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Mayor of Albuquerque

Mayor of Albuquerque
Richard J. Berry

since December 2013
Term length Four years
(No term limits)
Formation 1885
Website Office of the Mayor

The mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico is the chief executive officer of the city, elected for a four-year term. There are no term limits for the mayor. Under the New Mexico State Constitution, municipal elections are nonpartisan. The 29th and current Mayor is Richard J. Berry, a Republican.


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Henry N. Jaffa was elected the first mayor of Albuquerque in 1885, until 1916 the city was governed by a mayor until the transition to a City commission occurred. The leader of City government in Albuquerque was the Chairman of the City Commission. In 1975, due to large growth in the city, voters replaced the Commission system with a City Council system. After the change occurred, voters once again elected a mayor.[1]

Duties and powers

Albuquerque has a

  • City of Albuquerque – Mayor's office
  • Mayors of U.S. Cities

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See also

Chairman of the City Commission Term Party
Henry Westerfield April 1916–December 1917 Republican
Charles F. Wade December 4, 1917 – May 24, 1919 Republican
Walter Connell June 1919–April 1922 Democratic
William R. Walton April 1922–December 1922 Democratic
Vacant December 1922–February 1923
Edwin Burnham Swope February 1923 – February 24, 1925 Democratic
Vacant February 24, 1925–June 1925
Clyde Tingley June 1925 – December 31, 1934 Democratic
Charles Henry Lembke January 1935–April 1938 Democratic
Clyde Elmer Oden April 1938–October 1939 Democratic
Clyde Tingley October 1939–April 1946 Democratic
Albert E. Buck April 1946 – August 12, 1947 Republican
Frank W. Darrow August 12, 1947 – October 10, 1947 Republican
Clyde Tingley October 10, 1947 – January 27, 1948 Democratic
Ernest Everly January 27, 1948–October 1951 Republican
Clyde Tingley October 1951–April 1954 Democratic
Maurice Sanchez April 1954–April 1962 Republican
Archie Westphall April 1962–April 1966 Republican
Ralph S. Trigg April 1966–October 1967 Republican
Pete V. Domenici October 1967–March 1970 Republican
Charles E. Barnhart May 1970–October 1971 Republican
Harry E. Kinney October 1971 – February 21, 1973 Republican
Louis E. Saavedra February 21, 1973 – December 10, 1973 Democratic
Ray R. Baca December 18, 1973 – April 1, 1974 Democratic
Richard G. Vaughan April 1, 1974 – June 30, 1974 Republican

Chairman of the City Commission

Mayor Term Party
Henry N. Jaffa July 7, 1885–April 1886
George Lail April 1886–April 1887
William B. Childers April 1887–April 1888
Arthur E. Walker April 1888–April 1889
G. W. Meylert April 1889–April 1890
Michael Mandell April 1890–April 1891
Joseph Exum Saint April 1891–April 1892
George S. Easterday April 1892–April 1893
Neill Brooks Field April 1893–April 1894
John F. Luthy April 1894–April 1895
Joseph C. Baldridge April 1895–April 1897
Strickland Aubright April 1897–April 1898
Frank Willey Clancy April 1898–April 1899 Republican
Owen N. Marron April 1899–April 1902 Democratic
Charles F. Myers April 1902–April 1904 Republican
Frank McKee April 1904–April 1908 Republican
Felix H. Lester April 1908–April 1910 Democratic
John W. Elder April 1910–April 1912 Republican
D. K. B. Sellers April 1912–April 1914 Democratic
David H. Boatright April 1914–April 1916 Republican
Harry E. Kinney July 1, 1974–November 1977 Republican
David Rusk December 1977–November 1981 Democratic
Harry E. Kinney December 1981–November 1985 Republican
Ken Schultz December 1985–November 1989 Democratic
Louis E. Saavedra December 1989–November 1993 Democratic
Martin Chávez December 1993–November 1997 Democratic
Jim Baca December 1997–November 2001 Democratic
Martin Chávez December 2001–November 2009 Democratic
Richard J. Berry December 2009– Republican
List of mayors
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