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McLaughlin Automobile

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Title: McLaughlin Automobile  
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McLaughlin Automobile

The McLaughlin automobile company began life in 1876[1] as the McLaughlin Carriage Company, a blacksmith's shop in the village of Enniskillen, located 20 kilometres (12 mi) north east of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The company began making horse-drawn carriages in the mid 19th Century, moving to Oshawa, Ontario in 1876 as $1,000,000.00 a year company Selling a patented suspension rig. The most successful of their time, producing more than 25,000 carriages a year,[2] the company incorporated as the McLaughlin Carriage Company,of Canada Limited. in 1901. By 1915, the company was making one carriage every ten minutes and had 200 dealers across Canada selling both cars and wagons.[3]

Under the guidance of "Colonel" Sam McLaughlin as President in 1907, the company began the manufacture of automobiles, eventually signing a contract for 15 years with the Exchange of $500,000.00 of Buick stock for $500.000.00 of McLaughlin Stock with William C. Durant. Durant had acquired the Buick Motor Company that later would become General Motors Holding Company.

During their first few years of operation, the automobiles were known as "McLaughlins". The name was changed to "McLaughlin-Buick" when sales dropped, and returned to "McLaughlin" until 1915 when The Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada Limited, owned by McLaughlin, merged both his companies to become General Motors of Canada Limited and McLaughlin. The "McLaughlin" name was eventually dropped altogether, leaving the "Buick" marque still in use today. Until 1914, the cars were finished with the same paints and varnishes used on carriages. This meant each vehicle required up to fifteen coats of paint. McLauglin revolutionized the industry with their painting process.

In 1918, Sam was Director and Vice-President of General Motors Corporation. The same year he merged the McLaughlin Car Company of Canada and the Chevrolet Car Company of Canada to call it General Motors Car Company of Canada Limited, Sam McLaughlin would go on to be General Motors Vice President in 1918 when Chevrolet owned 54.6% of General Motors stock of $90,000,000.00 Chevrolet was incorporated in the USA and General Motors of Canada was incorporated when McLaughlin as a large shareholder of General Motors stock allowed it to happen as he had no sons.General Motors Corporation Gave the McLaughlins GM Stocks to become Proprietors of the Canadian Plant as an article in the Financial Post September 23,1933 page 9 states. McLaughlin continued to run the company as chairman of the board of General Motors of Canada, in addition to being vice-president and director of the indirect parent company.

General Motors Archives information on R.S. McLaughlin who prior to his 100th birthday stated that he, Durant and Durant's son-in-law Dr Campbell from Port Perry and a lifelong friend of Sam were dickering after the Buick Motor deal for 15 years in 1907 and the exchange of $500,000.00 Buick stock for $500,000.00 McLaughlin stock with a name for their company and called it General Motors .This came to be in 1908.

  • all information obtained from General Motors archives by John N Jeffery not known that any to be true as A. P. Sloan had R. S. McLaughlin kept as a GM Executive and remained when A P Sloan retired after the Senit questioned his collaboration with Hitler.
  • In 1910 Director of General Motors holding Company
  • In 1915 Director and Treasurer Chevrolet Motor Company of Canada
  • 1917 Sam McLaughlin Director Dominion Bank of Canada until 1959
  • 1919 President of General Motors of Canada Limited
  • 1919 President Chevrolet Motor Co of Canada Limited (New Co)
  • 1919 President of Motor Car Company of Canada Limited (New Co.)
  • 1919 President Olds Motor Works of Canada Limited
  • 1920 Durant was forced to sell his $25,000,000.00 in General Motors Stock
  • 1922 President Oakland Motor Car Company of Canada Limited
  • 1923 President Cadillac Motor Car Company of Canada Limited
  • 1923 President of General Motors Truck Company of Canada limited
  • 1926 President of General Motors Products of Canada Limited
  • 1930 Sam McLaughlin was Director of Canadian Pacific Rail Road

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