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Miracle Hikaru

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Title: Miracle Hikaru  
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Subject: Hyōgo Prefecture, Hikaru Utada
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Miracle Hikaru

Miracle Hikaru (ミラクルひかる Mirakuru Hikaru?) (April 9, 1980 - ) (real name Rika Tamura) is a Japanese impressionist of the comedic performing arts from Toyooka, Hyōgo. She is best known for her impersonation of Hikaru Utada. Her professional activities are currently managed by Jinsei Pro.

Prior to her career as an Impressionist, she was a hairstylist. She initially came to Tokyo to gain a position as a stylist at a renowned hair salon. Miracle has been noted to have a sheep phobia.

January 23, 2008 Miracle Hikaru released "Miracle (1)," a hip-hop album in the mimicry style of Hikaru Utada. It has 8 tracks, distributed by King Records.[1]

In 2010 and 2011 she released a series of sexy videos.

She has been featuring at various tv shows as humorist.



  • 2005 -: Kōhaku Uta Gassen
  • FNS 26-jikan terebi kokumin-tekina omoshiro-sa! Shijō saidai! ! Manatsu no kuizu matsuri 26-jikan buttōshi supesharu (Fuji TV)
  • Nakai Masahiro no burakkubaraeti (NTV)
  • Toribianoizumi 〜 subarashiki muda chishiki 〜 (Fuji TV)
  • Chi-chin puipui (Mainichihōsō) `kyō no dare?' No kōnā Kayō sapuraizu (NTV)
  • Kayō sapuraizu (NTV)
  • Monomaneōzaketteisen (Fuji TV)
  • 2011: Run for Money Tōsō-Chū (Fuji TV)
  • 2013: Hikaru ☆ Miracle 10 Kakan (BS SKY)


  • Miracle Hikaru no Mono Mane Paradise (FM Jungle)
  • OH! MY RADIO with Hirai Ken (J-WAVE TOKYO FM)
  • Shall Wee Talk (FM Jungle)


  • 2007: Round and round Miracle (GyaO Jockey Internet TV)
  • 2007: Round and round Miracle Ring (GyaO Jockey Internet TV)


  • 2010: "Yoko" role at 7th performance of CM "TIME II"


  • 2008: Miracle 1

Idol DVD

  • 2010: It’Miracle
  • 2010: MIRACLE BODY
  • 2011: SWINUTION
  • 2011: Miracle Juice

Impression repertoire


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