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List of rivers of Washington

This is a list of rivers in the U.S. state of Washington.


  • By drainage basin 1
    • Fraser River (British Columbia) 1.1
    • Strait of Georgia, Bellingham Bay, Samish Bay 1.2
    • Puget Sound 1.3
      • Whidbey Basin 1.3.1
      • Central Basin 1.3.2
      • South Basin 1.3.3
      • Hood Canal, Admiralty Inlet 1.3.4
    • Strait of Juan de Fuca 1.4
    • Pacific Coast 1.5
      • Grays Harbor 1.5.1
      • Willapa Bay 1.5.2
    • Columbia River 1.6
      • Lower Columbia Basin 1.6.1
      • Walla Walla and Snake River Basins 1.6.2
      • Central Columbian Basin 1.6.3
      • Lake Chelan to Coulee Dam 1.6.4
      • Upper Columbia Basin 1.6.5
  • Alphabetically 2
  • See also 3
  • References 4

By drainage basin

This list is arranged by drainage basin. Respective tributaries are indented under each larger stream's name and are ordered downstream to upstream.

Fraser River (British Columbia)

Bellingham Bay, Samish Bay

Puget Sound

Whidbey Basin

Central Basin

South Basin

Hood Canal, Admiralty Inlet

Strait of Juan de Fuca

Pacific Coast

Grays Harbor

Willapa Bay

Columbia River

Columbia River Basin, showing major dams and tributaries

Lower Columbia Basin

Walla Walla and Snake River Basins

Central Columbian Basin

Yakima River Basin

Lake Chelan to Coulee Dam

Upper Columbia Basin

    • Sanpoil River
      • Twentythree Mile Creek
      • Seventeenmile Creek
      • West Fork Sanpoil River
        • Gold Creek
        • Lost Creek
        • Cape Labelle Creek
      • Granite Creek
      • O'Brien Creek
    • Hawk Creek
    • Spokane River
      • Spring Creek
      • Chamokane Creek
      • Little Spokane River
        • Deadman Creek
        • Dragoon Creek
        • Deer Creek
        • West Branch Little Spokane (Eloika Lake)
      • Deep Creek
      • Latah Creek (Hangman Creek)
        • California Creek
        • Rock Creek
        • Little Hangman Creek
    • Ninemile Creek
    • Wilmont Creek
    • Stranger Creek
    • Hall Creek
      • Lynx Creek
    • Barnaby Creek
    • Sherman Creek
    • Colville River
    • Kettle River
      • Deadman Creek
      • Boulder Creek
      • East Deer Creek
      • West Deer Creek
      • Lon Alec Creek
      • Curlew Creek (Curlew Lake)
        • Lambert Creek
        • Trout Creek
      • Tonata Creek
      • Toroda Creek
      • Myers Creek
        • Mary Ann Creek
    • Onion Creek
    • Big Sheep Creek
    • Deep Creek
    • Pend Oreille River (mouth just across Canada – United States border)
      • Slate Creek
      • Sullivan Creek
        • Harvey Creek (Sullivan Lake)
      • Ruby Creek
      • Le Clerc Creek
      • Tacoma Creek
      • Calispell Creek
        • Small Creek
        • Winchester Creek
      • Skookum Creek
      • Priest River (itself in Idaho, but Western tributaries in Washington)
        • Lower West Branch Priest River
        • Upper West Branch Priest River
        • Kalispell Creek
        • Granite Creek


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  • USGS Geographic Names Information Service
  • USGS Hydrologic Unit Map - State of Washington (1974)
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