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Pembina River (Alberta)

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Title: Pembina River (Alberta)  
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Subject: Sangudo, Pembina River, Pembina, Pembina River Provincial Park, Alberta rivers and lakes
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Pembina River (Alberta)

The Pembina River is a tributary of the Athabasca River in central Alberta, Canada.

Pembina River in Alberta

Pembina is a Canadian French name for the high bush cranberry (Viburnum trilobum). The river gives the name to the Pembina oil field, an oil and gas producing region centered on Drayton Valley. The environmentalist group Pembina Institute also took its name from the river.

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The Pembina River originates in the Canadian Rockies foothills, south of Cadomin, at Pembina Forks. It flows eastwards for before it merges with the Athabasca River west of the town of Athabasca, and has a drainage area of .[1] Water originating in the Pembina River goes through numerous merges until reaching the Mackenzie River, discharging into the Arctic Ocean.

Communities located along the Pembina River include Cherhill in aspen parkland.[2]


  • Rat Creek
  • Bailey Creek
  • Hanson Creek
  • Crooked Creek
  • Centre Creek
  • Lovett River
  • Moose Lake
  • Lund Creek
  • Fairfax Lake
  • Errot Lake
  • Dismal Creek
  • Wolf Creek
    • Wolf Lake
  • Zeta Lake
  • Rat Creek
The Pembina River
  • Paddy Creek
  • Sinkhole Lake
  • Bigoray River
  • Mishow Creek
  • Lobstick River
    • Chip Lake, Deep Creek, Alpha Lake, Poison Creek, Beta Lake, Sunset Lake, Brule Creek, Little Brule Creek
  • Michaud Lake
  • Coyote Lake Creek
    • Ice Lake
  • Oldman Lake
  • MacDonald Creek
  • Newton Creek
    • Newton Lake, George Lake, Kirchner Lake
  • Paddle River
    • Paddle River Reservoir, Little Paddle River
  • Wabash Creek
    • Fernand Lake
  • Dapp Creek
    • Lac des Jones, Bolloque Creek, Muskeg Lake
  • Shoal Creek
    • Shoal Lake, Baird Lake, Camp Creek
  • Crane Lake
  • Killsyth Creek
    • Killsyth Lake
  • Flatbrush Creek

Numerous small lakes such as Brock Lake, Oldman Lake, Majeau Lake,

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