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Title: Parsix  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Live USB, Debian, Debian Social Contract, Stefano Zacchiroli, Preseed
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Parsix GNU/Linux
Developer Alan Baghumian
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Mixed
Latest release 7.0r0 / November 8, 2014 (2014-11-08)
Kernel type Monolithic
Default user interface GNOME Shell
License Various
Official website

Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation DVD based on Debian. The Parsix project's goal is to provide a ready to use, easy to install, desktop and laptop optimized operating system based on Debian's testing branch and the latest stable release of GNOME desktop environment.[1] It is possible to install extra software packages from the projects's own APT repositories.[2] The Parsix DVD can be run from an optical disc drive or other media, i.e. USB-stick, without using a hard disk drive. Initial versions of Parsix GNU/Linux were remastered using Kanotix. Parsix GNU/Linux comes with a desktop optimized, custom patched kernel. Parsix enables by default[3] the "wonderland" repository, which contains proprietary software.[4]

The Parsix logo is inspired by stone flower carvings found in Persepolis.[5]


Parsix GNU/Linux is designed to be used as a Live CD, Live USB or installed operating system in to hard disk drive. Live mode is useful for operations such as data recovery, hard drive partitioning etc.



The first version of Parsix GNU/Linux was announced on February 2005 by Alan Baghumian.[6] Seeking a more stable platform, the project started using Debian testing branch as of version 0.85.[7] Starting with version 0.90, Parsix uses characters from the movie Happy Feet to name their releases.[8] The project's own APT repositories were launched on February 2008.[9] The multimedia (a.k.a. Wonderland) repository launched on September 2010.[10] The Parsix project started to offer security updates for their stable and testing branches as of December 2010.[11]

Version Release Date Codename
7.0r0 2014-11-08 Nestor
6.0r1 2014-06-25 Trev
6.0r0 2014-04-26 Trev
5.0r1 2013-12-25 Lombardo
5.0r0 2013-08-17 Lombardo
4.0r3 2013-04-21 Gloria
4.0r2 2013-02-04 Gloria
4.0r1 2013-01-01 Gloria
4.0r0 2012-11-12 Gloria
3.7r2a 2012-02-20 Raul
3.7r2 2012-02-11 Raul
3.7r1 2011-10-09 Raul
3.7r0 2011-08-14 Raul
3.6r2 2011-04-02 Vinnie
3.6r1 2010-12-15 Vinnie
3.6r0 2010-09-06 Vinnie
3.5r0 2010-05-31 Frankie
3.0r2 2010-02-07 Kev
3.0r1 2009-12-20 Kev
3.0r0 2009-10-15 Kev
2.0r0 2009-03-21 Boss Skua
1.5r2 2008-10-23 Miss Viola
1.5r1 2008-07-30 Miss Viola
1.5r0 2008-06-28 Miss Viola
1.0r1 2008-03-13 Ramón
1.0r0 2008-01-25 Ramón
0.90r2 2007-10-04 Barry
0.90r1 2007-08-16 Barry
0.90r0 2007-06-17 Barry
0.85.1 2007-03-01 --
0.85 2006-12-01 --
0.80.1 2006-06-19 --
0.80 2006-06-05 --
0.76 2006-02-07 --
0.75 2006-01-17 --
0.70 2005-11-13 WSIS 2005
0.60 2005-06-29 --
0.50 2005-05-02 --
0.46 2005-03-15 --
0.45 2005-02-01 --

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