda
Opium House 1880 Praça de Ponte de Horta
Kun Iam (Ka Ho) Temple 1881; 1907 On the hill of the Ka Ho Village, Coloane
Macau Mandarin House 1881 Macau
Carmel Church Macau 1885 Taipa
Na Tcha Temple 1888 Near St. Paul's Ruins
Pao Kong Temple 1889 Rua da Figueira
Lou Kau Mansion Macau Chinese House 1889 Macau
Na Tcha Temple 1888 Macau
Sir Robert Ho Tung Library -former home of Dona Carolina Cunha 1894 Santo Agostinho Square
Macau central library - old National Library 1895
Na Tcha Temple on Calçada das Verdades 1898 Calçada das Verdades
Island Council Building (present Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau) late 19th Century Rua de Correia da Silva, Taipa

20th century

Building Year Completed Builder Source Location Image
Sun Yat Sen Memorial House 1912 Macau
Tak Seng On pawnshop 1917
Coloane Public Library 1917 Coloane
Tap Seac Gallery 1920s
Taipa Houses-Museum 1921
Macau Protestant Chapel 1922 Camões Square, Macau
original Banco Nacional Ultramarino Building 1926 Macau
General Post Office, Macau 1929 Largo do Leal Senado
St. Anthony’s Church, Macau 1930 Santo António Square
Red Market 1936 Intersection of Avenida do Almirante Lacerda and Avenida de Horta e Costa
Macau Cathedral 1937
Court Building, Macau - served as government offices and Court of First Instance of the Macao Special Administrative Region; now future home of Macau Central Library 1951 Avenida da Praia Grande


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