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Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

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Title: Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Transport in Macau, Piers in Macau, Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co., Ltd, E-Channel
Collection: Ferry Terminals in MacAu, MacAu Peninsula, Piers in MacAu, Transport in MacAu
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Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
The appearance of the pier building
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 外港客運碼頭
Simplified Chinese 外港客运码头
Literal meaning Outer Harbour Passenger Pier
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 港澳碼頭
Simplified Chinese 港澳码头
Literal meaning Hong Kong-Macau Pier
Portuguese name
Portuguese Terminal Marítimo de Passageiros do Porto Exterior

The Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Portuguese: Terminal Marítimo de Passageiros do Porto Exterior; traditional Chinese: 外港客運碼頭; simplified Chinese: 外港客运码头), also known as the Macau Ferry Terminal or Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier in Chinese (traditional Chinese: 港澳碼頭; simplified Chinese: 港澳码头), is located at Porto Exterior, Macau Peninsula, Macau. It is near the reservoir on Avenida da Amizade.


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The pier was formerly located near present-day Oceanus Casino, ex-New Yaohan Store on Avenida da Amizade. In 1993, the terminal was relocated to present location. A new terminal was completed in 2007 for the convenience of travellers of Macau International Airport near Taipa.


It provides ferry services to Hong Kong. The terminal provides 12 berths for hydrofoils and 2 for ferries. The pier features a heliport, providing an alternative to TurboJET. The terminal building is a two-storey structure with arrivals on the lower level and departures on the upper level. On the outside is a helipad and 6 boat docks (facing the east side). The Macau tourism office is located in the lower level, as well as restroom facilities. The duty-free shop is located on the upper level.

The helipad was added in 1995 with 2 pads and expanded to 5 in 2001.[1] The passenger lounge was upgraded in 2004. There are proposals for 3 more pads to the north of the current site.


Operators from the terminal include:

  • Sky Shuttle Helicopters (formerly Heli-Express) operates regular helicopter service between the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Pier in Macau, the Shun Tak Centre in Hong Kong and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport. There are around 56 flights daily. Flights take approximately 16 minutes in the 12 passenger seat aircraft. The heliport IATA code is XZM. It has no ICAO code. Flights from Macau to HK run half hourly from 9:00 am through 10:30 pm (no 9:30 am flight from Macau) OR 9:30 am through 10:59 pm from HK to Macau. There are 10 to 12 flights operating between Macau and Shenzhen Boan Airport depending on the day of the week. Schedules may vary and are dependent on favorable weather.

Ground Transportation

Outside the terminal are bus and taxi platforms at Terminal Maritimo and Jai Alai for connections all over Macau.

A list of bus route connections:

  • 1A - Fai Chi Kei ↔ N.A.P.E./Rua de Coimbra (Transmac) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Auto-silo da Rua de Malaca head to Fai Chi Kei)
  • 3 - Portas do Cerco ↔ Terminal Maritimo (Nova Era)
  • 3A - Portas do Cerco ↔ P.Ponte Horta (Nova Era)
  • 8 - Ilha Verde ↔ Jai Alai (Nova Era)
  • 10 - Barra ↔ Portas do Cerco (Nova Era) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Auto-silo da Rua de Malaca head to Portas do Cerco)
  • 10A - Barra ↔ Terminal Maritimo (Nova Era)
  • 10B - Portas do Cerco ↺ Praia Grande (Nova Era)
  • 12 - Praceta Serenidade-2 ↔ Terminal Maritimo (TCM)
  • 17 - Jardim Camoes ↺ Centro Cultural (Transmac) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Rua do Terminal Martimo head to Jardim Camoes)
  • 28A - Terminal Maritimo ↔ Jockey Club-2 (Nova Era)
  • 28B - Ilha Verde ↔ Templo A-Ma (Nova Era) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Auto-silo da Rua de Malaca head to Ilha Verde)
  • 28BX - Ilha Verde ↺ Praça Ferreira Amaral (Nova Era) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Auto-silo da Rua de Malaca head to Ilha Verde)
  • 28C - Portas do Cerco ↔ Jai Alai (Tramsmac)
  • 32 - Fai Chi Kei ↔ Torre de Macau (Transmac) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Estrada do Reservatoria head to Fai Chi Kei)
  • AP1 - Portas do Cerco ↔ Aeroporto de Macau (Transmac)
  • N1A - Bacia Norte do Patane ↺ Praça Ferreira Amaral (TCM) (Overnight Service)
  • N1B - Bacia Norte do Patane ↺ Praça Ferreira Amaral (TCM) (Boarding/Alighting Stop at Rua do Terminal Martimo head to Bacia Norte do Patene / Overnight Service)

Taxis are also another means of transport from the ferry terminal to other parts of Macau.

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