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List of programs broadcast by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

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Title: List of programs broadcast by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation  
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Subject: We Got Married, MySky (cable channel), List of programs broadcast by RCTV, List of programs broadcast by Record News, List of programs broadcast by Great American Country
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List of programs broadcast by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

This is a list of programs broadcast on South Korean terrestrial television network Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).


MBC primetime flagship dramas are broadcast at 21:55, with each series airing on two consecutive nights: Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and weekends.

Monday-Tuesday dramas (21:55)

Wednesday-Thursday dramas (21:55)

Friday-Saturday dramas

Saturday-Sunday dramas

Weekend Drama

Saturday-Sunday 19:55
Saturday-Sunday 20:50

Weekend Special Project Drama

Sunday dramas (08:55)

Sunday sitcoms (23:00)

Daily Drama

Morning Soap Opera

Monday-Saturday 09:00
  • Sisters of the Sea (자매바다; 2005-2006)
  • End of Love (이제 사랑은 끝났다; 2006) (Changed timeslot to 07:50 on 1 May 2006)
Monday-Friday 07:50
  • End of Love (이제 사랑은 끝났다; 2006)
  • Love Me When You Can (있을때 잘해!!; 2006-2007)
  • By My Side (내 곁에 있어!; 2007)
  • Even So Love (그래도 좋아!; 2007-2008)
  • Don't Go Away (흔들리지마; 2008)
  • White Lies (하얀 거짓말; 2008-2009)
  • I Can't Stop (멈출 수 없어; 2009-2010)
  • Pink Lipstick (분홍 립스틱; 2010)
  • The Scarlet Letter (주홍글씨; 2010-2011)
  • You're So Pretty (당신 참 예쁘다; 2011)
  • Dangerous Women (위험한 여자; 2011-2012)
  • An Angel's Choice (천사의 선택; 2012)
  • It Was Love (사랑했나봐; 2012-2013)
  • Good For You (잘났어 정말; 2013)
  • Hold My Hand (내 손을 잡아; 2013-2014)
  • Everybody, Kimchi! (모두 다 김치; 2014)
  • Stormy Woman (폭풍의 여자; 2014-2015)
  • Love of Eve (이브의 사랑; 2015)
  • Victory For Tomorrow (내일도 승리; 2015-2016)

Daily Sitcom

Monday-Friday 19:45
Monday-Friday 20:20
  • High Kick! (거침없이 하이킥; 2006-2007)
  • Kimchi Cheese Smile (김치 치즈 스마일; 2007-2008)
  • Elephant (코끼리; 2008) (Changed timeslot to 19:45 on 19 May 2008)
Monday-Friday 19:45
  • Elephant (코끼리; 2008)
  • The Secret of Coocoo Island (크크섬의 비밀; 2008)
  • Here He Comes (그분이 오신다; 2008-2009)
  • Hilarious Housewives (태희 혜교 지현이; 2009)
  • High Kick Through the Roof (지붕뚫고 하이킥; 2009-2010)
  • Cutie Pie (볼수록 애교만점; 2010)
  • All My Love (몽땅내사랑; 2010-2011)
  • High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged (하이킥! : 짧은 다리의 역습; 2011-2012)
  • Standby (스탠바이; 2012)
  • Mom is Acting Up (엄마가 뭐길래; 2012) (Changed timeslot to Monday to Tuesday 8:50 PM on 5 November 2012)

Daily Drama (Night)

Monday-Friday 20:50
  • See and See Again (보고 또 보고; 1998-1999)
  • Days of Delight (날마다 행복해; 1999-2000)
  • Because of You (당신 때문에; 2000)
  • Foolish Princes (온달왕자들; 2000-2001)
  • Law of Marriage (결혼의 법칙; 2001)
  • Every Day with You (매일 그대와; 2001-2002)
  • Miss Mermaid (인어 아가씨; 2002-2003)
  • Swan Lake (백조의 호수; 2003)
  • Pretty Woman (귀여운 여인; 2003-2004)
  • Lotus Flower Fairy (왕꽃 선녀님; 2004-2005)
  • Be Strong, Geum-soon! (굳세어라 금순아; 2005)
  • The Youth in Bare Feet (맨발의 청춘; 2005-2006)
  • Love Can't Wait (사랑은 아무도 못말려; 2006)
  • So in Love (얼마나 좋길래; 2006) (Changed timeslot to Monday to Friday 19:45 on 6 November 2006)
Monday-Friday 19:45
  • How Much Love (얼마나 좋길래; 2006)
  • Bad Woman, Good Woman (나쁜 여자 착한 여자; 2007)
  • Opposites Attract (아현동 마님; 2007-2008)
Monday-Friday 20:15
Monday-Friday 19:15
Daily Special Project Drama


  • MBC News At 5 am (MBC 오전 5시 뉴스, Early morning newscast)
  • MBC News Today (MBC 뉴스투데이, breakfast newscast)
  • MBC Life News (MBC 생활뉴스, Mid-morning lifestyle newscast)
  • MBC Noon News (MBC 정오뉴스, Midday newscast)
  • MBC News At 3 (MBC 3시 뉴스, Afternoon financial newscast)
  • MBC Evening News (MBC 이브닝 뉴스, Early evening newscast)
  • MBC Newsdesk (MBC 뉴스데스크, Main evening and flagship newscast from 1969 to present) The newscasts is similar to NOS Journal and CBS News.
  • MBC News 24 (MBC 뉴스24, Late night newscast)

Current affairs

Variety shows

Children's programmes

  • Chu Chu Chu (The longest-running children's programme in South Korea; 1981–present)


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