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Max Lagarrigue

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Title: Max Lagarrigue  
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Max Lagarrigue

Max Lagarrigue, born in 1972 in Castelsarrasin, is a French historian specialising in rural communism and a journalist.


Lagarrigue taught the History of communism at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and has published numerous papers including in the magazine Communism [1] published by the Study Group and Democracy Observatory (GEODE) of the National Center for Scientific Research and a book on the charismatic leader of French rural communism Renaud Jean entitled Notebooks a Communist deputy (2001).

Working alongside the history of the Second World War, it was also interested in the Exodus and the history of refugees in 1940. Organizer of an international symposium on this subject, he led a reference book titled 1940, The decline of France. The European defeat(in 2001).[2] These investigations have also led to writing and directing a documentary (The decline of France, May 1940) and a book about the exodus of the Belgians in the Southwest of France (2005).[3]

He also organized an international symposium titled Manuel Azana and memory of the Spanish Civil Warin November 2004 "Présence de Manuel Azaña". which was established to hold an annual celebration on the date of death of the President of the Spanish Republic.

Wishing to promote regional contemporary history, he co-founded an association called Montauban Arkheia - History, memory of the twentieth century in South-West, which publishes a magazine of the same name. This review brings together a group of historians, academics, journalists, local scholars, teachers and students.[4]

He is also since 2001 a journalist by involving local (Journal du Palais) prior to professionalize in 2006, within the regional daily La Depeche du Midi.



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