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Local government areas of Tasmania

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Title: Local government areas of Tasmania  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Tasmania, Local government in Australia, Local government areas of Tasmania, Constitution of Australia, Governor-General of Australia
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Local government areas of Tasmania

Map of local government areas of Tasmania

This is a list of the 29 local government areas (LGAs) of Tasmania. The LGAs are grouped by region.

This article also includes lists of towns, suburbs and localities of Tasmania.

Local government areas

Local government area Principal town Land area[1] Population[2]
(2011 census)
Density Region
km² sq mi
Break O'Day St Helens 3,525.8 1,361 6,194 1.8 North-east
Brighton Brighton 171.3 66 15,460 90.3 Hobart
Central Coast Ulverstone 933.1 360 21,355 22.9 North-west and west coast
Central Highlands Hamilton 7,982.4 3,082 2,262 0.3 Central
Circular Head Smithton 4,897.7 1,891 7,977 1.6 North-west and west coast
Burnie (City of) Burnie 611.0 236 19,329 31.6 North-west and west coast
Clarence (City of) Rosny Park 378.0 146 51,852 137.2 Hobart
Devonport (City of) Devonport 111.3 43 24,615 221.2 North-west and west coast
Glenorchy (City of) Glenorchy 121.1 47 44,656 368.8 Hobart
Hobart (City of) Hobart 77.9 30 48,703 625.2 Hobart
Launceston (City of) Launceston 1,413.6 546 64,193 45.4 Launceston
Derwent Valley New Norfolk 4,108.1 1,586 9,704 2.4 South-east
Dorset Scottsdale 3,227.6 1,246 6,827 2.1 North-east
Flinders Whitemark 1,996.6 771 776 0.4 North-east
George Town George Town 653.4 252 6,636 10.2 Launceston
Glamorgan Spring Bay Triabunna 2,591.4 1,001 4,190 1.6 South-east
Huon Valley Huonville 5,507.4 2,126 15,140 2.7 South-east
Kentish Sheffield 1,156 446 6,086 5.3 North-west and west coast
King Island Currie 1,095.8 423 1,566 1.4 North-west and west coast
Kingborough Kingston 720.1 278 33,893 47.1 Hobart
Latrobe Latrobe 600.5 232 9,833 16.4 North-west and west coast
Meander Valley Westbury 3,330.3 1,286 18,888 5.7 Launceston
Northern Midlands Longford 5,136.5 1,983 12,228 2.4 Central
Sorell Sorell 583.7 225 13,194 22.6 South-east
Southern Midlands Oatlands 2,615.4 1,010 6,049 2.3 Central
Tasman Nubeena 660.5 255 2,355 3.6 South-east
Waratah-Wynyard Wynyard 3,531.0 1,363 13,708 3.9 North-west and west coast
West Coast Zeehan 9,589.8 3,703 4,678 0.5 North-west and west coast
West Tamar Beaconsfield 691.1 267 21,817 31.6 Launceston
Tasmania Hobart 68,018.2 26,262 495,354 7.3  

Hobart area councils

Brighton Council

City of Clarence

City of Glenorchy

City of Hobart

Kingborough Council

Sorell Council

South-east area councils

Derwent Valley Council

Municipality of Tasman

Huon Valley Council

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

North-east area councils

Break O'Day Council

Dorset Council

Flinders Council

Launceston area councils

George Town Council

City of Launceston

Note: Blackstone Heights and Prospect are in the Meander Valley council; Riverside is in the West Tamar council.

Meander Valley Council

West Tamar Council

North-west and west coast councils

City of Burnie

Central Coast Council

Circular Head Council

City of Devonport

Kentish Council

King Island Council

Latrobe Council

Waratah-Wynyard Council

West Coast Council

Central councils

Central Highlands Council

Northern Midlands Council

Southern Midlands Council

Former LGAs

Tasmania has had a large amount of former LGAs. In 1907, 149 LGAs were shrunk to 53. By the time of a large scale overhaul in 1993 this had shrunk to 46, which was reduced that year to 29.[3] This list therefore is not complete

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  • Map of Local Government Areas (PDF 837kb)


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