Morey mansion

Morey Mansion
File:Morey Mansion in Winter.jpg
General information
Architectural style Victorian
Address 190 Terracina Blvd
Redlands, California 92373

34°02′20″N 117°12′29″W / 34.038816°N 117.208012°W / 34.038816; -117.208012Coordinates: 34°02′20″N 117°12′29″W / 34.038816°N 117.208012°W / 34.038816; -117.208012

Completed 1890
Renovated 2000
Cost $20,000
Client David Morey
Technical details
Floor count 3
Floor area 4,800 square feet (450 m2)
Design and construction
Architect Jerome Seymour[1]

Morey Mansion is an 1890 Victorian house in Redlands, California, United States.


The house was built in 1890 by early Redlands residents David and Sarah Morey for $20,000, profits from the sale of their citrus nursery. Following the Moreys' deaths in 1901, the house's second owners were Willard R. and Nancy Cheney, the brother and sister-in-law of Helen Cheney Kimberly, who was the wife of one of the founders of Kimberly-Clark Corporation.[2] In the 1940s, it was reportedly owned by actress Carole Lombard's uncle and left to her in his will, but she died before she could take ownership. shortly later purchased by Willard M. and Florence Wiseman and then sold in the later 60's or 70's to the city of Redlands

The house was featured in the film Talk About a Stranger (1952) as the house of the character Dr. Paul Mahler, alias Matlock.

The mansion opened as the first bed and breakfast in Redlands in 1985[3] under then-owners Carl Ljungquist and Gary Conway.[4] The house was purchased by Janet Cosgrove in 1998, who oversaw renovation work[1] to the building before reopening it as a bed and breakfast in 2006. In 2010, Sara and Bill Taylor bought the mansion for sole use as their private residence.[5]

Paranormal activity

Local tales hold that the bedroom where Sarah Morey died a tragic death (her husband killed himself shortly after) in 1901, known as the Blue Room, is haunted.[6] A 2009 episode of The Othersiders visited Morey Mansion and reported it as haunted. The team caught orbs, strange hot spots, and pictures of the initials S.M (Sarah Morey).



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