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List of programs broadcast by Mega Channel

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Title: List of programs broadcast by Mega Channel  
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Subject: Greece-related lists, Mega Channel, List of programs broadcast by Me-TV, List of programs broadcast by Rede CNT, MySky (cable channel)
Collection: Greece-Related Lists, Lists of Television Series by Network, Television Channels in Greece
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List of programs broadcast by Mega Channel

This article lists programs broadcast by Mega Channel and on Mega Cosmos for international viewers from Greece and Cyprus:[1]


  • Series 1
    • Action/Mystery 1.1
    • Drama 1.2
    • Soap Operas 1.3
    • Romantic Comedies 1.4
    • Comedies 1.5
    • Family Comedies 1.6
  • Shows 2
    • Various Shows 2.1
    • Morning Shows 2.2
  • Game Shows 3
  • Entertainment 4
  • Reality/Talent Shows 5
  • Night Shows 6
  • See also 7
  • References 8



  • Skorpios (Scorpio) 1994-1995 - Starring Antonis Kafetzopoulos (he is also the director)[2]
  • Peirasmos (Temptation) 1995-1996 - Starring Stavros Zalmas
  • Epifaneia (Surface) 2001-2002 - Starring Pemu Zouni[3]
  • Me Thea to Pelago (With View to the Sea) 2003-2004 - Written by Giorgos Kyritsis
  • Ihni (Traces) 2007-2008 - Starring Giannis Zouganelis


  • H Dipsa (Thirst) 1989-1991 - Starring Giannis Voglis
  • Spiti gia Pente (A House for Five) 1991-1992 - Starring Karmem Rougeri
  • Gynaikes (Women) 1992-1993 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou
  • Africa 1992-1993 - Starring Nikos Sergianopoulos and Stavros Zalmas
  • Oi Frouroi tis Achaeas (Achaea's Guards) 1992-1993 - Starring Mimi Ntenisi and Stratos Tzortzoglou
  • Anastasia 1993-1994 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou
  • Esu Apofasizeis (It's Your Decision) 1993-1996 - Starring Giannis Vouros
  • Mi Fovasai ti Fotia (Don't Be Afraid of the Fire) 1994-1995 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou
  • To Teleutaio Antio (The Last Goodbye) 1994-1995 - Starring Kariofyllia Karampeti
  • Apon (Absent) 1995-1996 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou, starring Yannis Bezos
  • Palirria (Tide) 1996-1997 - Starring Nikos Sergianopoulos and Stratos Tzortzoglou
  • Logo Timis (Due to my Honour) - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou
  • Tzivaeri 1997-1998 - Starring Vana Mparmpa
  • Psithuroi Kardias (Whispers of the Hearts) 1997-1998 - Directed by Manousos Manousakis
  • I Zoi Pou Den Ezisa (The Life I Didn't Lived) 1998-1999 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou
  • To Simadi tou Erota (Love's Sign) 1998-1999 - Starring Vana Mparmpa and Stratos Tzortzoglou
  • I Aithousa tou Thronou (Throne's Chamber) 1998-1999 - Starring Alekos Alexandrakis
  • Thumata Eirinis (Victims of Peace) 1998-1999 - Starring Anna-Maria Papaharalambous
  • O Megalos Thumos (The Big Anger) 1998-1999 - Starring Gregoris Valtinos and Kariofyllia Karampeti
  • Vendetta 1999-2000 - Starring Giannis Fertis and Koralia Karanti
  • Sti Skia tou Polemou (In War's Shadow) 1999-2000 - Starring Mimi Ntenisi ans Stratos Tzortzoglou
  • H Zoi mas Mia Volta (Our Life is a Walk) 1999-2000 - Starring Christoforos Papakaliatis and Fylareti Komninou.
  • Fugame (Let's Go) 1999-2000 - Directed by Nikos Koutelidakis
  • Aerines Siopes (Silence in the Air) 2000-2003 - Starring Marios Athanasiou, Katerina Papoutsaki and Panagiota Vlanti
  • Na Me Proseheis (Take Care of Me) 2000-2001 - Starring Konstantinos Markoulakis and Christoforos Papakaliatis
  • Alma Libre (Free Soul) 2001-2002 - Starring Nikos Sergianopoulos
  • Fevga (Leave) 2002-2003 - Starring Themis Mpazaka
  • Kleise ta Matia (Close your Eyes) 2002-2004 - Starring Pemu Zouni and Christoforos Papakaliatis
  • Leni 2003-2004 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou, starring Katia Dandoulaki
  • Se Apostasi Anapnois (Too Close) 2003-2004 - Starring Kostas Sommer and Maria Solomou
  • Etsi Ksafnika (Suddenly) 2004-2005 - Written by Mirella Papaoikonomou, starring Konstantinos Markoulakis
  • Sto Fos tou Feggariou (Under the Moonlight) 2004-2005 - Starring Lina Sakka
  • Epafi (Contact) 2004-2005 - Starring Nikos Sergianopoulos
  • Metrao Stigmes (Counting Moments) 2004-2005 - Starring Stavros Zalmas
  • Gi kai Ouranos (Earth and Sky) 2005-2006 - Starring Konstantinos Markoulakis
  • Duo Meres Menes (Only Two Days) 2005-2007 - Starring Christoforos Papakaliatis
  • Oi Magisses tis Smyrni (The Witches of Smyrna) 2005-2006 - Starring Maria Kavogianni
  • Mazi Sou (With You) 2006-2007 - Starring Apostolos Totsikas
  • Stous 31 Dromous (In the 31 Streets) 2007-2008 - Starring Sofia Karvela
  • Agria Paidia (Wild Kids) 2008-2009 - Starring Antinoos Almpanis
  • Xara Agnoeitai (Chara is Missing) 2008-2009 - Starring Maria Kavogianni
  • Koukles (Dolls) 2010-2011 - Starring Lina Sakka and Dimitra Matsouka
  • To Nisi (The Island) 2010-2011 - Starring Katerina Lehou and Stelios Mainas

Soap Operas

  • Apagorevmeni Agapi (Forbidden Love) 1998-2006 - Starring Marios Athanasiou
  • Gia Mia Thesi ston Hlio (For a Place in the Sun) 1999-2002 - Starring Petros Fyssoun
  • Filodoksies (Ambitions) 2002-2006 - Starring Giannis Vouros
  • Katia Dandoulaki and Kostas Kazakos
  • Maria, i Aschimi (Ugly Maria) 2006-2008 - Greek version of the Colombian TV series Yo soy Betty, la fea starring Aggeliki Daliani
  • Komplicoj al la rekupero (Accomplices to the rescue) 2007-Greek version of the Mexican telenovela Cómplices Al Rescate.
  • Mia Stigmi, Duo Zoes (One Moment, Two Lives) 2007-2009 - Starring Giannis Papazisis
  • Amoj plumbo (Amores lead) 2008 -Greek version of the Mexican telenovela Amores, querer con alevosia.
  • Ta Mustika tis Edem (Eden's Secrets) 2008-2011 - Written by Elena Akrita and Giorgos Kyritsis, starring Danis Katranidis
  • H Zoi tis Allis (The Other Woman's Life) 2009-2012 - Starring Katia Dandoulaki, Greek version of the Mexican telenovela Querida Enemiga.
  • Klemmena Oneira (Stolen Dreams) 2011–Present - Starring Alexandros Stavrou

Romantic Comedies


Family Comedies


Various Shows

  • Mega Star 1989-2010 - A music show presenting the most popular songs in Greece
    • 1989-1990 hosted by Arianna Dimitropoulou
    • 1990-1991 hosted by Rika Vagiani and Nikos Diamantaropoulos
    • 1992-2004 hosted by Natalia Germanou
    • 2004-2005 hosted by Betty Maggira
    • 2005-2007 hosted by Evi Adam
    • 2007-2008 hosted by Ioanna Kanellopoulou
    • 2008-2010 hosted by Katerina Stikoudi
  • Disney Club 1993-2002 - Greek version of the popular children show
  • Traction 1999–2011 - A show about cars and motorcycles hosted by Kostas Stefanis
  • Stin Kouzina Olotaxws 2000-2004 - A show about cooking hosted by Ilias Mamalakis
  • Rantevou gia Cinema 2000-2009 - A show about cinema presenting the new releases in a weekly basis hosted by Orestis Andreadakis
  • Ta Mustika tis Vefas 2003-2004 - A cooking show hosted by Vefa Alexiadou
  • Mpoukia kai Sugxwrio 2003-2008 - A cooking show hosted by Ilias Mamalakis traveling around Greece, finding traditional recipes
  • Megalicious Chart Live 2005-2006 - Countdown of top Music charts and live performances of famous Greek Stars hosted by Themis Georgantas
  • Extreme Makeover 2008-2009 - The Greek version of the American show, hosted by Zeta Douka
  • Glykies Alximies 2008-2010 - A cooking show hosted by Stelios Parliaros focusing on pastry
  • Food and the City 2010-2011 - A cooking show hosted by Vasilis Kallidis

Morning Shows

Game Shows


  • Akouna Matata 1998-1999 hosted by Christos Ferentinos, who travels around Greece talking to the local people
  • Omorfos Kosmos 2002-2003 hosted by Grigoris Arnaoutoglou, the show has the same concept with Ferentinos' show Akouna Matata
  • Backstage 2003-2006 - News and information about the world of show biz. Features the latest from TV, movies, music, fashion, nightlife and more hosted by Giorgos Satsidis
  • I Love TV 2004-2006 - A variety show with guests from all avenues of entertainment- from singers to dancers to athletes to actors- hosted by Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Maria Mpakodimou
  • Prive 2004-2006 - A talkshow featuring interviews with famous stars hosted by Elena Kateitsi
  • Oi Kipouroi tou Mega 2010-2011 - A show hosted by Makis Tsokas, Giannis Panayiotopoulos and Sotiris Vrettos about gardening

Reality/Talent Shows

Night Shows

See also


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