Ocean Parade (Dreamworld)

Ocean Parade is a themed land at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It features 3 of the Big 7 Thrill Rides at Dreamworld. The Claw, Wipeout and the Cyclone[1] are within close proximity of each other. Ocean Parade has an Australian beach culture theme, and has beach-themed rides scattered around the area. It currently provides a link between Main Street, Nickelodeon Central, and the adjacent water park WhiteWater World.[2]


Ocean Parade opened in 1993,[3] replacing the Northern end of Country Fair.[4][5] The area has since been extended to cover all of the area once occupied by Country Fair.[2] Since its opening, the most major change to the land was when The Claw was added in September 2004.[6] This installation required the redesign of the pathway, dining and merchandise shops.[7][8] In 2006, Ocean Parade housed the "park-hop" entrance to WhiteWater World, which is also owned by Ardent Leisure (the owners of Dreamworld).[3] In June 2011, Dreamworld will open a Zamperla Disk'O called Shockwave.[9]


The Claw

Main article: The Claw (Dreamworld)

The Claw is an Intamin Gyro Swing which opened in September 2004. It is a one and a half minute ride in which riders are swung from side to side on an axis in a similar fashion to that of a pirate ship ride. However, the seating arrangement on The Claw is in a circular formation.[6][10] Part of the Big 7 marketing campaign.[1]


Main article: Cyclone (Dreamworld)

Cyclone is one of the tallest high-speed gravity steel roller coasters in the Southern Hemisphere.[11] When it opened in 2001, it was the tallest.[12][13] Part of the Big 7 marketing campaign.[1]


Main article: FlowRider (Dreamworld)

FlowRider is born from the roots of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and bodyboarding. It is set on an artificial wave created on a flexible, trampoline-like base. This was Australia's first FlowRider installation. During park hours the ride operates in bodyboard mode where groups of 15 riders share a 30 minute session on the ride.[14] After park hours, stand-up boarding is made available for a 12 rider, hour long session.[15] The ride is a Wave Loch FlowRider.[16]

Game Site

Game Site is a large indoor arcade with various attractions including bowling, video games and arcade machines.[2] The Game Site originally was home to a set of remote controlled trucks which have since been moved to Nickelodeon Central.

Reef Diver

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Reef Diver is a SDC Enterprise which is painted bright yellow to stand out along with its Ocean Parade theming. The ride reaches speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour (37 mph), and is suitable for guests 1 year of age and over (guests under 4 years of age must be accompanied by an adult). Riders can experience g-forces up to 3g, reaching a height of 18.3 metres (60 ft).[17]

Rock Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Wall is situated next to the Wipeout and is an ideal family attraction. Guests pay $5 to have a session on one of five different rock walls. It opened at the same time as The Claw, in September 2004.[7][8]


Main article: Shockwave (Dreamworld)

Set to open in June 2011, Shockwave will be a Zamperla Disk'O. Construction began in April 2011 in a location between Ocean Parade and Nickelodeon Central for the family thrill ride announced just days prior. On 18 May 2011,[18] Dreamworld officially announced that the ride would be called Shockwave.[9]


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Wipeout is Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flip, costing A$6 million opened in 1993 with the opening of the Ocean Parade precinct. It is capable of handling 40 riders at a time with ride cycles lasting 2.5 minutes. A minimum of 20 riders must be met before the ride can be operated.[19][20] Part of the Big 7 marketing campaign.[1]

V8 Supercars RedLine

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V8 Supercars RedLine is Australia's first full-motion virtual V8 Supercars experience. For a cost of $10, drivers can race against 3 other drivers (in other simulators) as well as 21 computer drivers.[21][22]

Shopping & Dining

Ocean Parade features many beach themed merchandise and dining outlets. Merchandise can be purchased from Surf Central and Between the Flags, in addition to the ride stores for Cyclone, FlowRider and V8 Supercars Red Line. Food & beverage items can be purchased at the Snack Attack Food & Bar or Dive.[23]


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