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NUTS of Italy

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Title: NUTS of Italy  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics, First-level NUTS of the European Union, Subdivisions of Italy, NUTS of Albania, NUTS of Croatia
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

NUTS of Italy

In the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) codes of Italy (IT), the three levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 Groups of regions (Gruppi di regioni) 5
NUTS 2 Regions (Regioni)
(Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol split into two)
NUTS 3 Provinces (Province) 107


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NUTS codes

NUTS 1 Code NUTS 2 Code NUTS 3 Code
Northwest Italy ITC Piemonte ITC1 Torino ITC11
Vercelli ITC12
Biella ITC13
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola ITC14
Novara ITC15
Cuneo ITC16
Asti ITC17
Alessandria ITC18
Valle d'Aosta ITC2 Aosta ITC20
Liguria ITC3 Imperia ITC31
Savona ITC32
Genova ITC33
La Spezia ITC34
Lombardia ITC4 Varese ITC41
Como ITC42
Lecco ITC43
Sondrio ITC44
Milano ITC45
Bergamo ITC46
Brescia ITC47
Pavia ITC48
Lodi ITC49
Cremona ITC4A
Mantova ITC4B
Northeast Italy ITD Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol ITD1 South Tyrol ITD10
ITD2 Trento ITD20
Veneto ITD3 Verona ITD31
Vicenza ITD32
Belluno ITD33
Treviso ITD34
Venezia ITD35
Padova ITD36
Rovigo ITD37
Friuli-Venezia Giulia ITD4 Pordenone ITD41
Udine ITD42
Gorizia ITD43
Trieste ITD44
Emilia-Romagna ITD5 Piacenza ITD51
Parma ITD52
Reggio Emilia ITD53
Modena ITD54
Bologna ITD55
Ferrara ITD56
Ravenna ITD57
Forlì-Cesena ITD58
Rimini ITD59
Central Italy ITE Toscana ITE1 Massa-Carrara ITE11
Lucca ITE12
Pistoia ITE13
Firenze ITE14
Prato ITE15
Livorno ITE16
Pisa ITE17
Arezzo ITE18
Siena ITE19
Grosseto ITE1A
Umbria ITE2 Perugia ITE21
Terni ITE22
Marche ITE3 Pesaro-Urbino ITE31
Ancona ITE32
Macerata ITE33
Ascoli Piceno ITE34
Lazio ITE4 Viterbo ITE41
Rieti ITE42
Roma ITE43
Latina ITE44
Frosinone ITE45
South Italy ITF Abruzzo ITF1 L'Aquila ITF11
Teramo ITF12
Pescara ITF13
Chieti ITF14
Molise ITF2 Isernia ITF21
Campobasso ITF22
Campania ITF3 Caserta ITF31
Benevento ITF32
Napoli ITF33
Avellino ITF34
Salerno ITF35
Puglia ITF4 Foggia ITF41
Bari ITF42
Taranto ITF43
Brindisi ITF44
Lecce ITF45
Basilicata ITF5 Potenza ITF51
Matera ITF52
Calabria ITF6 Cosenza ITF61
Crotone ITF62
Catanzaro ITF63
Vibo Valentia ITF64
Reggio Calabria ITF65
Insular Italy ITG Sicilia ITG1 Trapani ITG11
Palermo ITG12
Messina ITG13
Agrigento ITG14
Caltanissetta ITG15
Enna ITG16
Catania ITG17
Ragusa ITG18
Siracusa ITG19
Sardegna ITG2 Sassari ITG25
Nuoro ITG26
Cagliari ITG27
Oristano ITG28
Olbia-Tempio ITG29
Ogliastra ITG2A
Medio Campidano ITG2B
Carbonia-Iglesias ITG2C
In the 2003 version, the original four provinces of Sardegna were coded as follows:
Sassari ITG21
Nuoro ITG22
Oristano ITG23
Cagliari ITG24

Local administrative units

Below the NUTS levels, the two LAU (Local Administrative Units) levels are:

Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 — (same as NUTS 3) 107
LAU 2 Municipalities (Comuni) 8101

The LAU codes of Italy can be downloaded here: [1]

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