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National Routes of Uruguay

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Title: National Routes of Uruguay  
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Subject: Uruguay, List of lighthouses in Uruguay, LGBT history in Uruguay, Law on the Expiration of the Punitive Claims of the State, Human trafficking in Uruguay
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National Routes of Uruguay

The National Routes of Uruguay (officially in Spanish, Rutas nacionales de Uruguay) are the most important transport routes in the country, linking all locations. It has a network of 8,698 km of which 303 km are with concrete, asphalt 3,164 km, 4,220 km bituminous and 1,009 km rough.

Route numbers

Signal Itinerary
Gral. Líber Seregni Carrasco International Airport (in Montevideo suburbs)-Punta del Este (90 km)
Brigadier Gral. Manuel Oribe Montevideo-Colonia del Sacramento (177 km)
Grito de Asencio Rosario-Fray Bentos (181 km)
Gral. José Artigas Route 1 (km 68)-Bella Unión, Artigas Department (587 km)
Andrés Artigas Artigas-Route 31-Salto
Brigadier Gral. Fructuoso Rivera Montevideo-Rivera (506 km)
Joaquín Suárez Montevideo-Paso de Frontera (338 km)
Gral. Aparicio Saravia
Brigadier Gral. Antonio Lavalleja Montevideo-Aceguá
Gral. Leonardo Olivera Route 8 (near Soca)-Chuy
Juan Díaz de Solís Seaside resorts of the Maldonado and Rocha Departments
Ing. Eladio Dieste Ecilda Paullier-Atlántida (160 km)
Luis Alberto de Herrera
Bartolomé Hidalgo
Brigadier Gral. Fructuoso Rivera
Ricardo Ferrés
Cnel. Lorenzo Latorre
Treinta y Tres Orientales Colonia del Sacramento-Mercedes (177 km)
Brigadier Gral. Leandro Gómez
Mario Heber
Cnel. Andrés Latorre
Brigadier Gral. Eugenio Garzón The main route of the Artigas Department (260 km)
Cnel. Gorgonio Aguiar
Domingo Burgueño Miguel
Cnel. Fernando Otorgués
Cnel. Bernabé Rivera
Cnel. Manuel Francisco Artigas
Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas
Wilson Ferreira Aldunate

Types of routes

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works classifies Uruguayan Routes as Corredor Internacional, Primary Network (Red Primaria), Secondary Network (Red Secundaria) and Tertiary Network (Red Terciaria).

Corredor Internacional

Pathways linking Montevideo with the main points of departure from Uruguay.

Primary network

Pathways linking other department capitals.

Secondary and tertiary networks

Minor roads linking towns, some resorts or important agribusiness areas.

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