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Title: Muhuru  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Living dinosaur, Old Yellow Top, Malawi terror beast, Grassman, Inkanyamba
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


An artist's rendition of the Muhuru
Grouping Local legend
Sub grouping Modern dinosaur
First reported Unknown
Country Kenya
Region The jungles
Habitat Jungle

Muhuru is an alleged relict non-avian dinosaur that has been reported from the jungles of Kenya. It is described as a heavily armoured beast with thick bone plates on its back and a club-like tail. Missionary Cal Bombay and his wife made the first report of the creature.[1]

Although it's never been discussed in the paleontological literature, in pseudoscientific circles some have speculated that it is a modern-day descendant of the genus Stegosaurus. Contrary to witness descriptions of the muhuru, Stegosaurus was not heavily armored, and had a thagomizer at the end of its tail, rather than a bony club. However both are features found in ankylosaurs, another group of armored dinosaurs. Another postulate is that in the 150 million years since the youngest Stegosaurus fossils were found, this subspecies might have developed new features, like a club tail or lighter armour. Birds are the only group of dinosaurs believed by mainstream scientists to be extant.

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