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New University Television

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Title: New University Television  
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Subject: University of Calgary, Baja Team, Calgary Dinos men's ice hockey, Arctic Institute of North America, Calgary Dinos women's ice hockey
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New University Television

NUTV at the University of Calgary is one of the oldest university-based television production societies in Canada. Established in 1983 and incorporated in 1991, NUTV is a campus-based non-profit organization that offers opportunities to University of Calgary students and community members to explore the medium of television by learning the various stages of production.[1] These opportunities include reporting/interviewing, hosting, writing, camera operation, lighting, sound mixing, using Final Cut Pro & Adobe Creative Suite, editing, producing, and directing.[2] NUTV is part of the University of Calgary Tri-Media Alliance, composed of print The Gauntlet, radio CJSW 90.9, and television (NUTV). The University of Calgary is unique in that it is one of only two Canadian university that houses three media operations on-campus, the other being the University of Toronto Mississauga and UTM/TV ([1]).

NUTV provides an important service to the community by broadcasting a bi-weekly community magazine program about news, sports, and arts for both the University of Calgary and greater Calgary community viewers. It is important to recognize that this non-profit society has volunteers who provide services directly to the community. Examples of these services include providing short videos to non-profit organizations for advertising, fundraising, or training purposes, giving students and community members the opportunity to gain professional level training on high quality equipment, and display interesting and useful information for the campus community's benefit on NUTV's closed circuit network.


NUTV: A brief history of time & space


  • UCTV formed as a University of Calgary student club
  • Universitility - first show produced [3]


  • UCTV receives first student levy ($2.75)


  • Universitility - first broadcast on Rogers Cable Channel 10
  • Producer becomes the first staff member of UCTV


  • UCTV receives first levy increase ($0.25)


  • UCTV incorporated on September 23, 1991 as a registered non-profit organization. Name changed to New University Television (NUTV)
  • NSF replaces Universitilty as the news magazine show


  • Producer becomes a permanent staff position
  • Voices studio talk show airs as an alternating program
  • Betacam SP equipment purchased


  • On-line edit suite MATROX
  • Part-time Technical Director staff position added
  • NSF broadcast on Rogers Cable channel 10
  • NSF wins AMPIA award for best Community Cable Program


  • Technical Director staff position converted to full-time
  • New news magazine show Please Stand By wins AMPIA award for Best Community Cable Program
  • Program Director title is added to the Producer position


  • Executive Producer position becomes Executive Director position
  • NUTV programming broadcast on SHAW cable channel 10

1996 -1997

  • Pilot soap opera 2500 University Drive produced
  • NUTV holds first Casino night and upgrades office computers
  • Full Frontal NUTV becomes the standard name for the news magazine program


  • Full Frontal NUTV wins The Alliance for Community Media: Best of the Northwest Award for Community Involvement


  • Research into closed-circuit programming begins
  • closed-circuit equipment purchased
  • Edit system moves into new office in the upstairs of MacEwan Student Centre


  • NUTV programming moves to SHAW cable channel 66
  • First AVID non-linear edit suite purchased


  • Second AVID edit system and new cameras are purchased
  • Part-time Closed-Circuit Coordinator staff position created [4]
  • Interactive video booth SpeakTank installed on campus[5][6]

2001 - 2002

  • NUTV receives second levy increase ($0.50) which is used to launch Closed-Circuit programming on campus[7][8]
  • NUTV celebrates its 10th anniversary as a non-profit society [9]
  • Full Frontal NUTV Episode pulled from SHAW cable after airing piece on Puppetry of the Penis [10]

2002 - 2003

  • Full Frontal NUTV wins The Alliance for Community Media: Best of the Northwest Award for Excellence
  • Campus Tri-Media Alliance creates Movies That Matter (MTM) series featuring political and socially relevant documentaries [11][12]
  • NUTV joins Calgary Dollars

2003 - 2004

  • Documentary School program starts with seed money from AMAAS (Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society)[13][14]
  • Movies That Matter wins FFWD Best of Calgary Award [15]

2005 - 2006

  • National Film Board of Canada involved in Documentary School workshop [16]
  • Construction begins on the new NUTV studio space in MacEwan Student Centre [17]

2006 - 2007

  • NUTV moves into new permanent studio space on the 3rd floor of MacEwan Student Centre[18]
  • Content produced by NUTV doubles
  • All Closed-Circuit monitors on campus upgraded to energy efficient HD LCD screens [19]
  • Editing systems upgraded from AVID to Final Cut Pro
  • NUTV celebrates its 15th anniversary as a non-profit society with an Open House Gala [20]

2007- 2008

  • Purchase of video switcher for NUTV:LIVE web broadcasts
  • First "live-webstreaming" broadcast featuring DINOS basketball game [21]
  • Purchase of Sony HD Camera
  • Co-hosted the Tri-MediaThe New Media: Thriving in a Digital Age conference with CJSW and the Gauntlet [22]
  • Dino_Myte web show begins showcasing DINOS athletes [23]
  • NUTV programming broadcast on SHAW cable channel 89

2008 - 2009

  • NUTV receives third levy increase ($1.00)[24]
  • CBC sponsors prize for NUTV Documentary School [25]
  • Fourth full-time staff member added as Closed-Circuit position transformed into Director of Publicity & Promotions
  • NUTV programming returns to SHAW cable 10
  • Full Frontal NUTV wins The Alliance for Community Media: Hometown Video Award in the Magazine Shows category


  • NUTV hosts the first annual Greenlight Arts Festival (GAF), a festival encouraging awareness and activism on social issues.[26]


The majority of NUTV programming is produced by the volunteer members with NUTV staff giving guidance for quality and content. NUTV encourages a forum for a free exchange of ideas and opinions and provides a voice to individuals and groups without the constraints of for-profit media.[27][28] NUTV has many branches of programming and you can watch all NUTV content online by clicking on the links provided:

  • Full Frontal - is NUTV's magazine program. It consists of three main segments: news, arts and entertainment, and sports. Stories are mainly campus based, but also cover community events that are of interest to the University community.
  • NUTV LIVE - is a web initiative to broadcast live events, such as sports games and concerts. It also houses Live-to-tape content, all streamed, so you can skim through long events.
  • Dino_Myte - is a web-based show featuring short segments like athlete profiles, rapid-fire interviews, skill demonstrations and skits, all featuring University of Calgary DINOS athletes.
  • Doc School - is an annual documentary school program. Participants in doc school attend workshops taught by NUTV staff as well as industry professionals to learn the skills and techniques involved in creating a documentary. Participants then create their own short documentaries as a final project, using the skills they have learned.
  • CCT (Campus Community Television) - is seen around campus and in residence on Channel 17. Channel 17 provides information and relevant advertising to students and faculty. NUTV's monitors are in high traffic areas around campus. Advertising is free for non-profit groups and campus clubs and regular rates start at $60/week. Advertising Rates and Technical Specifications

You can watch NUTV programming on Shaw cable or on the NUTV website:

  • Time: 6pm every Saturday on Channel 89 [Shaw Multicultural/Civic]
  • Time: 9am every Sunday and 2am every Friday on Channel 10 [Shaw TV "Culture Scene"]

Please note: NUTV programming adheres to all CRTC Regulations, all other applicable broadcasting regulations and practice, and abides by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in all actions.

Greenlite Festival

Greenlight Arts Festival is an annual festival started in 2011 to raise issues surrounding environmentalism. The Festival hosts several events that are part of the green art movement, starting with a 48-Hour Eco Film Challenge and a Photography Competition. The festival's mandate is to provide opportunities for students to dialogue about environmental issues, develop technical skills, engage their creativity and facilitate the production of film and photographic work. Taking place in the last week of March the festival serves to jump start Earth Week and consists of various environmentally themed activities including; digital photography competition; 48-hour film challenge; digital filmmaking workshops; environmental documentary screening with panel discussion; daily shorts exhibition; and a closing gala. All activities are free and open to student and community members.

NUTV and the Students’ Union Sustainability Board both contribute funding and resources towards the success of the festival.

The next Greenlite Festival will be held in 2013.


  • Alberta Film & Television "Rosie" Award - for Please Stand By[29]
  • Alberta Film & Television "Rosie" Award - for Field Mice[29]
  • Hometown Video Awards for Community Television Programming - for Full Frontal NUTV[30]


NUTV has industry standard equipment and offers all members professional training sessions throughout the year, including orientation covering all of NUTV's production and post production equipment. To operate NUTV's cameras and edit systems members must be proficient on that piece of equipment.


NUTV has a Sony F350 XDCAM HD camera, two Sony EX1 XDCAM HD cameras, two Sony DSR 300 DVCAM cameras, and a Sony three chip mini DV camera to shoot the bulk of production.

Edit Suites

NUTV has two Final Cut Pro editing systems and an Adobe Creative Suite multimedia edit system with which members can also create graphics and animation.

Famous alumni

NUTV has been the training ground for people wishing to break into the television and film industry.

  • Heather Yourex- video journalist with Global News in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Felicia Yap- video journalist with CTV in Yorkton, SK.


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External links

  • [2] Official website for more information
  • [3] NUTV's YouTube Channel
  • [4] Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society
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