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Mongolian Sign Language

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Title: Mongolian Sign Language  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Languages of Mongolia, Polish manual alphabet, Irish manual alphabet, Portuguese manual alphabet, Yugoslav manual alphabet
Collection: Languages of Mongolia, Sign Languages
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Mongolian Sign Language

Mongolian Sign Language
Native to Mongolia
Native speakers
(no estimate available)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 msr
Glottolog mong1264[1]

Mongolian Sign Language (Mongolian: Монгол дохионы хэл, Mongol dokhiony khel) is a sign language used in Mongolia. Ethnologue estimates that there were between 10,000 to 147,000 deaf people in Mongolia as of 1998; however, it is not known how many of those are users of MSL.[2]

Linda Ball, a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia, is believed to have created the first dictionary of MSL in 1995.[3] In 2007, another MSL dictionary with 3,000 entries was published by Mongolia's Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science with assistance from UNESCO.[4]


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