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Macedonian Sign Language


Macedonian Sign Language

Macedonian Sign Language
Македонски знаковен јазик
Native to Republic of Macedonia
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
6,000 have requested signed news on television[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)

The Macedonian sign language (Macedonian: македонски знаковен јазик makedonski znakoven jazik or македонски гестовен јазик makedonski gestoven jazik) is the sign language of the deaf community in Macedonia.[2] As all sign languages, the Macedonian sign language is also based on gestures and body movements, particularly movements with the hands. The precise number of signers in Macedonia is not known, but 6,000 people request signed news on Macedonian television.[1] The learning and the usage of the language, as well as the rights of the deaf community in Macedonia are regulated by a national law.[3]


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The Macedonian sign alphabet is a system of signs used by the Macedonian sign language. The alphabet is made of 31 sign, which is equal to the 31 sound of the Macedonian language. Each letter has its own sign. There are two types of the alphabet; alphabet expressed with one hand and alphabet expressed with two hands.[4]


The Macedonian Sign language is regulated by a national law on 21 August 2009. The Macedonian law defines it as following:

However, the law includes several things, such as: defining the language itself, the rights of the deaf people of Macedonia, studying the language and preparing adequate interpreters, it defines the tasks of the National Association of Deaf People of Macedonia and its financing and it secures proper implementation of the right of the deaf people. Basically, each individual is allowed to request a Sign language interpreter and the institution where such request has been made, or the individual itself, is obliged to find one.


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