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Ohio Roller Girls

Ohio Roller Girls
League logo
Metro area Columbus, Ohio
Country United States
Founded March 2005
Teams Ohio Roller Girls
Gang Green
Track type(s) Flat
Venue The Ohio State Fairgrounds
Affiliations WFTDA
Org. type LLC

The Ohio Roller Girls (OHRG) is a WFTDA member women's flat track roller derby League based in Columbus, Ohio. The league, which was founded in April 2005 by Melissa Wallace, aka Scarlette Fury[1][2] held their first bout in Battelle Hall at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on April 23, 2006.[3] In 2007, the league began holding bouts at the Lausche Building at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

For its first three seasons, OHRG consisted of four home teams which included: The Band of Brawlers, The Blackeye Bullies, The Sprockettes, and The Take-Outs.[4]} Each team had a unique theme. The Brawlers were the WWII-inspired military team, the Bullies were schoolyard bullies, the Sprockettes were from space, and the Take-Outs were ninja-esque.

In 2007, the league hosted the first WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament, Heartland Havoc.[5] Twelve teams from the East Region of the WFTDA competed, with Gotham Girls Roller Derby winning the tournament. Ohio Roller Girls were defeated in the first round by Providence Roller Derby.

In 2008, the league debuted an all-Ohio roller derby expo at the Ohio State Fair.[6] The event returned in 2009 and 2011.

Beginning with the 2009 season, the league switched to an A & B team, interleague only format,[7] consisting of the WFTDA Chartered Team (formerly All-Stars) that competes against other WFTDA leagues from around the country for rankings, and a B-team, Gang Green, that plays against other WFTDA B teams and non-WFTDA teams.

In May 2010, the league hosted the WFTDA Annual Meeting, known as Oh!con.

In 2011, the Ohio Roller Girls made a bid for the WFTDA North Central Regional Tournament. After a successful rankings push, the Ohio Roller Girls entered the tournament in 10th place and finished in the 9th place slot.[8]

In 2012, the Ohio Roller set the WFTDA record for most sanctioned games in a season, going 20-1 in regular season play.[9] OHRG qualified for a second consecutive time for the WFTDA North Central Regional Tournament entering placed 5th. In the quarterfinals they defeated 4th placed Arch Rival Rollergirls in a hotly contested bout.[10] In the semifinals, the Ohio Roller Girls were defeated by the 3rd placed Naptown Roller Girls thus not qualifying for the WFTDA Championships.[11] Ohio Roller Girls Phoenix Bunz and The Smacktivist won the tournament's MVP awards for blocking and jamming, respectively.[12]

Season Q4 ranking[13] Regionals Championship
2008 7 DNQ DNQ
2009 12 DNQ DNQ
2010 13 DNQ DNQ
2011 9 9[14] DNQ
2012 5 4[15] DNQ


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