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Dollhouse is an American television series created by Joss Whedon. Unlike Whedon's previous works, Dollhouse does not have a heavy focus on music (either popular songs or original music by the show's composers). While several songs have been used in the show, an official soundtrack has yet to be released.

The Dollhouse theme song is "What You Don't Know," performed by Jonatha Brooke. It was written by Brooke and Eric Bazilian.[1] As of May 5, 2009, the song has been available for purchase on iTunes. However, it is a different mix of the version that was used in the Dollhouse music video that was a limited-time promotional iTunes download. A MP3 download of the music video version has since circulated the internet. A shortened sample of the song is used for the opening and closing credits of Dollhouse.

The Dollhouse promotional advertisements featured the songs "Massive Dose" by Sonic Librarian, a cover of "Cobrastyle" performed by Robyn, and "Boys Wanna Be Her" by Peaches. [2]

The show's music score is composed by both Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen. Seven tracks from Dollhouse can be played on Simonsen's website, but cannot be downloaded.[3]

Season one

The following songs were featured during Dollhouse's first season[4]

Episode Title Song Artist Featured
All Theme Song What You Don't Know Jonatha Brooke Opening and closing credits
1 Ghost Into the Fold The Duke Spirit Echo/Alice and Matt's motorcycle race
Just Dance (HCCR's Bambossa Main Mix) Lady Gaga Echo/Alice and Matt dance at the club
Civilization Front Line Assembly Echo/Alice leaves the club to return to the Dollhouse
K.O. The DNC Ballard follows Victor/Lubov into a club
The Way You Like It The DNC Ballard interrogates Victor/Lubov in the club
2 The Target Get Out The Vines Echo/Jenny and Richard go white-water rafting
Leave It On Delorentos Ballard phones Victor/Lubov for information
3 Stage Fright Superstar (Smash It) Kimberly Cole Recurs throughout the episode
Freedom Eliza Dushku & Jamie Lee Kirchner Echo/Jordan auditions; reprised for the closing scene
The High Light FM Ballard meets with Victor/Lubov at a party
Overdose Kimberly Cole Echo/Jordan, Rayna and entourage arrive at a club
Blow the Lights Out Kimberly Cole Sierra/Audra meets Rayna
Make Your Move Jamie Lee Kirchner Echo/Jordan searches for Rayna's stalker
4 Gray Hour Treat 'Em Well The Sylvias Echo is imprinted as a midwife
All Over Me Lara D Echo/Taffy parties in the hotel lobby
I Go to Sleep Sia Closing scene
5 True Believer Moody Liz Daxton Monaghan The cult's bus arrives in town
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Traditional Christian hymn The cult members buy groceries
6 Man on the Street Memory Box Alessi's Ark Ballard and November/Mellie discuss the Dollhouse case
Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra No. 11 in B-Flat Major, Op. 9: Adagio Tomaso Albinoni November/Mellie is attacked in Ballard's apartment
Sweet Dream Greg Laswell Closing scene
7 Echoes Fantaisie Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66 Chopin Boyd plays the piano after exposure to the memory drug
Portions for Foxes Rilo Kiley Caroline discusses the Rossum Corporation with her friends
For Everything a Reason Carina Round Closing montage
8 Needs Lonely Ghosts O+S Closing montage
9 A Spy in the House of Love No commercial music was used in this episode
10 Haunted No commercial music was used in this episode
11 Briar Rose Heartbroken, In Disrepair Dan Auerbach Ballard tracks down Alpha/Stephen Kepler
12 Omega My Baby Loves Lovin' White Plains Echo/Crystal and Alpha/Bobby in the car with their hostage
In Dreams Roy Orbison Whiskey/Crystal pole dances as Alpha/Bobby tortures the client, Lars
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime Beck Closing montage
13 Epitaph One Remains Maurissa Tancharoen with Jed Whedon Closing montage

Season two

The following music was used during Dollhouse's second and final season.[5]

Episode Title Song Artist Featured
1 Vows Hunt Quartet - Adagio Joseph Haydn/Extreme Music Echo/Roma Klar walks down the aisle
Lark Quartet - Adagio Cantabile Joseph Haydn/Extreme Music Echo/Roma and Martin Klar dance at the reception
Hazy Rosi Golan (featuring William Fitzsimmons) Echo/Roma and Martin's wedding night
The World Earlimart Closing montage
2 Instinct Hush, Little Baby Eliza Dushku Echo/Emily sings a lullaby to the baby
3 Belle Chose Going Up? Steven Sechi Terry plays with his "dolls"
Twee for Two MusicBox Ballard takes Echo/Kiki to the wardrobe
Keep My Heart APM Echo/Kiki and Professor Gossin dance in his office
Let It Go Megha Maan Victor/Terry hunts for a new "Aunt Sheila"
House of Dolls Torin Topher attempts to remote-wipe Victor/Terry
A Lady Sleeps Bobby LaVell Echo/Terry attacks Professor Gossin
Remedy Little Boots Victor/Kiki dances at a night club
4 Belonging Soul People Maimon and the Mongoose Band Priya sells her artwork on the boardwalk
Piano in Partyland APM Music Priya talks to a socialite who likes her artwork
Piano Cocktail APM Music Priya speaks to Echo and Victor and fights with Nolan
Drones Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen Priya is brought to the Dollhouse; Sierra leaves the Dollhouse; Topher has a crisis of conscience
Travelling Woman Bat for Lashes Closing scene
5 The Public Eye A Tribute to Erik Satie Gregor F. Narholz/Sonoton Music Bennett Halverson talks about Rossum's plans for both Daniel Perrin and Echo
Reflections of Satie David Mitcham/Carlin Music Bennett and Cindy talk about the Disruptor
6 The Left Hand Me in You Kings of Convenience Daniel Perrin remembers meeting Cindy
7 Meet Jane Doe A Shade of Difference Bozo Darnell Echo tries to help Galena at a grocery store
8 A Love Supreme One Life Away M Ward Alpha murders one of Echo's previous romantic clients
Your Ghost Greg Laswell Closing scene
9 Stop-Loss Bad Romance Lady Gaga Anthony thinks he sees Sierra at a night club
10 The Attic Pearl Island Bruton Music Echo meets the Japanese man in the Attic
Kuro Kami KPM Music Echo questions the Japanese man about the whereabouts of Tony and Priya
Yukata Bruton Music Echo interrogates the Japanese man about weaknesses in Rossum's mainframe
No, I Don't Remember Anna Ternheim Closing montage
11 Getting Closer Time You'll Never Get Back Williamson Caroline gives Bennett a makeover in a flashback
12 The Hollow Men No commercial music used in this episode
13 Epitaph Two: Return Peace Apocalyptica Echo/Caroline and her allies battle the butchers in the streets of Los Angeles
Everywhere I Go Lissie Ending montage and final scenes of Dollhouse


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