NCC Group

NCC Group (LSE: NCC) is an information assurance firm headquartered in Manchester. Its service areas cover software escrow and verification, security testing, audit and compliance, and website performance and software testing. NCC Group claims over 15,000 clients worldwide.[1]


NCC Group was formed in June 1999, when the National Computing Centre sold its commercial divisions to its existing management team.[2] This new company was named NCC Services Ltd and was renamed NCC Group Ltd in May 2000. In 2000, Rob Cotton was hired as finance director and subsequently took responsibility for the Group’s escrow division. In 2003 he led a secondary management buyout and became chief executive of NCC Group Ltd. [3] This valued the Group at £30 million and was supported by Barclays Private Equity.[4] The National Computing Centre then sold its minority interest in NCC Group.

On July 12, 2004 NCC Group was admitted to trading on AIM, with the flotation raising £38.1 million before expenses.[1] After rapid expansion, in July 2007 the Group made the move to the London Stock Exchange's main market.[5] Since then, NCC Group plc has developed into a global provider of information assurance services with 17 offices worldwide.


NCC Group has expanded through a mixture of organic growth and acquisitions, as outlined below.

  • 2006 Recall Total Information Management’s escrow division[6]
  • 2006 Source Harbor[7]
  • 2007 Secure Test[8]
  • 2007 Site Confidence[9]
  • 2008 Escrow Europe[10]
  • 2008 Next Generation Security Software (NGS)[11]
  • 2010 iSEC Partners Inc[12]
  • 2010 SDLC Solutions[13]
  • 2010 Meridian Services International[14]
  • 2011 Axzona Ltd[15]
  • 2011 Escrow Associates[16]
  • 2012 Matasano Security[17]
  • 2012 Intrepidus Group[18]
  • 2014 FortConsult A/S[19]


NCC Group's services are divided into the following areas: Software escrow and verification; Security testing, audit and compliance; Web performance; Software testing[20]


In 2012 NCC Group announced the investment of £6 million over 15 months in a wholly owned subsidiary, Artemis Internet. This was used to apply for a new .secure generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and develop an associated security programme.[21]


In 2014 NCC Group acquired the right to operate the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) .trust from Deutsche Post[22]


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