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Ministry of Defence (Finland)

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Title: Ministry of Defence (Finland)  
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Subject: Commander-in-chief, Ministry of Defence, Minister of Defence (Finland), Axel Hagelstam
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Ministry of Defence (Finland)

The Minister of Defence (Finnish: puolustusministeri, Swedish: försvarsminister) is a member of the Finnish Council of State. As the head of the Ministry of Defence, the minister is responsible for the administration of national defence. The ministry is headquartered in Helsinki. The current Minister of Defence is Carl Haglund.

From June to November 1918 the post was called Chief of the War Department, and from then until 1922 the post was called the Minister of War.

The President of the Republic is the commander-in-chief of the Finnish Defence Forces. The commander of the military forces is the Chief of Defence.

List of Ministers of Defence

Period of Office Minister of Defence
1918 Wilhelm Thesleff
1918-1919 Rudolf Walden
1919-1920 Karl Emil Berg
1920-1921 Bruno Jalander
1921 Onni Hämäläinen
1921-1923 Bruno Jalander
1923 Kyösti Kallio
1923-1924 Wilho Petter Nenonen
1924 Viktor Schvindt
1924 Ivar Aminoff
1924-1925 Kaarlo Malmberg
1925 Aleksander Lampén
1925-1926 Leonard Hjelmman
1926-1927 Kaarlo Heinonen
1927-1928 Jalo Lahdensuo
1928-1929 Aimo Cajander
1929-1930 Juho Niukkanen
1930 Albin Manner
1930-1931 Hugo Viktor Österman
1930-1931 Albin Manner
1931-1932 Jalo Lahdensuo
1932-1937 Arvi Oksala
1937-1940 Juho Niukkanen
1940-1944 Rudolf Walden
1944-1945 Väinö Valve
1945-1948 Mauno Pekkala
1946-1948 Yrjö Kallinen
1948-1950 Emil Skog
1950-1951 Kustaa Tiitu
1951-1953 Emil Skog
1953 Kauno Kleemola
1953-1954 Päiviö Hetemäki
1954-1957 Emil Skog
1957 Atte Pakkanen
1957 Pekka Malinen
1957-1958 Kalle Lehmus
1958 Lars Björkenheim
1958-1959 Toivo Wiherheimo
1959-1961 Leo Häppölä
1961-1962 Lars Björkenheim
1962-1963 Arvo Pentti
1963-1964 Kaarlo Leinonen
1964-1966 Arvo Pentti
1966-1970 Sulo Suorttanen
1970 Arvo Pentti
1970-1971 Kristian Gestrin
1971-1972 Arvo Pentti
1972 Sulo Hostila
1972-1974 Kristian Gestrin
1974-1975 Carl-Olof Homén
1975 Erkki Huurtamo
1975-1976 Ingvar Melin
1976-1977 Seppo Westerlund
1977-1979 Taisto Tähkämaa
1979-1982 Lasse Äikäs
1982-1983 Juhani Saukkonen
1983-1987 Veikko Pihlajamäki
1987-1990 Ole Norrback
1990-1995 Elisabeth Rehn
1995 Jan-Erik Enestam
1995-1999 Anneli Taina
1999-2003 Jan-Erik Enestam
2003 Matti Vanhanen
2003-2007 Seppo Kääriäinen
2007-2011 Jyri Häkämies
2011-2012 Stefan Wallin
2012-present Carl Haglund

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