Live In Paris Zenith '88

Live in Paris Zenith '88
Burning Spear
Released 1989
Recorded May 21, 1988
Genre Reggae
Label Slash Records
Producer Winston Rodney
Nelson Miller
Professional ratings
Review scores
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Robert Christgau B+ link

Live in Paris Zenith '88 is a live album by Jamaican reggae singer Burning Spear.

It was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album at the 32nd Grammy Awards in 1990.

Track listing

  1. "Spear Burning"
  2. "We Are Going"
  3. "The Youth"
  4. "New Experience"
  5. "African Postman"
  6. "Happy Day"
  7. "Woman I Love You"
  8. "Queen of The Mountain"
  9. "Creation Rebel"
  10. "Mistress Music"
  11. "Built This City"
  12. "The Wilderness"
  13. "Driver"
  14. "Door Peep" (only on double CD and vinyl)

Content of 2CD Reissue in 2003

CD1 :

  1. "Spear Burning"
  2. "We Are Going"
  3. "The Youth"
  4. "New Experience"
  5. "African Postman"
  6. "Happy Day"
  7. "Woman I Love You"
  8. "Travelling"

CD2 :

  1. "Queen of The Mountain"
  2. "Creation Rebel"
  3. "Mistress Music"
  4. "Built This City"
  5. "The Wilderness"
  6. "Driver"
  7. "Door Peep"
  8. "Old Marcus Garvey"
  9. "Swell Headed"


  • All songs written by Winston Rodney
  • Executive Producer – Blue Moon Productions
  • Recorded in digital at the Zenith on May 21, 1988 with Mobile Studio Le Voyageur (Paris)
  • Sound engineer – Andrzej (Andy) Gierus
  • Assistant engineers – Rene Weiss, Pierre Allesandri and Jonathan Dee
  • Mixed on 48 digital track at Marcus Studio Recording, London by Winston Rodney and Nelson Miller
  • Assistant Engineer – Jonathan Dee
  • Mastered by Tom Baker at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA
  • Art concept and design – Jon Sellers and Virginia Hodge
  • Art work – Compodesign, Paris
  • Photos by Jean-Bernard Sohiez
  • This LP is dedicated to Florence
  • Love Always To All Burning Spear Fans
  • Thanks to Eric Greenspan, Winston Rodney and Nelson Miller for their trust and to Garance Production, Le Voyageur, Jeremy Jones (Marcus Studio Recording), Vu a la Tele, Duran Production, Dennis Bovell, Andy, Pascal Soalhat, Blue Moon Music and all the Burning Band.


  • Winston Rodney – lead vocal and percussion
  • Nelson Miller – drums
  • Devon Bradshaw – bass
  • Anthony Bradshaw – guitar
  • Lenford Richards – lead Guitar
  • Alvin Haughton – percussion
  • Pamela Fleming – trumpet
  • Jennifer Hill – saxophone
  • Nilda Richards – trombone
  • Richard Antony Johnson – synthesizer and keyboard
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