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GibraltarBritish Overseas Territory located near the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula of Southeastern Europe overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar between the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.[1] The territory shares a border with Spain to the north. Gibraltar was ceded by Spain to Great Britain in perpetuity in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht though Spain requests its return. The Government of the United Kingdom has stated it is committed to respecting the wishes of the Gibraltarians,[2] who strongly oppose the idea of annexation along with any proposal for shared sovereignty with Spain.[3][4]

General reference

Geography of Gibraltar

Location of Gibraltar

Environment of Gibraltar

Natural geographic features of Gibraltar

Regions of Gibraltar

Demography of Gibraltar

Government and politics of Gibraltar

Executive branch of the government of Gibraltar

Head of state, Elizabeth II
Governor, Adrian Johns
Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo

Legislative branch of the government of Gibraltar

Judicial branch of the government of Gibraltar

Foreign relations of Gibraltar

International organization membership

Gibraltar is a member of:[1]

And a large number of International Sporting organisations.

Law and order in Gibraltar

Main article: Law of Gibraltar

Military of Gibraltar

Main article: Military of Gibraltar

History of Gibraltar

Main article: History of Gibraltar, Timeline of the history of Gibraltar

Culture of Gibraltar

Main article: Culture of Gibraltar

Art in Gibraltar

Religion in Gibraltar

Main article: Religion in Gibraltar

Sport in Gibraltar

Main article: Sport in Gibraltar

Economy and infrastructure of Gibraltar

Main article: Economy of Gibraltar

Education in Gibraltar

  • List of schools in Gibraltar
Panoramic photograph of Gibraltar Airport.

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