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Developer(s) Genuitec
Stable release 2015
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS
Type Integrated development environment

MyEclipse 2014 is a commercially available Java EE and Ajax IDE created and maintained by the company Genuitec, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation.

MyEclipse is built upon the Eclipse platform,[1] and integrates both proprietary and open source code[2] into the development environment.

MyEclipse has two primary versions (apart from the "Blue Edition[3] and "MyEclipse Spring Edition[4] referred to below): a professional and a standard edition.[5] The standard edition adds database tools, a visual web designer, persistence tools, Spring tools, Struts and JSF tooling, and a number of other features to the basic Eclipse Java Developer profile. It competes with the Web Tools Project, which is a part of Eclipse itself, but MyEclipse is a separate project entirely and offers a different feature set.

MyEclipse 2015 Continuous Integration Stream version 7 (November 13, 2014) is now available to developers who want the latest versions of MyEclipse built with regular updates.

MyEclipse has also been made available via Secure Delivery Center, a technology that grew from its Pulse (ALM),[6] brand, a provisioning tool that maintains Eclipse software profiles, including those that use MyEclipse. Additionally, MyEclipse is offering a customized version for IBM products, "MyEclipse Blue Edition",[7] that adds specific support for Rational Software and WebSphere development. Currently, MyEclipse Blue Edition is available for Windows and Linux, though Mac is unsupported.

In July 2011, Genuitec released MyEclipse "Bling," which combines the MyEclipse Blue Edition and MyEclipse for Spring product lines into a unified offering.[8]

In January 2015, Genuitec launched the MyEclipse China site ( to provide genuine MyEclipse software to large user base in China.


  • Features included in 2014 version 1
    • Not present in the Standard edition 1.1
    • Not present in the Spring or Bling editions 1.2
    • Present in all editions 1.3
  • Jointly marketed products 2
  • See also 3
  • References 4
  • External links 5

Features included in 2014 version

Not present in the Standard edition

The features included (except in the Standard edition) are:

Not present in the Spring or Bling editions

Some of the features included (except in the Spring or Bling editions) are:

Present in all editions

Some of the features included in all editions are:

Jointly marketed products

MyEclipse for Spring is developed jointly with Skyway Software.[9]

See also


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