Paul Kreppel

Paul Kreppel
Born (1947-06-20) June 20, 1947 (age 67)
Kingston, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actor/Director/Producer
Years active 1968–present

Paul Kreppel (born June 20, 1947) is an actor, producer, director. On television, he was best known as the pianist, Sonny Mann in the show, It's a Living.[1] In his work as theater director- producer-creator, he received the 2007 Tony Award for Jay Johnson: The Two and Only.

Early Theater Career

Kreppel was born in Kingston, New York to Adele and Irv Kreppel.[2] He then moved to Boston to attend Emerson College and graduated with honors. Kreppel received an Alumni Achievement Award in '93 and is a member of the Class of 1969. From there, he had started his acting career by starring in the improvisational theater group, "The Proposition." When the group, which included Jane Curtin, Josh Mostel, Judith Kahan and Munson Hicks, moved to New York, Kreppel began starring in off-Broadway plays, including "Godspell" and "Tuscaloosa's Calling Me...". While appearing at the New York Shakespeare Festival, he notably starred with Meryl Streep in the musical, "Alice in Concert", by Elizabeth Swados. Others are Agamemnon (as part of choir) and Comedy of Errors in the late 1970s.[3]

Television and Other Work

In 1979, Kreppel moved to Los Angeles to become the memorable waitress-harassing pianist, Sonny Mann, of It's a Living, and starred in all 120 episodes; he has also directed some episodes. Kreppel, along with Gail Edwards, Barrie Youngfellow and the late Marian Mercer, were the only four who lasted through the show's network and syndicated runs. He was a semi-regular celebrity guest on the 1980s versions of the game show, Pyramid, and on the short-lived game show, Blackout. During the 1990s, he returned to theatre and starred in the musical revue of the Allan Sherman song, "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!" In addition, he starred in Jerome Robbins' Broadway on its national tour. In the movie sector, he was the voice of Apollo Blue in Jetsons: The Movie. Kreppel has guest starred and directed in other television shows, including appearing as Jackie's dad in That '70s Show. He appeared off Broadway for more than a year in the one-man show "My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish and I'm in Therapy." He has served on the Council of Actors' Equity Association and as a board member of the Screen Actors Guild and is active in art's education as a professional arts educator and as a member of the board of directors of Enrichment Works, a not-for-profit that provides curriculum-based theatre for schools in Southern California.

Recent Projects and Acts

Currently, Kreppel is directing and producing with his partner in WetRock Entertainment, Ms. Murphy Cross, Jay Johnson: The Two and Only, in which he won a 2007 Tony Award for best special theatrical event. They are also developing other projects.[4]

In the Broadway musical Wicked, Kreppel played the Wizard of Oz on the 2nd National Tour from March 7, 2012 to March 10, 2013. [5]

Personal life

He is Jewish, divorced and has two children, Will Wright and Molly Wright. Both of them graduated from universities.


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