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Minnedosa (Manitoba riding)


Minnedosa (Manitoba riding)

Minnedosa was a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created in 1881 with the expansion of the province's western boundary, and has existed continuously since that time. From 1886 to 1888, it was divided into two ridings, Minnedosa East and Minnedosa West.

Minnedosa was located in the southwestern region of Manitoba. It was bordered by Russell to the north, Ste. Rose to the east, Turtle Mountain to the east and south, and Arthur-Virden to the south and west. The constituency also surrounded the City of Brandon, which is divided into the ridings of Brandon East and Brandon West.

Minnedosa itself was the largest community in the constituency. Other communities in riding the included Souris, Rivers, Rapid City, Shilo, Basswood, Wawanesa, and Erickson.

Minnedosa's population in 1996 was 18,694. As of 1999, the average family income was $46,627, and the unemployment rate was 3.50%. Agriculture accounted for 22% of the riding's industry, followed by government services at 12% and health and social services at 12%. Six per cent of the population was of German background, and 15% were over 65 years of age.

Minnedosa was held by the Progressive Conservative Party for several decades, but the New Democratic Party made efforts to win the seat in the riding's last years. In the provincial election of 2003, the Conservative Party retained the seat by only 12 votes, but in the 2007 Election the Progressive Conservative incumbent Leanne Rowat won with 52.83% and the NDP candidate won 38.53% of the vote.

As a result of the 2008 Electoral Redistibution, for the 2011 Election, the constituency was dissolved into the ridings of Spruce Woods, Riding Mountain, and Arthur-Virden

List of provincial representatives (Minnedosa, original constituency)

Name Party Took Office Left Office
John CrerarLib18811883
David H. HarrisonLib-Cons18831886

List of provincial representatives (Minnedosa East)

Name Party Took Office Left Office
James GilliesCons18861888

List of provincial representatives (Minnedosa West)

Name Party Took Office Left Office
David H. HarrisonLib-Cons18861888

List of provincial representatives (Minnedosa, re-established)

Name Party Took Office Left Office
James GilliesLib-Cons18881892
Robert MyersLib18921903
William B. WaddellCons19031910
John ThompsonLib19101914
George GriersonLib19141922
Neil CameronProg19221927
Earl RutledgeCons19271948
Henry RungayLib-Prog19481953
Gilbert HuttonSocial Credit19531958
Charles ShuttleworthLib-Prog19581959
Walter WeirPC19591971
Dave BlakePC19711988
Harold GilleshammerPC19882003
Leanne RowatPC2003present

Election results

Template:Canadian election result/top |- |bgcolor="#9999FF"|     |Progressive Conservative |Leanne Rowat |align="right"|3,790 |align="right"|52.79 |align="right"|+5.42 |align="right"|$22,692.31 |- |bgcolor="sandybrown"|     |New Democratic Party |Harvey Paterson |align="right"|2,769 |align="right"|38.57 |align="right"|-8.62 |align="right"|$16,563.22 Template:CANelec Template:CANelec |- |bgcolor="gainsboro"|     |Independent |Colin Atkins |align="right"|72 |align="right"|1.00 |align="right"|-0.54 |align="right"|$1,218.45 Template:CANelec/total Template:CANelec/total Template:CANelec/total Template:CANelec/total |}

Template:Manitoba provincial election, 2003/Electoral District/Minnedosa (electoral district)[1]

Template:Manitoba provincial election, 1999/Electoral District/Minnedosa (electoral district)


Coordinates: 49°50′38″N 100°16′48″W / 49.844°N 100.280°W / 49.844; -100.280

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