Manfield Non-Life Master Pairs

The Manfield Non-Life Master Pairs national bridge championship is held at the fall American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Manfield Non-Life Master Pairs is either a two or four session MP pairs event depending on the number of entrants. If it is a four session event, there are two qualifying sessions and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the first Friday of the NABC. The event is restricted to those that have not attained the rank of Life Master.


The event was introduced in 1981 as the Miles Non-Life Master Pairs, named after Rufus L. "Skinny" Miles Jr. It was renamed in 2010 after ACBL Hall of Fame member Ed Manfield.


Winners of Non-Life Master Pairs
Year Winners Runners-Up
1981 Lin Goldstein, Shirlee Shaw Ray Kuntz, Alex Stagner
1982 Paul Bratton, Robert Bernhard Yale Mallinger, G. LeBlanc
1983 Moses Ma, Philips Santosa Wally Weaver, Michael Lewis
1984 Summer Steinfeldt, Nancy Muehter Albert Rahmey, Jeanne Rahmey
1985 Hank Hristienko, Zbigniew Radwanski Linda Hendrickson, Wendy Haisley
1986 Lanier Hurdle, Mike Hurdle John Diamond, Andy Chesterton
1987 Anthony Trafecanty, Michael Trafecanty David Marx, Judy Levi
1988 Sharon Tuggle, Tom Tuggle Steve Clements, Nicholas Rogers
1989 Jay Berke, Thomas Halton Charles Carpenter, Edward Crane
1990 Metin Uz, Jeffrey Naiman Anlin Xu, Huichun Zhao
1991 Daryl Hicks, Charles Papp Sakiko Naito, Toru Amano
1992 Cordelia Menges, Audrey Robb Millie Huneycutt, Stuart Perlman
1993 Bob Ehrlich, Clark Millikan Jordan Lampe, Kingsum Chow
1994 Jean-Cheui Hsung, Edmund Chen Tom Knier, Jon Weinberg
1995 Michael McNamara, David Liss Dayn Beam, Jim Alison
1996 Adam Barron, Anthony Hurwitz Rupert Brauch, Brian Kemper
1997 Alan Carpenter, Michael Levin Gregory Berry, Jay Segal
1998 John Markey, John Cobb Andy Muenz, Bob Zehm
1999 Aviv Shahaf, Igor Sauchenko Andy Latto, Lawrence Latto
2000 Ernie Fusco, Sherry Fusco Andrew Rieger, Michael Albert
2001 Aaron Craig, Max Minzner Bill Filip, Warren Williams
2002 Edward Wilson, Paul Fagan Dale Shepherd, Sumit Daftuar
2003 Marie Berggren, Gunnar Gothberg John Bondurant, Paul Horn
2004 Jadwiga Polujan, Bernie Weiss William Thorp, Dorothy Conway
2005 Mike Develin, John Barth Cassandra Spain, Karen Gurwitz
2006 Robert Bertoni, William Nason Nevena Stoimirov, Ivan Stoimirov
2007 Metin Gokcen, Sadik Arf Kevin Shiue, Dan Joo
2008 Debbie Crisfield, Karen Haines Lunhui Lin, Dawei Qi
2009 Stephen Drodge, Dan Emmons Sandra Naber, John Naber
2010 Roger Pryor, Dianne Pryor Brandon Harper, Ryan Miller
2011 Monica Guo, Kevin Shiue Karen Dahners, Marilyn Vitkevich-Wilk
2012 Jacob Vrooman, Yuan Shen Umesh Reghuram, Puliur Santhanam


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