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Mu Alpha Phi

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Title: Mu Alpha Phi  
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Subject: List of fraternities and sororities in Puerto Rico, Melissa Marty, Eta Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Kappa, Delta Tau Delta
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Mu Alpha Phi

Mu Alpha Phi
Founded October 24, 1927
University of Puerto Rico
Type Social
Scope  Puerto Rico
Nickname la Mu
Headquarters San Juan, PR, Puerto Rico
Homepage .commualphaphi

Mu Alpha Phi (MAΦ) is a sorority established in Puerto Rico on October 24, 1927. [1] It is considered to be the first Puerto Rican sorority founded in the island.[2] The sorority has Alumni and University chapters across the Island.


The sorority was established in the [3] Since many sisters were graduating by 1930 the need for an alumni chapter was evident, thus the "Capitulo Pasivo" was founded; this chapter is now called Zona Alpha Alumnae.

By September 13, 1946 the Beta chapter was established at the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The first Beta sisters were Delia González, Maita Bravo, Andreita Martínez and Rochie Sabater. As a result of the Beta chapter the Río Piedras university chapter came to be called Alpha and the "Capitulo Pasivo" came to be called Alpha Alumnae.

In June 1950, sorority sisters at Universidad Católica de Santa María, later called Delta Chapter, it was led by Martita Mercado, Sally Zaragoza, Laira González Rigau and Berníe Pabón, among others.

Two years later Mu sisters led by Leila Padilla de Balaguer and Katherine Morell de Domínguez at Arecibo requested a charter; it was granted and thus the Epsilon chapter came to be. This chapter closed and was later re-opened in 1985. Since so many chapters were being created by 1950 a central governing body was created called "Honorable Consejo Supremo". Its first president was Judith Mercader de Sifre.[5]

Two alumni chapters, Chi Alumni in Cabo Rojo and Gamma Alumnae in Ponce, were established; both chapters were closed. Nevertheless, Zonas were then established for sisters who had graduated, were married, or had other interests than those of the student sisters. The first "Zona" was established in Ponce by 1979 and called Zona Ponce. In San Juan the Alumni chapter was reopened as Zona Alpha Alumnae. By 1985, the Zona Beta was founded in Mayagüez and in 1989, the Zona Epsilon was founded in Arecibo. Furthermore, in 1993 Zona Phi Alpha was founded in San Juan and in 1995 the newest Zona was opened in San Germán: Zona Delta. The sorority now has many notable members such as Melissa Marty, winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008, and Janina Irizarry, winner of Objetivo Fama, now a famous singer.


  • Alpha - San Juan
  • Zona Alpha Alumnae - San Juan
  • Beta - Mayagüez
  • Zona Beta - Mayagüez
  • Gamma[6] - Ponce
  • Zona Ponce - Ponce
  • Delta[7] - San Germán
  • Zona Delta - San Germán
  • Epsilon - Arecibo
  • Zona Epsilon - Arecibo
  • Zona Phi Alpha - San Juan

Notable members

Name Notability References
María del Mar Rivera Miss Puerto Rico 1977 [3]
Delis Castillo Ex mayor of Ponce [3]
María del Carmen González Journalist [3]
Mercedes Marrero de Bauermeister Ex Director of "Administración de Tribunales de PR" [3]
Janina Singer [3]
Melissa Marty Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008 [3]
Rosarito Ferrer Businesswoman [3]
Rosita Velázquez Actress [3]
Sor Isolina Ferrer Humanitarian [3]
Lcda. Ana Margarita Mateu First Lady of Ponce [3]

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